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  • Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • Play: Accent on Youth, written by Samson Raphaelson. The Masquers' Straw Hat Company performed at the El Patio Theater, Hollywood, California: Opening Night: July 13, 1949. Otto Kruger as Steven Gaye, Jeanne Cagney as Linda Brown, Ellanora Reeves - aka Ellanora Needles as Genevieve Lang. Cast also included: Rhys Williams as Flogdell, Kim Spalding as Dickie Reynolds, Herbert Rawlinson as Frank Galloway and Maude Wallace as Miss Darling.
  • Hamlet (1938). Tragedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Incidental music by Lehman Engel. Scenic Design and Costume Design by David Ffolkes. Directed by Margaret Webster. St. James Theatre: 12 Oct 1938- Jan 1939 (closing date unknown/96 performances). Cast: Maurice Evans (as "Hamlet, son to the late, and nephew to the present King"), Wesley Addy (as "Bernardo," "Officer Fortinbras," and "Prince of Norway"), Donald Arbury, Charles Bowden, Donald Cameron, Frederic Carney, Mady Christians (as "Gertrude, Queen of Denmark and mother to Hamlet"), Augustin Duncan (as "Ghost"), Henry Edwards, Reynolds Evans (as "Voltemand," and "Priest"), Constance Friend, George Graham, Richard Janaver, Henry Jones (as "Reynaldo, Second Gravedigger"), Whitford Kane (as "Gravedigger"), George Keane, Katherine Locke, Carmen Mathews (as "Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Paul Nevens, Alfred Paschall, William Prince, Donald Randolph, Everett Ripley, Emmett Rogers, Alexander Scourby (as "Rosencrantz," and "Courtier"), Sydney Smith, Irene Tedrow, Maury Tuckerman, Ruth Wilk, Rhys Williams (as "Player King"). Produced by Maurice Evans. Produced in association with Joseph Verner Reed and Boris Said.
  • In 1961, he co-starred with Jane Wyman in an unsuccessful pilot for a medical drama series to be called, "Dr. Kate" based on the long-running radio series.
  • (1937) Stage Play: King Richard II. Historical drama. Written by William Shakespeare (I)'. Incidental music by Herbert Menges and Rupert Graves. Costume Design by David Ffolkes. Directed by Margaret Webster and Charles Alan. St. James Theatre: 5 Feb 1937- Jun 1937 (closing date unknown/133 performances). Cast: Robert K. Adams (as "Green, Favorite of King Richard/Servant to Exton"), Neal Berry (as "Ensemble"), Stephen Courtleigh (as "Lord Willoughby"), Charles Dalton (as "Earl of Northumberland"), Samuel Danzig (as "Ensemble"), Olive Deering (as "Queen to King Richard"), Augustin Duncan (as "John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, Uncle to the King"), Randolph Edhols (as "Henry Percy, Surnamed Hotspur, son to Northumberland Maurice Evans (as "King Richard the Second"), Reynolds Evans (as "Lord Marshal/Bishop of Carlisle"), John Halloran (as "Bushy, Favorite of King Richard"), Lionel Hogarth (as "Duke of York, Uncle to the King"), William Howell (as "Ensemble"), Lionel Ince (as "Earl of Salisbury/Keeper of the Prison"), Betty Jenckes (as "Lady attending on the Queen"), Whitford Kane (as "Gardener"), Ian Keith (as "Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford, afterwards Henry IV"), Julia Lathrop (as "Lady attending on the Queen"), Lawrence Murray (as "First Herald/Duke of Surrey"), Bram Nossen (as "Lord Ross"), Sherling Oliver (as "Duke of Aumerle, Son to the Duke of York"), Alfred Paschall (as "Ensemble"), William Post (as "Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk"), Donald Randolph (as "Sir Stephen Scroop/Sir Pierce of Exton"), Everett Ripley (as "Bagot, Favorite of King Richard"), Irene Tedrow (as "Duchess of Gloucester"), Philip Truex (as "Second Gardener/Ensemble"), Rhys Williams (as "Second Herald/Captain of a band of Welshmen/Groom of the King's Stable"), Walter Williams (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Eddie Dowling and Robinson Smith.
  • (October 23, 1939) He acted in William Shakespeare's play, "Hamlet," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Maurice Evans (Hamlet); Carmen Mathews (Ophelia); Mady Christians (Gertrude); Henry Edwards (King); Lauren Gilbert; John McQuade; Donald Cameron; Donald Randolph; George Graham; Sydney Smith; Walter Williams; Frederic Carney; Kurt Richards; John Barclay; Raymond Johnson; Emmett Rogers; Howard Wierum; Jackson Perkins; Alfred Paschall; George Keane; and Maury Tuckerman in the cast. Lehman Engel composed music. David Ffolkes was set and costume designer. Margaret Webster was director. Maurice Evans was also producer.

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