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  • (1890 - 1922) Performed on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1890) Stage Play: Men and Women. Written by Henry C. DeMille and David Belasco. Proctor's Theatre: 21 Oct 1890- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Maude Adams (as "Dora, William Prescott's Sister"), Emmett Corrigan (as "Arnold Kirk, Stockbroker"), Orrin Johnson (as "Edward Seabury, The Assistant Cashier"), Annie Adams (as "Mrs. Jane Prescott, William's Mother"), Leslie Allen (as "Mr. Pendleton, A Director of the Bank"), Sydney Armstrong (as "Agnes Rodman, Daughter of the Governor"), J.C. Buckstone (as "Sam Delafield, Mrs. Delafield's Stepson, Aged 26"), Frederic De Belleville (as "Israel Cohen, President of the Jefferson National Bank"), Gladys Eurelle (as "Julia, Servant at Mr. Cohen's"), Louis Haines (as "Dist. Messenger No. 81"), Etta Hawkins (as "Margery Knox, Our Cousin from the West"), Arthur Hayden (as "Mr. Bergman, A Director of the Bank"), M.A. Kennedy (as "Col. Zachary T. Kip, Member of Congress from New Jersey"), E. Mackey (as "Mr. Wayne, A Director of the Bank"), Richard Marlow (as "John, Servant at Mrs. Delafield's"), E.J. McCullough (as "Crawford, Deputy Marshal"), Frank Mordaunt (as "Stephen Rodman, Governor of Arizona"), William Morris (as "William Prescott, The Cashier"), A.R. Newton (as "Roberts, Mr. Cohen's Secretary"), R.A. Roberts (as "Calvin Stedman, Counselor"), Winona Shannon (as "Lucy, Servant at Mrs. Prescott's"), Henry Talbot (as "Lyman H. Webb, Bank Examiner"), W.H. Tillard (as "Mr. Pendleton, A Director of the Bank"), Odette Tyler (as "Mrs. Kate Delafield, Widow, aged 26, Sam's Stepmother"), Ida Waterman (as "Mrs. Kirke, Wife of Arnold Kirke") [Broadway debut]. Note: Filmed by Klaw & Erlanger, Biograph Company as Men and Women (1914) and by Paramount Pictures as Men and Women (1925).
  • (1899) Stage Play: Becky Sharp. Comedy. Written by Langdon Mitchell. Based on "Vanity Fair" by William Makepeace Thackeray. Directed (with Fred Williams) by Mrs. Fiske. Fifth Avenue Theatre: 12 Sep 1899- Dec 1899 (closing date unknown/116 performances). Cast: Gloria Alonzo, H.F. Anderson, Maurice Barrymore (as "Rawdon Crawley"), B.B. Belcher (as "The Duke Brunswick"), George P Bonn, William L. (W.L.) Branscombe, William W. Brown, Agnes Bruce, Jean Chamblin, Robert V. Ferguson, Minnie Maddern Fiske [credited as Mrs. Fiske] (as "Becky Sharp"), Neil Grey, Helen Henry, Olive Hoff, Ethelwyn Holt, Cortland Hopkins, R.B. Keggerais, Frederick Kingstone, Francesca Lincoln, Mary MacNamara, Mary Maddern, Arthur Maitland, Sydney Mather, Frank McCormack (as "Lord Southdown") [Broadway debut], R.F. McCoy, Otto Meyer, Gertrude Norman, Wilfred North, William F. Owen, Walter Pleugh, Charles Plunkett, Tyrone Power Sr. (as "The Marquis of Steyne"), Albert Reed, Frank Reicher (as "Fritz/Lord Tarquin") [Broadway debut], Stanley Rignold, Josephine Roberts, Arthur W. Row, Dirce St. Cyr, Henry Stokes, Leonora Stonehill, E.L. Walton, Ida Waterman (as "Miss Crawley") [Broadway debut], Paul Weigel, Alma Whitsell, Zenaidee Williams. Produced by Minnie Maddern Fiske [credited as Mrs. Fiske]. Note: Filmed by Pioneer Pictures Corporation [distributed by RKO Radio Pictures] as Becky Sharp (1935).
