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The Tenacious, Occasionally Monster-Filled Mash of Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett

The Tenacious, Occasionally Monster-Filled Mash of Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett
Every Halloween, Robert George Pickett rises from the grave. (Figuratively.)

The song that made Pickett famous (three times over), “Monster Mash,” spikes to 40 times its regular view and search volume on YouTube every Halloween, and with good reason. It is a uniquely ripe piece of American cheese, a novelty hit that stands among the best of a decade packed with them, and Pickett’s life — and dogged attempts to keep grabbing the brass ring he glimpsed with the song — represent a uniquely American story.

Pickett was in born in Somerville, Massachusetts, in 1938, right in the middle of Universal Studios’ reign atop the horror movie industry.
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Happy 86th Birthday Clint Eastwood! Here Are His Ten Best Films

Article by Jim Batts, Dana Jung, and Tom Stockman

Happy Birthday to one of We Are Movie Geeks favorite stars. Clint Eastwood was born on this day in 1930, making him 86 years old. The actor and two-time Oscar winning director hasn’t let his age slow him down a bit. Sully, his new movie as a director, opens in September.

We posted a list in 2011 of his ten best directorial efforts Here

Clint Eastwood has appeared in 68 films in his six (!) decades as an actor, and here, according to We Are Movie Geeks, are his ten best:

Honorable Mention: Honkytonk Man

By the 1980s, Clint Eastwood was one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. With his own production company, directorial skills, and economic clout, Eastwood was able to make smaller, more personal films. A perfect example is the underrated Honkytonk Man, which also happens to be one of Eastwood’s finest performances.
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Top Ten Tuesday: The Best Of Clint Eastwood (The Actor)

When J. Edgar was released last Fall, We Are Movie Geeks published our Top Ten Tuesday article on Clint Eastwood’s best films as director. With word that Eastwood has come out of acting retirement, it’s time for another Top Ten list, this time of movies that Clint has starred in. Trouble With The Curve is currently filming and stars Clint as an ailing baseball scout in his twilight years who takes his daughter (played by Amy Adams) on the road for one last recruiting trip. This will be Clint’s first acting role since Gran Torino in 2008.

Super-8 Clint Eastwood Movie Madness will be a great way to celebrate the life and films of this legendary American actor. It takes place February 7th at the Way Out Club in St. Louis (2525 Jefferson in South City). Condensed versions of these memorable Clint Eastwood films will be shown on a
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Watch: The Wilhelm Scream Supercut!

You've all heard it before, but perhaps you didn't know it had a name or history; The Wilhelm Scream.  Its the agonizing scream of pain and surprise used in many movies throughout film and television history, most notably most, if not all, of Spielburg/Lucas creations.  It's hard to illustrate with an onomatopoeia, but I'll try.  It goes like this "UhAAaaaah!"

The Wilhelm Scream was first used in the 1951 movie Distant Drums and recorded by the great Sheb Wooley best known for his song "Flying Purple People Eater."  Since then it has been used in over 216 shows, movies, and video games.  Its namesake was a character named Private Wilhelm who screamed when shot with an arrow in the 1953 Western The Charge at Feather River.

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Top 10 classic movie and TV screams

As Halloween approaches, what better time to salute the greatest shrieks of terror in TV and cinema? Here’s Jeff’s top ten...

With Halloween lurking in the near future, now is surely the time for studios to release horror movies en masse, for grocery stores to stock aisles full of candy, and for Den Of Geek to run an article like this one.

10. Jaws - Susan Backlinie

Jaws has a plethora of great sounds. One could talk endlessly about John Williams' infamous two-note ostinato, the best fingernails against blackboard screech in the history of cinema, or even the ka-ching! of movie theatre cash registers in the summer of 75.

What gives that film its immediate, visceral impact is the shark attack in the opening minutes of the film. Poor Chrissie (Backlinie) makes the fatal horror movie mistake of getting drunk, trying to pick up a guy, and taking her clothes off.
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5 Great Wilhelm Screams

You’ve heard it. You might not think that you’ve heard it, but you have, countless times in fact. A piercing, despair-ridden wail so aurally disturbing that you instinctively glance up, even if you weren’t watching, to try to glimpse what unspeakable horror just befall the character whose demise it was assigned to signify.

Though named for its first on screen use, the 1953 film Charge at Feather River where a character named Private Wilhelm takes an arrow to the leg and screams in agony, the origin of the scream dates back two years previously. The scream was originally recorded for the 1951 film Distant Drums with Gary Cooper and slated as “man being bitten by alligator” but was never used. A post-production sound effects actor, who some believe to be none other than Sheb Wooley of “Purple People Eater” fame, made several attempts that the supervisor deemed unsatisfactory. The
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