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  • (1933 - 1939) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1933) Stage Play: The Lake. Drama. Written by Dorothy Massingham and Murray MacDonald. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Jed Harris. Martin Beck Theatre: 26 Dec 1933- Feb 1934 (closing date unknown/55 performances). Cast: Wendy Atkin (as "Dolly Braite"), Blanche Bates (as "Lena Surrege") [final Broadway role], Roberta Beatty ("marjorie Hervey"), Lucy Beaumont (as "Miss White"), Florence Britton (as "Miss Kurn") [Broadway debut], Edward Broadley (as "Stoker"), Reginald Carrington (as "Sir Philip Stanway"), Colin Clive (as "John Clayne"), Douglas Garden (as "Mr. Hemingway") [final Broadway role], James Grainger (as "Captain Hamilton"), Mary Heberden (as "Maude"), Katharine Hepburn (as "Stella Surrege"), Rosalind Ivan (as "Mrs. George"), Eva Leonard Boyne (as "Mrs. Hemingway"), Elliott Mason (as "Lady Kerton"), Vera Fuller Mellish (as "Anna George"), Esther Mitchell (as "Ethel"), Lionel Pape (as "Henry Surrege"), Constance Pellissier [credited as Constance Pelissier] (as "Lady Stanway"), Audrey Ridgwell (as "Jean Templeton"), Frances Starr (as "Mildred Surrege"), Philip Tonge (as "Stephen Braite"), Elizabeth Townsend (as "Miss Marie"), Geoffrey Wardwell (as "Cecil Hervey"), O.Z. Whitehead (as "Dennis Gourlay") [Broadway debut], J.P. Wilson (as "Williams"). Produced by Jed Harris.
  • (1934) Stage Play: New Faces of 1934. Musical revue. Music by Warburton Guilbert, Donald Honrath, Martha Caples, James Shelton and Morgan Lewis. Book by Leonard Sillman. Lyrics by Viola Brothers Shore, Nancy Hamilton and June Carroll [credited as June Sillman]. Directed by Elsie Janis. Fulton Theatre: 15 Mar 1934- Jul 1934 (closing date unknown/149 performances). Cast: Reeder Boss, Imogene Coca, Frances Dewey, Henry Fonda, Dorothy Kennedy Fox, Hildegarde Halliday, Nancy Hamilton, Billy Haywood, Louise Lynch, Beverly Phalon, James Shelton, Edith Sheridan, Leonard Sillman, Roger Stearns, Charles Walter, O.Z. Whitehead. Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Jayhawker. Comedy. Written by Sinclair Lewis and Lloyd Lewis. Directed by Joseph Losey. Cort Theatre: 5 Nov 1934- Nov 1934 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Eddie Acuff (as "Matt Carson"), David Andrada, Walter Baldwin (as "Vic Rousseau"), Tom Fadden, Paul Guilfoyle (as "Will Starling"), Clifford Heckinger, Martin Howe, Walter C. Kelly, Nancy Levering, Douglas McMullen, Edward McNamara (as "Luke Kildare"), Lawrence C. O'Brien, Margaret O'Donnell, Hayes Pryor, Katherine Rolin, Donald Smith, Carol Stone, Fred Stone, Milburn Stone (as "Confederate Soldier"), George Oliver Taylor, Ralph Theodore, Ludmila Toretzka (as "Mrs. Ridley"), O.Z. Whitehead (as "Fresh Fish"), Gretchen Winkler, Harry Worth. Produced by Henry Hammond, Inc.