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My Night with Maud | Film review

One of the key Cahiers du Cinéma critics, and co-author (with Claude Chabrol) of the first important book on his fellow Catholic Hitchcock, Eric Rohmer was nearly 50 and the Nouvelle Vague had hit the shores and retreated by the time My Night with Maud, now re-released to mark his recent death, brought him serious international attention. But he was to go the distance, working well into his 80s to produce one of the largest, most varied but stylistically and thematically coherent oeuvres in the history of cinema.

The third of his cycle of "Six Moral Tales", though the fourth to be made, My Night with Maud divided audiences on the opening night of the 1969 London film festival. Some were delighted by its wit, intelligence and physical beauty, others bored to distraction by its Gallic discussions on religion, philosophy, politics and love between a divorced doctor (the stunning Françoise Fabian), a
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