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X-Men: The Animated Series Being Sued For Stealing Its Theme Song

X-Men: The Animated Series was many people’s introduction to the titular mutants. Taking inspiration from Jim Lee’s depiction of them in the comics, the show cemented who the X-Men were in the popular consciousness and is fondly remembered to this day. One of the most memorable parts of the series was its kickass intro sequence, which featured each of the X-Men showing off their powers to a sweet guitar-led theme song composed by Ron Wasserman. But now, excellently named Hungarian composer Zoltan Krisko is suing Marvel, Disney, Fox, Apple, Amazon and other media companies connected to the show.

His case is that the X-Men theme song is a clear ripoff of his theme for Hungarian show Linda, which aired between 1984 and 1991. Wasserman is primarily known for composing the themes to various Power Rangers shows, but Krisko is claiming that the theme to Linda would have been known to
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‘X-Men’ Cartoon’s Theme Song Sparks Lawsuit Against Marvel, Disney, Amazon, Apple & Others

‘X-Men’ Cartoon’s Theme Song Sparks Lawsuit Against Marvel, Disney, Amazon, Apple & Others
It’s been more than a quarter-century since the X-Men animated series invaded small screens — and 22 years since it ended — but a new copyright-infringement suit appears to suggest that the entire X-Men universe that has exploded into the zeitgeist wouldn’t have happened if not for that series’ theme song.

A Florida man is suing Marvel, Disney’s Buena Vista Television, Amazon, Apple, Haim Saban and others, claiming that the X-Men toon’s theme song was ripped off from a 1980s Hungarian TV series. Zoltan Krisko says he represents Gyorgy Vukan, the late composer of the theme song from Linda, a “comedy thriller” that aired from 1984-91 in the former Soviet Union satellite. According to the suit filed today in the Southern District of New York (read it here), “a household name in Hungary and an entire country could identify the series through its iconic soundtrack.”

Listen to the two theme songs below,
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Marvel Is Being Sued for Allegedly Stealing the '90s X-men Animated Series Theme Song

For those of you who grew up watching the classic X-Men animated series in the ‘90s, that awesome opening theme song is burned into your brain. Well, all these years later, someone has decided to sue Marvel for allegedly stealing that song.

The lawsuit was filed by Zoltan Krisko, and he has also filed suit against Disney, Fox, Apple, Amazon, and other media companies connected to the X-Men animated series. The suit claims that the classic theme song was stolen from an older television show, a Hungarian police comedy/thriller called Linda, which had a good run from 1984 to 1991.

Krisko believes the creative team and executives who worked on developing X-Men would have heard the Linda theme song while they were networking with members of the Hungarian film industry during the 1980s.

Krisko goes on to claim that he never heard the X-Men theme song until 2017, which is why it
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Watch the new Power Rangers trailer recut to the original theme tune

If there’s one thing to be taken from the most recent Power Rangers reboot trailer [watch it here], it’s that this spin on the legendary property is opting for the modern-day route of reimagining stories as dark, grounded, and free from camp.

However, thanks to YouTube user Sebastian Hughes, we can now see what the new trailer is like set to “Go Go Power Rangers”, the classic theme from The Mighty Raw. Check it out here…

Saban’s Power Rangers follows five ordinary teens who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove — and the world — is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late, band together as the Power Rangers.
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The pros and cons of a new Power Rangers movie

There's a movie reboot of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers coming. But is it a good idea, ponders Pete...?


There was a period during the 1990s when it was impossible to avoid the unstoppable juggernaut that was the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. I never even tried; my walls were full of posters of the spandex-clad superheroes, my Christmas list was full of robot toys my parents never had a hope of buying, and my stomach was full of whatever food I’d managed to slip into the shopping trolley because it had the Power Rangers logo on it that week.

It is an understatement, then, to say that I was rather excited by yesterday’s news that Saban Brands has teamed with Lionsgate to produce a new Power Rangers movie for the 21st century. But is this going to be a good thing, or should the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers,
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Rock Band Network Goes Live Today

I’m a huge fan of Rock Band, like so many others. Harmonix studios decided to take the next step of their powerhouse fake band music game by introducing the Rock Band Network to players.

What is it, exactly? MTV Gaming Executive, Paul Degooyer, provides a bit of an explanation:

“The Rock Band Network Music Store gives artists at any level the opportunity to reach new fans through our deeply engaging interactive platform. This new pathway for discovery is a huge win for passionate music fans, as well as an opportunity for artists to promote themselves while positively impacting their bottom line.”

The Rock Band Network allows musicians and their labels to directly pipe new music to gamers through Rock Band – where gamers can disover new artists and expand their taste in music.

More or less, it’s a fancy promotion system that lets gamers get access to new music through Rock Band.
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