  • (1900) Stage Play: L'Aiglon. Tragedy. Written by Edmond Rostand. Adapted into English by Louis N. Parker. Knickerbocker Theatre: 22 Oct 1900- Dec 1900 (closing date unknown/73 performances). Cast: Maude Adams (as "L'Aiglon" Franz, Duke of Reichstadt, Napoleon's son"), Edwin Arden, B.B. Belcher, J.H. Benrimo, Walter Butterworth, Lloyd B. Carleton, Herbert Carr, R. Peyton Carter, Henry Clark, Elly Collmer, Frances Comstock, Sarah Converse, Wlliam Crosby, Henry Davis, Rienzi De Cordova, Thomas H. Elwood, Joseph Francoeur, J.H. Gilmour, Frank Goodman, Margaret Gordon, Charles Henderson, George S. Irving, Edward Jacobs, H.D. James, Eugene Jepson, George Klein, John Leeman, Clayton Legge, Edward Lester, William Lewers, Percy Lyndal, Charles Martin, Don Merrifield, Beatrice Morrison, Byron Ongley, Sara Perry, John S. Robertson, Edith Scott, Frederick Spencer, Ida Waterman, Mortimer Weldon, Ralph Yoerg, Oswald Yorke (as "A French Attache") [Broadway debut]. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1901) Stage Play: Quality Street. Drama. Written by J.M. Barrie. Scenic Design by Edward G. Unitt. Directed by Joseph Humphries. Knickerbocker Theatre: 11 Nov 1901- Jan 1902 (closing date unknown/64 performances). Cast: Marion Abbott, Maude Adams, Sydney Brough, R. Payton Carter, Sarah Converse, Joseph Francoeur, George S. Irving, William Lewers, Helen Lowell, Charles Martin, Sara Perry, Fred Santley, Frederick Spencer, Ida Waterman. Produced by Charles Frohman. Note: Filmed as a Marion Davies vehicle by Cosmopolitan Productions (distributed by MGM) as Quality Street (1927) and by RKO Pictures as _Quality Street (1937)_ starring Katharine Hepburn.
  • (1902) Stage Play: The Two Schools. Written by Alfred Capus. Hoyt's Theatre: 30 Sep 1902- Nov 1902 (closing date unknown/56 performances). Cast: Harrison Armstrong, Frederick E. Bean, Jessie Busley, Ida Conquest, Stanley Dark, Jameson Lee Finney, Leonore Harris, George S. Irving, M.A. Kennedy, Edna Luby, Frederick Mann, Beatrice Morgan, Walter Scott, Frederick Spencer, Ida Waterman. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1903) Stage Play: Lady Rose's Daughter.
  • (1903) Stage Play: The Whitewashing of Julia. Comedy.
  • (1904) Stage Play: Little Mary.
  • (1904) Stage Play: Home Folks. Drama. Written by Charles T. Dazey. New York Theatre: 26 Dec 1904- Jan 1905 (closing date unknown/34 performances). Cast: Belle D'Aube, William S. Hart, Chrystal Herne, Julie Herne, William Ingersoll, Charles Lamb, Desiree Lazard, Roso Marston, Charles Mason, Morton McKim, Samuel Reed, Jack Ryan, Arthur Sanders, Howard Sloat, Charles Stedman, Frances Stevens, Walter Thomas, Ida Waterman, Thomas A. Wise.
  • (1905) Stage Play: The Prodigal Son. Drama.
  • (1906) Stage Play: Grierson's Way. Melodrama.
  • (1907) Stage Play: All-of-a-Sudden Peggy.
  • (1907) Stage Play: The Movers. Drama. Written by Martha Morton. Hackett Theatre: 3 Sep 1907- Sep 1907 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: Myra Brooks, Mary Leslie Cahill, Robert Conness, Dorothy Donnelly (as "Marion Manners"), Malcolm Duncan, Laurence Eddinger, W.J. Ferguson, Joseph Kilgour, Desiree Lazard, Edward See, Vincent Serrano, Abner H. Symmons, Nellie Thorne, Ida Waterman, Stanhope Wheatcroft. Produced by Henry B. Harris.
