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The making of Project 11

The making of Project 11
Two days away from its release, Project 11 is going to touch 11,000 fans on Facebook soon. It is a unique project that has been shot in 11 different cities of the world by collaboration among 11 directors. And it has managed to create quite an unprecedented buzz for a short film —with its unique concept hinged on number 11—of duration 11 minutes and 11 seconds, all set to release on a movie portal on 11.11.11. The film is said to be a ‘high-concept thriller’ and was conceived by Vikas Chandra, a filmmaker who was associated with Kavi, a short film that was nominated for the Oscars in 2010. Ranjan Singh, a film professional for over ten years came on board as a co-producer.

The budget of Project 11 was around 9 lakhs– entirely self-funded by the people behind the project. The 11 filmmakers who participated in this project were shortlisted through Facebook, Twitter and Skype. It wasn’t going to be an episodic film,
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Ginger escapes, gets stockholm syndrome. Promo for Charlie

Update: This is not actually a promo, it's a short film by Renny McCauley. Apparently IMDb mixed up his entry with the entry for Sydney Walsh's film. The short film is still sweet.

I'm actually not sure if this a promo, a short, or the start of the planned 90 minute film, but I can say I love the style and the way it's shot. It's about a red haired boy who escapes from school (which kind of looks like juvie) and.. well, the keywords are "stockholm syndrome", "crime" and "romance", so where this is going, I don't know, but I'm digging it! The film is written and directed by both Renny McCauley and Sydney Walsh.

Charlie is having a bad day at school. His bread is moldy and he's forgotten to study for his history test. But the oversight of a lazy janitor changes the course of Charlie's day.
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