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  • The voice of many History Channel specials.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared in Enid Bagnold's "The Chalk Garden," at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in New York City with Gladys Cooper, Siobhan McKenna, Percy Waram, Marian Seldes and Betsy von Furstenberg in the cast. Albert Marre was director. Cecil Beaton was designer.
  • Protective Custody (1956).
  • (1957) Stage: Appeared (as "A Boy") in "Miss Lonelyhearts" on Broadway. Written by Howard Teichmann, from the novel by Nathanael West. Directed by Alan Schneider. Music Box Theatre: 3 Oct 1957-12 Oct 1957 (12 performances).
  • The Family Reunion (1958).
  • The Power and the Glory (1958).
  • The Great God Brown (1959). (Revival). Written by Eugene O'Neill. Incidental music by David Amram. Scenic Design by Will Steven Armstrong. Directed by Stuart Vaughan. Coronet Theatre: 6 Oct 1959- 1 Nov 1959 (32 performances). Cast: Thomas Bellin (as "Policeman"), Eric Berry (as "A Client/Committeeman"), J.D. Cannon (as "Mr. Anthony") [Broadway debut], Coreydon Erickson (as "Youngest Son") [only Broadway role], John Heffernan (as "Younger Draftsman") [Broadway debut], John Hillerman (as "Eldest Son") [Broadway debut], Patrick Hines (as "Mr. Brown"), Gerry Jedd (as "Cybel") [Broadway debut], Robert Lansing (as "William A. Brown"), Murray Levy (as "Second Son"), Nan Martin (as "Margaret"), Albert Quinton (as "Police Captain/Committeeman"), Ray Reinhardt (as "Committeeman/Policeman"), Patricia Ripley (as "Mrs. Anthony"), Elliot Sullivan (as "Older Draftsman"), Sasha von Scherler (as "Mrs. Brown"), Fritz Weaver (as "Dion Anthony"). Produced by The Phoenix Theatre (T. Edward Hambleton: Co-Founder and Managing Director. Norris Houghton: Co-Founder) and Association of Producing Artists (Ellis Rabb, Artistic Director).
  • Peer Gynt (1960). Drama/poem (revival).
  • Henry IV, Part I (1960). Historical drama (revival).
  • Henry IV, Part II (1960). Historical drama (revival).
  • A Shot in the Dark (1961). Comedy/farce.
  • (1962) Stage Play: All American. Musical comedy. Book by Mel Brooks. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by Lee Adams. Based on the novel "Professor Fodorski" by Robert Lewis Taylor. Dance arrangements by John Morris. Musical Director: John Morris. Music orchestrated by Robert Ginzler. Musical continuity by Trude Rittman. Lighting and Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Joshua Logan. Winter Garden Theatre: 19 Mar 1962- 26 May 1962 (80 performances). Cast: Ray Bolger (as "Professor Fodorski"), Anita Gillette (as "Susan"), Eileen Herlie (as "Elizabeth Hawkes-Bullock ), Ron Husmann (as "Edwin Bricker"), Fritz Weaver (as "Henderson"), Will B. Able (as "Immigrant/Taxi/Peddler/President Piedmont"), Jed Allan (as "Immigrant/Policeman/Football Player/Craven/Singing Ensemble"), Don Atkinson (as "Immigrant/Dancing Ensemble"), Robert Bakanic [credited as Bob Bakanic] (as "Gorilla/Fountainhead/Dancing Ensemble"), Vicki Belmonte (as "Immigrant/Singing Ensemble"), Bonnie Brody (as "Immigrant/Bride/Chewing Gum Girl/Singing Ensemble"), Bill Burns (as "Immigrant/Cowboy/Football Player/Wyler/Singing Ensemble"), Trudy Carole (as "Immigrant/First Girl/Dancing Ensemble"), Cathy Conklin (as "Dancing