Supernatural season 9 episode 14 review: Captives

Review Anastasia Klimchynskaya 27 Feb 2014 - 07:42

This week's Supernatural serves up the perfect combination of characterisation, humour and pathos...

This review contains spoilers.

9.14 Captives

Can Robert Berens please be the new writer for all of Supernatural?

A recent addition to the Supernatural writing team, Berens is responsible for the latest episode, Captives, and he’s more than outdone himself, combining excellent characterisation with both humour and pathos (the three perfect ingredients). Seriously, just about everything about this episode makes me really happy. Where do I even start?

The episode begins with a lengthy and heart-wrenching flashback to everything unfortunate and miserable that has happened in the past few seasons (thanks, Supernatural), after which we zoom in on Dean, listening to music alone in his bedroom. It’s a shot whose cinematography emphasises loneliness as Dean listens to Billy Squier’s Lonely is the Night, (which was prominently used at the beginning of season four,
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Pfizer campaign invites Aussies to cast their cats in next ad

Pfizer has launched a new campaign for its parasite treatment for cats.

Called ‘Crazy little thing call love’, the campaign for Revolution for Cats gives members of the brand’s Facebook page the chance for their cat to feature in an ad.

The campaign will run on out of home, social media, radio and digital media, driving cat lovers to the Facebook contest.

Consumers are asked to submit details and a photo of their cat. The top 50 submissions, based on likes and shares, will be passed on to TV Veterinarian Katrina Warren to determine which cat will feature in the next ads.

Digital agency Orchard and media agency Match were behind the campaign.

Orchard’s MD Wai Kwok said in a press release: “Cat owners have always through the relationship with their cut is uniquely different from one with a dog. Our whole campaign is built on this human truth
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