  • (1907) Stage Play: John Glayde's Honour. Written by Alfred Sutro. Daly's Theatre: 23 Dec 1907- 4 Jan 1908 (16 performances). Cast: Beatrice Beckley, Miss Darragh, T.C. Diers, Laurence Eddinger, David Glassford, George M. Graham, Walter D. Greene, James K. Hackett, Frank W. Hunter, Irene Moore, Olive Oliver, William Sauter, Ida Waterman. Note: Filmed by The Frohman Amusement Corp. [distributed by The Pathé Exchange] as John Glayde's Honor (1915).
  • (1909) Stage Play: Sham. Written by Geraldine Bonner and Elmer Harris. Wallack's Theatre: 27 Mar 1909- May 1909 (closing date unknown/65 performances). Cast: Gertrude Clemens (as "Katherine Van Riper"), Henrietta Crosman, Paul Dickey, Edouard Durand, Bernice Golden, Frank E. Jamison, Jack Mahony, Amelia Mayborn, Homer Miles, Augusta B. Scott, Marguerite St. John, Charles Walcot, Ida Waterman. Produced by Maurice Campbell. Note: Filmed as Sham (1921).
  • (1911) Stage Play: The Only Son.
  • (1912) Stage Play: The Bird of Paradise.
  • (1912) Stage Play: The Road to Arcady.
  • (1913) Stage Play: Mary's Manoevres/Revenge, or Pride of Lillian Le Mar [joint production]. Lyceum Theatre: 25 Feb 1913 (1 performance). Mary's Manoeuvres. Written by Alice E. Ives. Cast: Minnette Barrett, Kenneth Hill, William Sampson', Ida Waterman. Revenge, or Pride of Lillian Le Mar. Written by Rachel Crothers. Cast: Eric Blind, Laura Burt (I)', Grace Elliston, Ben Greet, Jane Grey, Cyril Keightley, Mrs. Felix Morris.
  • (1913) Stage Play: The Younger Generation/Half an Hour. [Joint production]. Lyceum Theatre: 25 Sep 1913- Nov 1913 (closing date unknown/60 performances). The Younger Generation: Written by Stanley Houghton [final Broadway credit; he would die on 10 Dec 1913 in Kancashire, England at age 32 from Meningitis]. Directed by Stanley Drewitt. Cast: Nigel Barry, Rose Beaudet, Katherine Browne, Alfred R. Dight, Stanley Drewitt, Robert Entwistle, Katherine MacPherson, Rex McDougall, Clinton Preston, Ida Waterman. Half an Hour: Written by J.M. Barrie. Cast: Nigel Barry, Daisy Belmore, Ruth Boyce, Alfred R. Dight, Stanley Drewitt, S. Dudley, Grace George, H.E. Herbert. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1914) Stage Play: The Red Canary. Musical.
  • (1913) Stage Play: The Dragon's Claw. Written by Austin Strong. New Amsterdam Theatre: 14 Sep 1914- Sep 1914 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Frank Andrews, Marshall Birmingham, Lilian Bond, Robert Conville, Paul Everton, Robert Paton Gibbs, Suzanne Halpren, Gladys Hanson, Frank Herbert, Robert Hudson, Charles T. Lewis, T.H. McNally, Harry Power, Lowell Sherman, Charles Waldron, Ida Waterman. Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.
  • (1915) Stage Play: The Boomerang. Comedy.
  • (1918) Stage Play: By Pigeon Post.
  • (1919) Stage Play: Love Laughs. Written by George D. Parker. Directed by John Harwood. Bijou Theatre: 20 May 1919- Jun 1919 (closing date unknown/31 performances). Cast: Lionel Adams, Katharine Alexander, Arthur B. Allen [credited as Robert Adams], Jessie F. Glendinning, Charles Greene, Harold Hendee, Ida Waterman, Harold West, Beatrice Yorke. Produced by Edwin E. Kohn.
  • (1920) Stage Play: Martinique. Romance.

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