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Filmmaker's Book of the Dead (Second Edition) Book Signing at Dark Delicacies

By Jonathan Weichsel

The Filmmaker's Book of the Dead is written by Danny Draven with a forward by Charles Band, owner of Full Moon Pictures.

The book features interviews with Mick Garris (Sleepwalkers, Bag of Bones, Desperation, The Stand,) John Ottman (Composer/Editor of X:Men: Days of Future Past, The Usual Suspects,) Mark Ordesky & Jane Fleming (Producers of Lovely Molly, Exists,) Kane Hodder (Jason from the Friday the 13th, part 7 to 10, Hatchet,) Tibor Takacs (Director of The Gate, Spiders 3D, Megasnake,) John Debney (Composer of Predators, Sin City, End of Days,) Jojo Draven (Composer of Patient Seven, Ghost Month, Reel Evil,) Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, Weird Science,) Mike Mendez (Director of The Gravedancers, Big Ass Spider,) Neal Marshall Stevens (Screenwriter of Thir13en Ghosts, Hellraiser: Deader,) Chris Alexander (Former Editor in Chief of Fangoria Magazine, Filmmaker,) Jessica Cameron (Actress/Director of Truth or Dare,) Denise Gossett (Founder
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Indie Spotlight

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We’re back with the latest installment of our Indie Spotlight. Each feature includes the latest independent horror news sent our way. If you want to be included in our next spotlight, send us an email.

Six Degrees of Hell Retro Poster: A new vintage-style poster has been released for Six Degrees of Hell:

“Ever walk through one of those Halloween haunted attractions and wonder how real it all looked? What if it was? Six individuals are caught in a supernatural perfect storm that has come to claim one of them and tear apart the soul of a small town.”

Directed by Joe Raffa, Six Degrees of Hell features Corey Feldman, Cloris Leachman, Tara Reid, Nicole Cinaglia and David Bonner. The film is set to be released later this year. To check out the poster, visit the official Six Degrees of Hell Facebook page:
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Win A Bryan Loves You Mask for Halloween

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Anchor Bay Entertainment and the producers of the film are giving away a really cool mask from the horror film “Bryan Loves You” by director Seth Landau and starring Tony Todd (Candyman), Tiffany Shepis (Live Evil), Brinke Stevens, Chuck Williams, Jeff Dylan Graham, Daniel Roebuck (Halloween II) and the infamous Lloyd Kaufman. The horror film “Bryan Loves You” is a true 1993 story of a cult that takes over an Arizona town. To win all you have to do is comment on the YouTube video. Stay tuned to for the latest movie news and more from “Bryan Loves You” and Anchor Bay Entertainment. Special thanks goes out to Andy [...]
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Live Evil's New Theatrical Teaser Poster

As we reported previously, Jay Woelfel's Live Evil will have a 300-screen theatrical release starting September 18th, as well as being available on DVD and OnDemand November 3rd. To honor the occasion, the film also has a spiffy new teaser poster.

Live Evil tells the story of vampires having trouble surviving in a world where the blood supply has become polluted by drugs and STDs. The film stars Ken Foree, Åsa Wallander, Mark Hengst, and Tim Thomerson along with Lee Perkins (KatieBird*Certifiable Crazy Person), Chuck Williams (Bubba Ho-tep), filmmakers Jeff Burr (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III) and Sean Cain (Silent Night, Zombie Night), scream queens Tiffany Shepis and Elissa Dowling, porn star Jenny Hendrix, and more.

Check out the trailer below, and for more up-to-date information on Live Evil, visit the film's official website!

New Live Evil Theatrical Trailer

- By Debi Moore

Visit The Evilshop @ Amazon!

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A Fistful of Brains (2008)

Review by: Mario Dominick

Directed by Christine Parker.

Starring Jacqueline Martini, Conrad Osborne, Edward Warner, Darrell Parker, Wayne Bates, Heidi Martinuzzi, Pericles Lewnes, Jessie Walley, Angela Giddings, Zachary Edgerton, William Drake, Andy Miller, Chuck Williams, and Paul Cardulo.

Indie filmmaker Christine Parker, who gave us the enjoyable low budget horror romp The Forever Dead, brings us this fun zombie western about a feud between two brothers in an 1800s North Carolina town.

One of the brothers invents a special elixir that he tells folks will help cure all of life’s problems. Only problem is the elixir appears to be a zombie-making potion that turns the townsfolk into rampaging, flesh hungry zombies. All hell breaks loose as the zombies seize a church, a girl has one of her boobs ripped off, zombies are shot at, and an infected man attacks gets up and attacks folks in a saloon.

