Blu-ray Review: Road House (Shout Select)

Though I’m sure it wasn’t the first, Road House is one of the first action movies I can remember that was equally enjoyed by male and female. Fresh off of the success of Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze stepped up to play badass bar bouncer Dalton, an expert at his craft, but still a stranger in a strange land. Based on reputation alone, Dalton is hired by the owner of a notorious bar called the Double Deuce. It seems the bar has been taken over by the seedy elements that haunt it, and so it’s time for Dalton to clean it up. When he realizes that the it’s the town that houses the bar that is the root of the corruption, Dalton calls in his good friend and mentor Wade Garrett, played cooler and badder-assed than ever by Sam Elliott, to help him tear it to the ground.
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7 Scenes We Love From ‘Die Hard’

Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the release of Die Hard. Know how much it made in it’s opening weekend? $601,851. Of course, that was from only 21 screens in 20 cities. Can you imagine an action movie like this getting such a limited debut today? Well, nobody saw the movie coming, at least not on the level we see it at today, though Fox also hoped the slower roll-out would spark buzz. A modern day take on the western, with a lot of allusion to drive that idea home, the first Die Hard sort of originated a new subgenre of the right place, right time (and wrong place, wrong time) hero that has the action drop in his lap. It’s a real classic, one that truly needs to be added to the National Film Registry (nominate it here), thanks to its influence on the next three decades of cinema (and beyond, since
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Soh, Urioste get ACE nods

Soh, Urioste get ACE nods
Veteran editors John Soh and Frank J. Urioste will be honored with the American Cinema Editors' Lifetime Career Achievement Award on Feb. 18 at the 57th annual ACE Eddie Awards at the Beverly Hilton.

The honorees were announced by ACE president Alan Heim.

Soh's credits include The Hellstrom Chronicle, which won the Oscar for best documentary in 1971, and the miniseries Hiroshima, which received the Humanitas Prize in 1996 and earned him one of two Emmys.

He also edited episodes of the television series "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" and The Cousteau Odyssey, for which he received an Emmy nomination in 1980. He has been nominated for the ACE Eddie Award seven times, winning for 1988's Infinite Voyage: Unseen Worlds and 1996's Hiroshima.

Urioste has been nominated for three Oscars for Robocop, Die Hard and Basic Instinct. He also has served on the board of governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and serves on the advisory board of the Academy's film editors branch. Since 1998 Urioste has served as senior vp in the feature development department at Warner Bros. Pictures.

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