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Fools Rush In. Musical revue. Based on material by Norman Zeno, Will Irwin, Viola Brothers Shore, Richard Whorf, June Sillman and Richard Lewine. Directed by Leonard Sillman. Playhouse Theatre: 25 Dec 1934- 4 Jan 1935 (14 performances). Cast: Cliff Allen, Miriam Battista, Betzi Beaton, Lee Brody, Robert Burton, Imogene Coca, Ellen Howard, Teddy Lynch, Billy Milton, Edward Potter, Rinaldo Quigley, Leonard Sillman, Cyrena Smith, Charles Walter, O.Z. Whitehead, Albert Whitley, Richard Whorf. Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1936) Stage Play: O Evening Star. Comedy. Written by Zoe Akins. Directed by Leontine Sagan. Empire Theatre: 8 Jan 1936- Jan 1936 (closing date unknown/5 performances). Cast: Eddie Albert, Edith Andree, Jack Ball, Quina Bilotti, Whitney Bourne, Ross Chetwynd, Frank Conroy, Emily Draper, Ada Elliott, Edward Emerson (as "Mr. Strassberg"), Joan Engel, Frank Fenton, Al Fields, Joe Fields, Sara Floyd, Grace Fox, Patterson Greene, Virginia Gregori, Hans Hansen, Mary Howes, Jobyna Howland (as "Amy Bellaire"), Vera Hurst (as "Mrs. Hooper"), Ethel Intropidi, Josie Intropidi, Regis Joyce, George Justin, Maxine Marlowe, Richard Ogden, John Raby, Myrtle Ross, Ezra Stone (as "Ed"), Earl Talbot, James Todd, Carrie Weller, O.Z. Whitehead (as "The Assistant Director"), Foster J. Williams, Larry Williams, Biacouren Yoshiwara. Produced by Harry Moses.
  • (1936) Stage Play: The Illustrators' Show. Musical revue. Music mostly by Irving Actman. Lyrics mostly by Frank Loesser. Additional music by Edgar Fairchild, Charlotte Kent, Frederick Loewe, Berenece Kazounoff and Michael Cleary [credited as Michael H. Cleary]. Additional lyrics by Milton Pascal, Charlotte Kent, Earle Crooker', Nathaniel Lief [final Broadway credit], Max Lief [final Broadway credit] and Carl Randall. Conceived by Society of Illustrators. Amplified and edited by Tom Weatherly. Sketches by Harry Evans, Max Liebman, Hi Alexander, Frank Gabrielson, David Lesan, Kenneth Webb, Donald Blackwell, Napie Moore and Otto Soglow; Musical Director: Gene Salzer. Choreographed by Carl Randall. Scenic Design by Arne Lundborg. Sketches directed by Allen Delano. 48th Street Theatre: 22 Jan 1936- 25 Jan 1936 (5 performances). Cast: Robert Perry, Phyllis Cameron, Claire Carroll, Dorothy Chilton, Fred Cooper, Connie Crowell, Joe Donatello, Betty Gillette, Gomez & Winona, Niela Goodelle, Dan Harden, Elizabeth Houston, William Houston, Harriette Howell, Helen Hudson, Betty Lee, Normand Lind, Helen Lynd, Patricia Marton, Edward Mowen, Frances Nevins, Earl Oxford, Sandra Roy, Otto Soglow, Lorraine Teatom, Dorothy Walker, Davenie Watson, O.Z. Whitehead. Produced by Tom Weatherly.