Ensemble"), John Drew (as "Immigrant/Football Player/Singing Ensemble"), Anthony Falco (as "Immigrant/Phillips/Singing Ensemble"), Mary Jane Ferguson (as "Immigrant/Mannikin/Dancing Ensemble"), Catherine Gale (as "Immigrant/Singing Ensemble"), Joseph Gentry (as "Immigrant/Con Ed Worker/Football Player"), Michael Gentry (as "Immigration Officer/Taxi/Football Player"), Linda Rae Hager (as "Immigrant/Dancing Ensemble"), Warren Hays (as "Immigrant/Professor White/Singing Ensemble"), Jerry Howard (as "Immigrant/Football Player"), Ed Kresley (as "Second Boy/Dancing Ensemble"), Bill Landrum (as "Immigrant/Football Player/Dancing Ensemble"), George Lindsey (as "Immigrant/Second Sightseeing Tour Guide/Moose"), Robert Lone (as "Flight Attendant/Cowboy/First Boy/Dancing Ensemble"), Sherri Spillane [credited as Selma Malinou] (as "Immigrant/Singing Ensemble"), Mort Marshall (as "Fleisser/Drunk/Coach Hulkington Stockworth/Hulk"), Barney Martin (as "Head Immigration Officer/Taxi/Assistant Coach/Red Stern"), Joe McWherter (as "Immigrant/Football Player"), Charlene Mehl (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Betty Oakes (as "Katrinka/Park Avenue Couple/House Mother/Whistler's Mother/Secretary"), Fred Randall (as "Taxi/Football Player"), Norman Riggins (as "Immigrant/Taxi/Singing Ensemble"), Lori Rogers (as "Airline Stewardess/Singing Ensemble"), Karen Sargent (as "Immigrant/Second Girl/Baton Twirler/Dancing Ensemble"), Bill Starr (as "Immigrant/Football Player/Farquar"), David Thomas (as "Shindler/Park Avenue Couple/Professor Dawson"), Sharon Vaughn (as "Immigrant/Homecoming Queen/Singing Ensemble"), Frank Virgulto (as "Swing Boy"), Kip Watson (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Bernard West [credited as Bernie West] (as "Feinschveiger/Sightseeing Tour Guide/Dr. Snopes"). Understudies: Will B. Able (as "Henderson/Professor Fodorski"), Betty Oakes (as "Elizabeth Hawkes-Bullock"). Produced by Edward Padula. Produced in association with L. Slade Brown.
  • Lorenzo (1963).
  • The White House (1964).
  • (1965) Stage: Appeared (as "Sherlock Holmes") in "Baker Street" on Broadway. Musical. Book by Jerome Coopersmith [earliest Broadway credit]. Music / Lyrics by Marian Grudeff and Raymond Jessel. Adapted from the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Musical Director: Harold Hastings. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Dance arrangements by John Morris. The songs "Buffalo Belle," "Cold Clear World of the Intellect" and "I Shall Miss You Holmes" by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick. Choreographed by Lee Becker Theodore. Production Design by Oliver Smith. Costume Design by Motley. Directed by Harold Prince. Broadway Theatre (moved to The Martin Beck Theatre from 3 Nov 1965-close): 16 Feb 1965-14 Nov 1965 (311 performances + 6 previews that began on 10 Feb 1965). Cast: Martin Gabel (as "Prof. Moriarty"), Inga Swenson (as "Irene Adler"), Martin Ambrose (as "Ensemble"), Sara Lee Barber (as "Ensemble"), Barbara Blair (as "Ensemble"), Frank Bouley (as "Ensemble"), Lois Castle (as "Ensemble"), Jack Dabdoub (as "Ensemble"), Gay Edmond (as "Ensemble"), Paddy Edwards (as "Mrs. Hudson"), Judie Elkins (as "Ensemble"), Maria Graziano (as "Ensemble"), Teddy Green (as "Wiggins"), John Grigas (as "Ensemble"), Horace