Michael McKean's Highlights From His 231 Acting Credits

Michael McKean reflects on his first Emmy nomination for "Better Call Saul" as well as his iconic roles over the years.

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Known For

Shadow of a Doubt Costume Designer
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Costume Designer
Show Boat Costume and Wardrobe Department
Inside Information Costume Designer


Hide Hide Show Show Costume designer (394 credits)
 1947 The Egg and I (uncredited)
 1946 Magnificent Doll (gowns)
 1946 Little Miss Big (gowns)
 1946 Black Angel (gowns)
 1946 The Dark Horse (uncredited)
 1946 Danger Woman (gowns)
 1946 Cuban Pete (uncredited)
 1946 Inside Job (gowns)
 1946 Her Adventurous Night (gowns)
 1946 Dressed to Kill (gowns)
 1946 She-Wolf of London (gowns)
 1946 The Cat Creeps (gowns)
 1946 Blonde Alibi (uncredited)
 1946 Little Giant (gowns)
 1946 Idea Girl (gowns)
 1946 Terror by Night (gowns)
 1946 Girl on the Spot (gowns)
 1945 House of Dracula (gowns)
 1945 The Crimson Canary (gowns)
 1945 Strange Confession (gowns)
 1945 River Gang
 1945 Shady Lady
 1945 The Beautiful Cheat (gowns)
 1945 The Naughty Nineties (gowns)
 1945 The Woman in Green (gowns)
 1945 Blonde Ransom
 1945 Sudan
 1945 I'll Remember April (uncredited)
 1945 See My Lawyer
 1945 Frisco Sal (gowns)
 1945 Her Lucky Night (gowns)
 1945 Here Come the Co-eds (gowns)
 1945 Under Western Skies (uncredited)
 1945 She Gets Her Man (gowns)
 1945 Night Club Girl (gowns)
 1944 Destiny (gowns)
 1944 The Suspect (gowns)
 1944 Hi, Beautiful (gowns)
 1944 House of Frankenstein (gowns)
 1944 Murder in the Blue Room (gowns)
 1944 The Climax
 1944 Reckless Age
 1944 Trail to Gunsight (gowns)
 1944 In Society
 1944 Gypsy Wildcat
 1944 The Pearl of Death (gowns)
 1944 Trigger Trail (gowns)
 1944 The Mummy's Ghost (gowns)
 1944 Christmas Holiday (gowns)
 1944 Jungle Woman (gowns)
 1944 Cobra Woman (gowns)
 1944 Follow the Boys (gowns)
 1944 Moon Over Las Vegas (gowns)
 1944 Hi, Good Lookin'! (gowns)
 1944 Week-End Pass
 1944 Chip Off the Old Block (uncredited)
 1944 Ladies Courageous (gowns)
 1944 Phantom Lady (gowns)
 1944 Sing a Jingle
 1943 Calling Dr. Death (gowns)
 1943 Swingtime Johnny (gowns)
 1943 She's for Me
 1943 The Spider Woman (gowns)
 1943 His Butler's Sister (gowns)
 1943 The Mad Ghoul (gowns)
 1943 Flesh and Fantasy (gowns)
 1943 Son of Dracula (gowns)
 1943 Crazy House
 1943 Hi Ya, Sailor (gowns)
 1943 Top Man (uncredited)
 1943 Larceny with Music (gowns)
 1943 Fired Wife
 1943 So's Your Uncle (gowns)
 1943 Frontier Badmen (gowns)
 1943 We've Never Been Licked (gowns)
 1943 Honeymoon Lodge (gowns)
 1943 Hers to Hold (gowns)
 1943 Gals, Incorporated (gowns)
 1943 Get Going
 1943 All by Myself
 1943 Captive Wild Woman (gowns)
 1943 Hit the Ice (gowns)
 1943 Mister Big
 1943 Cowboy in Manhattan (uncredited)
 1943 Good Morning, Judge (gowns)
 1943 White Savage
 1943 Keep 'Em Slugging (gowns)
 1943 He's My Guy (uncredited)
 1943 It Ain't Hay (gowns)
 1943 Hi, Buddy (gowns)
 1943 Hi'Ya Chum (gowns)