  • (1936) Stage Play: The Sap Runs High. Comedy. Written by H.T. Porter and Alfred Henri White. Directed by Theodore J. Hammerstein. Bijou Theatre: 4 Feb 1936- Feb 1936 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: James Bell, O. Anthony Hughes, Muriel Hutchison, Betty Lancaster, Robert Leonard, Frances Nabors, Marie Nordstrom, Gordon Oliver (as "Kenneth Robbins") [Broadway debut], J. Francis Robertson, Mildred Shay, Royal Dana Tracey, Josh Vosburgh, 'O.Z Whitehead' (as "Service Man"). Produced by Milton R. Kroopf.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Hamlet. Tragedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Directed by Leslie Howard, in collaboration with John Houseman. Imperial Theatre: 10 Nov 1936- Dec 1936 (closing date unknown/39 performances). Cast: Leslie Howard, Gay Adams, Wesley Addy, Joan Adrian, John Barclay, Daphne Bayne, Bourn Blood, Richard Cameron, Albert Carroll, Richard Clayton, Clifford Evans, Paul Foster, Eugene Frances, Paul Genge, Denis Green, James Hayes, Janet Hill, Joseph Holland, George Ingrahm, Paul Jones, Stanley Lathbury, Henry Leonard, Eric Mansfield, Aubrey Mather, Mary Meyer, Hugh Norton, Richard Norton, Rochard Ogden, Winston O'Keefe, John Parrish, Tileston Perry, Madelyn Phillips, Edward Potter, Keith Randall, Herbert Ranson, Alexander Scourby, Mary Servoss, Mary Shower, Toni Sorel, Hope Spingarn, Pamela Stanley, Philip Sudana, Daphne Sylva, Vernon Tanner, George Volk, Wilfred Walter, O.Z. Whitehead (as "Second Gravedigger"), Arthur Zwerling. Produced by Leslie Howard.
  • (1937) Stage Play: Farewell Summer. Comedy. Written by North Bigbee and Walter Holbrook. Fulton Theatre: 29 Mar 1937- Apr 1937 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Richard S. Bishop, Virginia Campbell, Walter Gilbert, Linda Lee Hill, Suzanne Jackson, Marilyn Jolie, Ellen Love, G. Albert Smith, George Spaulding, James Todd, George Vigor, O.Z. Whitehead (as "Bobo"), Lynn Whitney, Lois Wilson. Produced by Walter Franklin.
  • (1937) Stage Play: Madame Bovary (Revival). Based on the book by Gustave Flaubert. As adapted by Gaston Baty. Broadhust Theatre: 16 Nov 1937- Dec 1937 (closing date unknown/39 performances). Cast: Alice Belmore, Ernest Cossart, Valerie Cossart, Constance Cummings, Arthur Griffin, Hazel Hanna, Carl Harbord, Eda Heinemann, Maurice Mason, John O'Connor, Eric Portman, Viola Roache, Ernest Thesiger, Harold Vermilyea, Robert Vivian, O.Z. Whitehead. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1938) Stage Play: The Seagull. Drama/comedy (revival). Written by Anton Chekhov. Translated by Stark Young. Scenic Design and Costume Design by Robert Edmond Jones. Directed by Robert Milton. Shubert Theatre: 29 Mar 1938- May 1938 (closing date unknown/41 performances). Cast: Lynn Fontanne (as "Madame Arkadina"), Alfred Lunt (as "Trigorin"), John Barclay (as "Dr. Dorn"), Ernestine De Becker (as "A Housemaid"), 'S. Thomas Gomez' (as "The Cook"), Sydney Greenstreet (as "Sorin"), Uta Hagen (as "Nina") [Broadway debut], Alan Hewitt (as "Yakov"), Edith King (as "Polina"), Harold Moffet (as "Shamrayev"), Jacqueline Paige (as "A Housemaid"), Margaret Webster (as "Masha"), O.Z. Whitehead (as "Medvedenko"), Richard Whorf (as "Konstantin Treplev"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1939) Stage Play: Miss Swan Expects. Written by Bella Spewack and Sam Spewack. Directed by Sam Spewack. Cort Theatre: 20 Feb 1939- Feb 1939 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Wylie Adams, Ann Andrews, Joyce Arling, John Beal, Boris Belostozky, William Bendix, William Bock, Peggy Conklin, Eduard Franz, C. Norman Hammond, William Hess, James MacColl, Vera Matthews, Sanford McCauley, Esther Mitchell, George Nash, Kurt Richards, O.Z. Whitehead (as "Harold") [final Broadway role], John Williams. Produced by William Harris Jr.
  • (1939) He acted in Marc Connelly and George S. Kaufman's play, "Merton of the Movies," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with O.Z. Whitehead in the cast.

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