5 Ways to Garden Party at Buckingham Palace Like a Pro (Hint: Go for the Finger Sandwiches First!)

5 Ways to Garden Party at Buckingham Palace Like a Pro (Hint: Go for the Finger Sandwiches First!)
There were 8,000 guests - but mercifully no spring rain! - as Queen Elizabeth II held her second tea party of the season on Thursday at Buckingham Palace. Alongside her husband Prince Philip, and aided by her son Prince Charles and daughter-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, the 90-year-old monarch moved through the crowd on the lawns, standing out in a one-button coat and a cerise dress by Karl Ludwig Couture with a matching hat by Philip Sommerville. She likes a little gossip, sharing a tidbit with well-wisher Barbara Wilkins, 82: "She said her grandchildren did things for her digitally, but she
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Drive-In Dust Offs: The Flesh Eaters (1964)

Sometimes great little oddities will fly under the radar. And sometimes they barrel roll out of the sky and blast through the earth never to be seen again. The Flesh Eaters (1964) is a prime example of digging through the filmic wreckage and dredging up a low budget winner. Sure, it’s not Citizen Kane, but it’s probably the Citizen Kane of Killer Microbes Versus Buxom Blondes On An Island With A German Scientist movies.

The Flesh Eaters should be just more low budget fodder from an era when any flickering images were sacrificed to the Drive-In Gods (see the same years’ The Horror of Party Beach – or rather, don’t). The set up and pedigree sure don’t help the argument – five people stranded on an island battle a monster, it’s an independent production, and a first (and last) time director helms – but a convergence of actual talent
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North American Film Distribution System Game-Changer: Billy Jack

Billy Jack’: Tom Laughlin helped to revolutionize Hollywood’s film distribution system (See previous post: “Tom Laughlin: ‘Billy Jack’ Actor and Director, Robert Altman Difficult Star Dead at 82.”) Featuring the titular hero as a semi-mystical figure who, with a mixture of steely determination and purposeful violence, helps to rescue wild horses from becoming dog meat and allows an independent school to continue operating at an Indian reservation in Arizona — against the wishes of white reactionary bigots and ruthless capitalists — Billy Jack was a box office disappointment when released by Warner Bros. at, in Tom Laughlin’s words, "porno houses" (and drive-ins) in 1971. (Photo: Tom Laughlin in Billy Jack.) Unhappy with the studio’s handling of his film, Laughlin sued Warners. In May 1973, following a settlement with the studio, he began self-distributing Billy Jack at small-town movie theaters throughout the United States. He hired marketing expert, former United Artists honcho,
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Prince William helps rescue pensioner

Britain's Prince William helped save a 72-year-old woman from Mount Snowdon. The second-in-line to the throne piloted a helicopter to rescue Barbara Wilkins after she suffered with a trapped nerve in her foot while she was climbing with her husband Jeffrey and some Canadian friends, although she initially did not believe it was him. She told Stroud Life newspaper: 'I couldn't stand on my foot. The Llanberis Mountain Rescue team came. As we got off the helicopter the pilot put his hand up to us but with his visor down. 'They said, 'Do you know who was flying that helicopter?' I said, 'No'. When they told me I said, You're pulling my leg.' ' Prince William lives in north Wales
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