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  • (1960) Theater commercial (PSA): American Lung Association's Christmas Seals campaign, shown in theaters during intermission.
  • (1954) Print ad: Chesterfield cigarettes.
  • (1951) It was Webb's hands that were seen dropping the hammer during the Mark VII logo sequence at the end Dragnet (1951), Adam-12 (1968) and other series he produced.
  • Unsold pilot: Produced a pilot for a proposed action series to be called "The Fighting Marines", based on true-life stories of the US Marine Corps.
  • (1959) Unsold pilot Produced a pilot for an adventure series to be called "The Black Cat", about a San Francisco-based newspaper reporter.
  • (1959) Unsold pilot: Hosted and starred in a pilot for an anthology series to be called, "Series I", which would have devoted episodes to a wide variety of adventure genres.
  • (1960) Unsold pilot: Produced a pilot for a proposed sitcom called "Calvin and Clyde" starring Arthur Walsh and Ben Morris.
  • (1961) Unsold pilot: Produced a pilot for a proposed sitcom about airline hostesses called "Coffee, Tea or Milk" starring Barbara Nichols.
  • (1965) Unsold pilot: Produced a pilot for a series to be called "The Polly Bergen Show". The stories would have based on characters created by Patricia McGerr in her Selena Mead stories.
  • (1970s) Narrated a training film for the US Postal Service entitled "Is It Worth It?", which detailed why Postal Service employees should not tamper with mail or steal from the US Postal Service
  • (1949-55) Radio: Starred and produced the police drama, "Dragnet". The series co-starred Barton Yarborough and, later, Ben Alexander. NOTE: For the last four years of its radio run, the program also aired on television with many of its radio scripts being reused for the TV series.
  • (1948) Radio: Starred in the radio series "Jeff Regan, Investigator", where he played a hard-boiled and underpaid operative of a private detective agency (CBS Radio).
  • (1947) Radio: Starred in the series "Johnny Madero, Pier 23". NOTE: It was almost identical in style and plot to Webb's earlier radio series "Pat Novak for Hire", but that program continued with a different star after Webb left San Francisco for Hollywood, so the network was forced to change the program's title.
  • (1946-47, 1949) Radio: Starred in "Pat Novak for Hire" initially a locally (San Francisco) produced radio series, where Webb's title character worked on the waterfront renting boats and worked as an unlicensed private detective. NOTE: Webb briefly resumed the series after moving to Los Angeles where his featured co-stars included Raymond Burr and Tudor Owen.
  • (1946-47) Radio: Hosted a musical/variety radio series from San Francisco, "The Jack Webb Show" (ABC Radio).
  • (1/13/53) Radio: Appeared in an episode of the "Martin and Lewis Show", in a comedy take-off of his show "Dragnet".
  • (5/20/57) Guested on the daytime program "Club Sixty".
  • (1951) Radio: Starred (as "Pete Kelly") in the series "Pete Kelly's Blues".
  • TV commercial (PSA): American Red Cross, encouraging the wearing of seat belts.

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