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  • (April 1998 - June 1998) : Played Dad/Roger/Jim/Priest in "The Water Children" play by Wendy MacLeod (Matrix Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • June 2007: appearing in tour of "Camelot" starring Michael York. Plays King Pellinore.
  • (September 29, 1993 - October 17, 1993) He played Claude Winslow, Jackson and Ledford in Val Smith's play, "Ain't We Got Fun?," in a Brown-Forman Classics in Context Festival production at the Actors Theatre of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky with Bob Burrus (Hollis Bell); Ray Fry (Old Man, Priest, Wilmer, Morty Crimp); Katie MacNichol (The Woman, Katherine Mirano); William McNulty (The Operative); Sybil Walker (Mrs. Cantor, Flapper, Angie, Ada, Woman, Billy Tears); Adam Whisner (Lindbergh, The Pole-sitter); Sheila Daniels (Staff) and Lee Soroko (Staff) in the cast. Julian Webber was director.
  • (1979) Rex E. Allen; Anthony Amendola; Todd Barton; Robert L. Burns; Kerry Calkins; Jack Wellington Cantwell; Mimi Carr; Susan Chapman; Evan Davidson; Philip Davidson; Patrick De Santis; Leonardo Defilippis; Cameron Dokey; Shirley Douglass Patton; Stuart Duckworth; David Eakle; James Edmondson; Carol Ernst; Michael T. Folie; Danny Frishman; Craig R. Gardner; Peter Giffin; Stephen J. Godwin; Bruce T. Gooch; Rick Hamilton; Malcolm Hillgartner; Robert Hirschboeck; Richard Jessup; Jo Ann Johnson Patton; Michael Kevin (Garry Moore); Maureen Kilmurry; Theresa Koon; Dan Kremer; Cooper A. Lewis; Courtney Lewis; Philip Lombardo; Lawrence C. Lott; David Marston; Sue Marston; Daniel Moore; Lou Myers; John Norwalk; Brigit Olson; Eric Olson; Fredi Olster; Pat Patton; Daniel Pritchett; Rex Rabold; Mack Ramsey; Robert M. Reid; Susan Riley; Richard Rossi; Margaret Rubin Vafiadis; Thomas Arthur Scales; Randy Schaub; John Shepard; Gary Sloan; Sally Smythe; Anya Springer; Joan Stuart-Morris; Bill Terkuile; Kirk Thornton; Richard Van Hessel; Mark Wardenburg; Tom Weiner; Ronald Edmundson Woods; Mary Young Turner and he were performers at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.

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