Guittard (as "Ensemble"), Avind Harum (as "One of the Killers"), Patrick Horgan (as "Capt. Gregg"), Peter Johl (as "Ensemble"), Daniel Keyes (as "Inspector Lestrade"), Mara Landi (as "Ensemble"), George Lee (as "Perkins"), Gwenn Lewis (as "Tavern Singer/Ensemble"), Bert Michaels (as "Duckbellows"), Hal Norman (as "Ensemble"), Jay Norman (as "Murillo"), Sal Pernice (as "Nipper"), Peter Sallis (as "Dr. Watson"), Diana Saunders (as "Ensemble"), Mark Jude Sheil (as "Macipper"), Tommy Tune (as "One of the Killers"), Virginia Vestoff (as "Daisy"), Christopher Walken (as "One of the Killers"), Vera Walton (as "Ensemble"), Martin Wolfson (as "Baxter"). Standby: Virginia Vestoff (as "Irene Adler"). Understudies: Martin Ambrose (as "Baxter"), Frank Bouley (as "Inspector Lestrade"), Jack Dabdoub (as "Prof. Moriarty"), Judie Elkins (as "Daisy"), John Grigas (as "One of the Killers"), Horace Guittard (as "Capt. Gregg"), Avind Harum (as "Murillo"), Mara Landi (as "Mrs. Hudson"), Bert Michaels (as "Wiggins"), Hal Norman (as "Dr. Watson"), Ron Paré (as "Duckbellows" / "Macipper" / "Nipper" / "Perkins" / "Wiggins"). Replacement actors during Broadway Theatre run: Patricia Gosling (as "Ensemble"), Eric Mason (as "Ensemble"). Replacement actors during Martin Beck Theatre run: Joe Bennett (as "Wiggins"), Lois Castle (as "Tavern Singer"), Larro Chelsi (as "Ensemble"), Hugh Dempster (as "Dr. Watson"), Marilyn D'Honau (as "Ensemble"), Tina Faye (as "Ensemble"), George Fisher (as "Murillo"), Daniel P. Hannafin (as "Ensemble"), Harry Kalkanis (as "One of the Killers"), Richard Marr (as "Ensemble"), Eric Mason (as "Ensemble"), Richard Miller (as "Ensemble"), Marie O'Kelley (as "Ensemble"), Seymour Penzner (as "Professor Moriarty"), Toni Reither (as "Ensemble"), Mary Roche (as "Ensemble"), Bob Scherkenbach (as "Duckbellows"), Clive Thompson (as "One of the Killers"), Ian Tucker (as "Macipper"). Standby: Barbara Lang (as "Irene Adler"). Produced by Alexander H. Cohen. Produced in association with Gabriel Katzka. Produced with permission of The Estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Child's Play (1970). Drama. Written by Robert Marasco. Scenic / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Sara Brook. Sound Created by Gary Harris. Directed by Joseph Hardy. Royale Theatre: 17 Feb 1970- 12 Dec 1970 (342 performances + 1 preview). Cast: Pat Hingle (as "Joseph Dobbs"), Ken Howard (as "Paul Reese"), Christopher Deane, Frank Fiore, Bryant Fraser, Mark Hall, John Handy, Lloyd Kramer, Peter MacLean, Ron Martin, Michael McGuire, Robbie Reed, David Rounds, Patrick Shea, Fritz Weaver (as "Jerome Malley"). Produced by David Merrick. Associate Producer: Samuel Liff. Note: Mr. Weaver won a Tony Award for Best Actor.
  • Absurd Person Singular (1974). Comedy.
  • The Price (1979). Drama (revival). Written by Arthur Miller. Directed by John Stix [final Broadway credit]. Playhouse Theatre: 19 Jun 1979- 21 Oct 1979 (144 performances + 7 previews that began on 13 Jun 1979). Cast: Joseph Buloff (as "Gregory Solomon"), Mitchell Ryan (as "Victor Franz"), Scotty Bloch (as "Esther Franz"). Standbys: Susan Lang (as "Esther Franz"), Daniel Pollack (as "Gregory Solomon, Victor Franz, Walter Franz"), Fritz Weaver (as "Walter Franz"). Produced by Jack Garfein. Produced in association with Jack Clark.