 1943 The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (gowns)
 1943 It Comes Up Love (gowns)
 1943 Shadow of a Doubt (costumes)
 1942 When Johnny Comes Marching Home (uncredited)
 1942 Mug Town (gowns)
 1942 The Great Impersonation (gowns)
 1942 Madame Spy (gowns)
 1942 Pittsburgh
 1942 Behind the Eight Ball (gowns)
 1942 Nightmare (gowns)
 1942 Who Done It?
 1942 Night Monster
 1942 Destination Unknown (gowns)
 1942 Moonlight in Havana (gowns)
 1942 Eyes of the Underworld (gowns)
 1942 Sin Town (gowns)
 1942 Halfway to Shanghai (gowns)
 1942 Pardon My Sarong (gowns)
 1942 Invisible Agent (gowns)
 1942 Men of Texas
 1942 Top Sergeant (uncredited)
 1942 Private Buckaroo (gowns)
 1942 Escape from Hong Kong (gowns)
 1942 The Spoilers (gowns)
 1942 You're Telling Me (gowns)
 1942 Drums of the Congo (gowns)
 1942 Mystery of Marie Roget (gowns)
 1942 Juke Box Jenny (gowns)
 1942 Broadway
 1942 Butch Minds the Baby (gowns)
 1942 The Ghost of Frankenstein (gowns)
 1942 Unseen Enemy (gowns)
 1942 What's Cookin' (uncredited)
 1942 Stagecoach Buckaroo (uncredited)
 1942 Frisco Lil (gowns)
 1942 Jail House Blues (gowns)
 1942 North to the Klondike (gowns)
 1942 Bombay Clipper (gowns)
 1942 Don't Get Personal (gowns)
 1942 Sealed Lips (gowns)
 1941 Hellzapoppin'
 1941 Road Agent (gowns)
 1941 Fighting Bill Fargo (uncredited)
 1941 Melody Lane (gowns)
 1941 The Wolf Man (gowns)
 1941 Keep 'Em Flying (gowns)
 1941 Arizona Cyclone (gowns)
 1941 Swing It Soldier (gowns)
 1941 Appointment for Love (gowns)
 1941 Flying Cadets (gowns)
 1941 The Masked Rider (uncredited)
 1941 South of Tahiti (gowns)
 1941 Moonlight in Hawaii (gowns)
 1941 Burma Convoy (gowns)
 1941 Mob Town
 1941 It Started with Eve (gowns)
 1941 The Kid from Kansas (gowns)
 1941 Unfinished Business (uncredited)
 1941 A Dangerous Game (gowns)
 1941 Hold That Ghost (gowns)
 1941 Cracked Nuts (gowns)
 1941 Hello, Sucker (gowns)
 1941 Hit the Road (gowns)
 1941 Law of the Range (uncredited)
 1941 San Antonio Rose (gowns)
 1941 Tight Shoes (gowns)
 1941 Bachelor Daddy (gowns)
 1941 In the Navy (gowns)
 1941 Too Many Blondes (gowns)
 1941 The Black Cat
 1941 Model Wife
 1941 Horror Island (gowns)
 1941 Double Date (uncredited)
 1941 Mr. Dynamite (gowns)
 1941 Nice Girl? (gowns)
 1941 Meet the Chump (gowns)
 1941 Back Street (gowns)
 1941 Buck Privates (gowns)
 1941 Lucky Devils (gowns)
 1940 The Invisible Woman (gowns)
 1940 San Francisco Docks (gowns)
 1940 Trail of the Vigilantes (gowns)
 1940 Dark Streets of Cairo (gowns)
 1940 The Bank Dick (gowns)
 1940 Give Us Wings (gowns)
 1940 Sandy Gets Her Man (gowns)
 1940 One Night in the Tropics (gowns)
 1940 Slightly Tempted (gowns)
 1940 Diamond Frontier (gowns)
 1940 Margie (gowns)
 1940 Spring Parade (gowns)
 1940 The Mummy's Hand (gowns)
 1940 Hired Wife (gowns)
 1940 The Leather Pushers (gowns)
 1940 Argentine Nights (gowns)
 1940 When the Daltons Rode (gowns)
 1940 Black Diamonds (gowns)
 1940 Love, Honor and Oh-Baby! (gowns)
 1940 La Conga Nights (uncredited)
 1940 Hot Steel (gowns)