Fistful of Brains is a gory,
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Live Evil Scores Premiere in Las Vegas

We reported earlier that Jay Woelfel's Live Evil had won an theatrical release of 300 screens starting September 18th, as well as a DVD release in mid-November. There's been an update to this story, in that we recently learned that the film is also getting a premiere at the Sci-Fi Center in Las Vegas.

Live Evil tells the story of vampires having trouble surviving in a world where the blood supply has become polluted by drugs and STDs. "I am basically a part time resident of Las Vegas, especially during football season," producer Mark Terry says. "One of my goals was to have a screening here because if there was one city in the world that would 'get' this movie it would be Vegas."

Live Evil also stars Lee Perkins (KatieBird*Certifiable Crazy Person), Chuck Williams (Bubba Ho-tep), filmmakers Jeff Burr (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III) and Sean Cain (Silent Night,
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"The Telling" - Playboy Playmates make Horror movie !

A new anthology flick shot over at the Playboy Mansion called "The Telling", produced by Chuck Williams, Bridget Marquardt Sherri Strain, will be hitting DVD shelves on April 14th. "The Telling" is a horror anthology about three girls hoping to pledge the most elite sorority on campus. As a final task, each pledge must tell the scariest story she can think of. The tales are told. The vote is in. But has someone taken the stories of murder to heart? Casting from Playboy will include Bridget Marquardt, Holly Madison, and Sara Jean-Underwood from "The Girls Next Door". The DVD will come in two versions R-rated and Unrated. You can buy it on Amazon : Unrated Version DVD Rated R Version DVD ...
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Brenna Lee Roth To Be In New Moon?

The ladies at the Twilight Lexicon shared this interesting bit of news today. It appears that Brenna Lee Roth has been cast in New Moon and may already have been working on the film nbspMarketSaw...I understand that you are now able to discuss two new movies that you are attached to namely New Moon and Horrorween. What roles have you signed on for?Blr Cant talk about New Moon. So sorry! As far as Horrorween goes I play the leads daughter Nancy Spielberg. It looks like a good role and a great cast! A lot of my friends are on it so I know well have a blast.MarketSaw There must be something you can tell us about New Moon that will excite the fans yet keep you safe and that thing would be...Blr Fans of the series will really love it its spot on to the book.
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Special Afm 2008 Part.2

You will find here the first teasers, stills, posters, synopsis rumors about upcoming horror movies !! "Live Evil" - New Trailer Sporting a fantastic cast including Tiffany Shepis, Ken Foree, Chuck Williams and Tim Thomerson this looks like a flick to keep an eye on. In the film human blood has become unpure by being polluted by drugs, alcohol, AIDS and all other kinds of inpurities. This causes a group of vampires to go on a cross country trip looking for pure blood. Hot on their trailer however is a Priest with an attitude who is trying to wipe them off the face of the planet. "Mortis Rex" UK-based Intandem Films has taken on world rights for and will executive produce supernatural action thriller "Mortis Rex". The film will mark the directorial debut of Peter...
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UPDATE: Bryan Loves Dark Delicacies

UPDATE:BLY director Seth Landau got us up to speed on the revised guest list for the Dark Delicacies signing. Dan Roebuck is out, but in his place comes Jeff Dylan Graham. Jeff has appeared in a number of horror pictures, aside from BLY, including, 100 Tears and Beyond the Dunwich Horror.

In another interesting turn of events, Seth informed us that some actual cult members from the real life Bryan Loves You incident will be on-hand to "monitor" the happenings. This is to guarantee that the cast and crew can go about their business unharmed. Weird, eh?

Bryan Loves You may be based on true events from the early '90s, but the stuff that went on to get this film made is just a bit more odd. Who knew that a film about some dark cult activities in Phoenix could lead to fake casting calls, threatening videos and theft of footage?
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George Takei, Chuck Williams Upcoming Guests On SyFy Radio

Oh my, science-fiction fans! There's a lot of great SyFy Radio coming up that you don't want to miss, including a visit from Star Trek legend George Takei as well as "Bubba Ho-Tep's" Chuck Williams. The schedule for the next 10 episodes of SyFy Radio were released Wednesday, and it all kicks off with an appearance by "The House Between" creator John Kenneth Muir July 16 beginning at 10 p.m. Et/7 p.m. Pt. Muir will talk about his popular online series, which is getting set to premiere its third season, as well as some of his more than 20 books he has written on the fandom. It's a show you don't want to miss. Then on July 23, Mr. Sulu joins Michael Hinman and SyFy Radio to talk about life as an icon, his role on "Heroes" and his upcoming nuptials with longtime partner Brad Altman. ...
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