  • Angels Fall (1983). Written by Lanford Wilson. Incidental music by Norman L. Berman. Directed by Marshall W. Mason. Longacre Theatre: 22 Jan 1983- 13 Mar 1983 (57 performances + 7 previews that began on 18 Jan 1983). Cast: Barnard Hughes (as "Father William Doherty"), Fritz Weaver (as "Niles Harris"), Tanya Berezin (as "Marion Clay"), Nancy Snyder (as "Vita Harris"), Danton Stone (as "Don Tabaha"), Brian Tarantina (as "Salvatore 'Zappy' Zappala") [Broadway debut]. Produced by Elliot Martin, The Circle Repertory Company, Lucille Lortel, The Shubert Organization (Gerald Schoenfeld: Chairman. Bernard B. Jacobs: President) and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
  • Love Letters (1989). Written by A.R. Gurney. Directed by John Tillinger. Edison Theatre: 31 Oct 1989- 21 Jan 1989 (96 performances). Cast: Colleen Dewhurst (as "Melissa Gardner [from 31 Oct 1989- 5 Nov 1989], Jason Robards (as "Andrew Makepiece") [from 31 Oct 1989- 5 Nov 1989]. Replacement actors: Polly Bergen (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 2 Jan 1990- 7 Jan 1990], Stockard Channing (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 7 Nov 1989- 12 Nov 1989], John Clark (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 26 Dec 1989- 31 Dec 1989], Jane Curtin (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 28 Nov 1989- 3 Dec 1989], David Dukes (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 12 Dec 1989- 17 Dec 1989], Robert Foxworth (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 21 Nov 1989- 26 Nov 1989], Edward Herrmann (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 28 Nov 1989- 3 Dec 1989], Timothy Hutton (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 19 Dec 1989- 24 Dec 1989], Swoosie Kurtz (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 14 Nov 1989- 19 Nov 1989], Nancy Marchand (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 5 Dec 1989- 10 Dec 1989], Elizabeth McGovern (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 19 Dec 1989-24 Dec 1989], Elizabeth Montgomery (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 21 Nov 1989- 26 Nov 1989], Kate Nelligan (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 9 Jan 1990- 4 Jan 1990 and from 12 Dec 1990- 17 Dec 1990], Lynn Redgrave (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 26 Dec 1989- 31 Dec 1989], Cliff Robertson (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 16 Jan 1990- 21 Jan 1990], John Rubinstein (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 7 Nov 1989- 12 Nov 1989], Elaine Stritch (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 16 Jan 1990- 21 Jan 1990], Richard Thomas (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 14 Nov 1989- Nov 1989], Robert Vaughn (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 2 Jan 1990- 7 Jan 1990], Fritz Weaver (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 5 Dec 1989- 10 Dec 1989], Treat Williams (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 9 Jan 1990- 14 Jan 1990]. Produced by Roger L. Stevens, Thomas Viertel, Steven Baruch and Richard Frankel. The Crucible (1991). Drama (revival). Written by Arthur Miller.
  • The Crucible (1991). Drama (revival).
  • Ring Around the Sun (1999). Comedy (revival).
  • (1990) He acted in A.R. Gurney's play, "The Cocktail Hour," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Elizabeth Wilson in the cast.
  • (1974) He acted in John Van Druten's play, "Life with Father," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Betsy Palmer in the cast.
  • (August 1974) He acted in Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse's play, "Life with Father," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Betsy Palmer in the cast.
  • (October 7 to November 27, 1983) He acted in Peter Ustinov's play, "Beethoven's Tenth," in the American premiere at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Peter Ustinov in the cast. Robert Chetwyn was director.
  • (March 6 to April 25, 1987) He acted in Moss Hart's musical, "Light Up The Sky," at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Peter Falk, Nancy Marchand, Carrie Nye and Deborah Rush in the cast. Ellis Rabb was director.
  • (October 11 to December 6, 1981) He acted in Lanford Wilson's play, "A Tale Told," in a West Coast premiere at the Mark Taper Forum Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Marshall W. Mason was director. John Lee Beatty was set designer. Dennis Parichy was lighting designer.
  • (1971) He acted in Bill Morrison's play, "Patrick's Day," in a world premiere at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut with Nancy Marchand in the cast. Edward Gilbert was director. E. Webb and V. Dancy were set designers. Ronald Wallace was lighting designer. Bill Walker was costume designer.

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