 1940 Sandy Is a Lady (gowns)
 1940 Ski Patrol
 1940 Enemy Agent (gowns)
 1940 It's a Date (gowns)
 1940 Zanzibar (gowns)
 1940 Double Alibi (gowns)
 1940 Black Friday (gowns)
 1940 My Little Chickadee (gowns)
 1940 Danger on Wheels (gowns)
 1940 The Invisible Man Returns (gowns)
 1939 The Big Guy (gowns)
 1939 Laugh It Off (gowns)
 1939 Destry Rides Again (gowns)
 1939 Missing Evidence (gowns)
 1939 First Love (gowns)
 1939 Call a Messenger (gowns)
 1939 One Hour to Live (uncredited)
 1939 Rio (gowns)
 1939 The Witness Vanishes (gowns)
 1939 Tropic Fury (gowns)
 1939 The Under-Pup
 1939 When Tomorrow Comes (gowns)
 1939 I Stole a Million (gowns)
 1939 The Forgotten Woman (gowns)
 1939 The House of Fear (gowns)
 1939 Unexpected Father (gowns)
 1939 The Sun Never Sets (gowns)
 1939 Ex-Champ (uncredited)
 1939 Big Town Czar (gowns)
 1939 The Family Next Door (gowns)
 1939 Mystery of the White Room (uncredited)
 1939 Three Smart Girls Grow Up (gowns)
 1939 Society Smugglers (gowns)
 1939 Risky Business (gowns)
 1939 Son of Frankenstein (gowns)
 1938 Newsboys' Home (uncredited)
 1938 Gambling Ship (gowns)
 1938 The Last Warning (gowns)
 1938 His Exciting Night (gowns)
 1938 Exposed (gowns)
 1938 Service de Luxe (other gowns)
 1938 That Certain Age (gowns)
 1938 Freshman Year
 1938 Danger on the Air (gowns)
 1938 The Rage of Paris (gowns)
 1938 Sinners in Paradise (uncredited)
 1938 The Lady in the Morgue (gowns)
 1938 Mad About Music (gowns)
 1937 Merry-Go-Round of 1938 (gowns)
 1937 Some Blondes Are Dangerous (uncredited)
 1937 The Westland Case (gowns)
 1937 The Man Who Cried Wolf (gowns)
 1937 Reported Missing! (gowns)
 1937 As Good as Married (gowns)
 1937 Oh, Doctor (uncredited)
 1936 Mysterious Crossing (uncredited)
 1936 Love Letters of a Star (uncredited)
 1936 Magnificent Brute (uncredited)
 1936 Two in a Crowd (gowns, uncredited)
 1936 Yellowstone (uncredited)
 1936 Postal Inspector (gowns, uncredited)
 1936 Next Time We Love (gowns)
 1935 Magnificent Obsession (gowns)
 1935 The Great Impersonation (uncredited)
 1935 Remember Last Night? (gowns)
 1935 Diamond Jim
 1935 Bride of Frankenstein (uncredited)
 1935 The Good Fairy (uncredited)
 1934 The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (uncredited)
 1934 Strange Wives
 1934 Great Expectations (gowns)
 1934 Gift of Gab (as Vera, gowns)
 1934 One More River (uncredited)
 1934 City Park (gowns)
 1934 Let's Be Ritzy (uncredited)
 1934 Glamour (uncredited)
 1933 Forgotten (gowns)
 1933 Nagana (uncredited)
 1932 The Mummy (uncredited)
 1932 The King Murder (gowns)
 1932 Back Street (uncredited)
 1932 Beauty Parlor (gowns)
 1932 The Midnight Lady (gowns)
 1932 Probation
 1931 Iron Man (uncredited)
 1931 Dracula (uncredited)
Show Show Costume and Wardrobe Department (40 credits)

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Initially hired as replacement for Lucia Coulter in 1924, she remained at Universal until her death in 1947. See more »


Designs were often silky and form-fitting

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