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  • (1903 - 1930) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1903) Stage Play: The Office Boy. Musical comedy. Music by Ludwig Englander. Book and lyrics by Harry B. Smith. From the French of Maurice Ordonneau and Paul Gavault. Musical Director: Watty Hydes. Featuring songs by R.G. Knowles. Featuring songs with lyrics by Richard Morton. Directed by Al Holbrook. Victoria Theatre (moved to The Grand Opera House from 18 Jan 1904-close): 2 Nov 1903-Jan 1904 (closing date unknown/73 performances). Cast: David Bennett (as "Reggy Higgins"), Gilbert Clayton (as "Damon Ketcham"), Frank Conway (as "Spike Muggins"), Frank Daniels (as "Noah Little"), Gertrude Doremus (as "Miss Yale"), Ida Gabrielle (as "Florine"), Louise Gunning (as "Euphemia"), Violet Halls (as "Paquita"), Marion Harte (as "Jeanette"), Alfred Hickman (as "Rider Little"), Leavitt James (as "Scales"), W.C. Kelly (as "McNab"), J. Lafayette (as "Thug Magafa"), James C. Reany (as "Pythias Cheatham"), May Sheridan (as "First Messenger"), Eva Tanguay (as "Claire de Lune"), Sidney Toler (as "Tobias van Twiller") [Broadway debut], Gwendolyn Valentine (as "Miss Harvard"), Maude Welsh (as "Second Messenger"), Lawrence Wheat (as "Percy Wiggins"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1905) Stage Play: How Baxter Butted In. Musical comedy. Written by Owen Davis. Lyrics by Sidney Toler. Music by Sidney Toler. Murray Hill Theatre (moved to Haverly's 14th Street Theatre from 13 Nov 1905- close): 13 Nov 1905-16 Dec 1905 (16 performances). Cast: Ruth Baine (as "Fanny Smalley"), Kingsley Benedict (as "Ed. Dale"), Frances Clark (as "Hattie Wilson"), Della Clarke (as "Nell Dale"), Arthur Cobb (as "Ben Jitson"), Jesse Elliott (as "Hope Sawtell"), Louis Fierce (as "Erastus Winch"), May Guyer (as "Laura Spruce"), Virginia Harms (as "Rose Smith"), Arthur Lipson (as "Biddy"), Maud Louis (as "Rose Quigley"), Willard Louis (as "Lute Halstead"), Vivian Marston (as "Sue Jarvis"), May Maurice (as "Miranda Winch"), George McCabe (as "Zenus Meek"), J.E. Nichols (as "Ezra Quick"), H.A. Pearson (as "Eben Titmouse"), Kenneth Ross (as "Frank Judson"), J. Joe Seley (as "Jack Mason"), Robert W. Smiley (as "Abner Meek"), Sidney Toler (as "Billy Baxter"), Louise Vallentine (as "Tabitha Tully"). Produced by Vance & Sullivan. Note: Filmed by Warner Bros. as How Baxter Butted In (1925).
  • (1918) Stage Play: Some One in the House. Written by Larry Evans, Walter Percival and George S. Kaufman. Knickerbocker Theatre: 9 Sep 1918- Oct 1918 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Robert Barrat, John Blair, Dudley Digges, James Dyrenforth, Lynn Fontanne, Julia Hay, James Henderson, Robert Hudson, Mona Kingsley, William B. Mack, Rex McDougal, Edwin Redding, Hassard Short, John Sparks, Sidney Toler, Basil West, Joseph Woodburn. Produced by George C. Tyler. Note: Filmed as Someone in the House (1920).
  • (1919) Stage Play: On the Hiring Line. Comedy/satire. Written by Harvey J. O'Higgins and Harriet Ford. Criterion Theatre: 20 Oct 1919- Dec 1919 (closing date unknown/48 performances). Cast: John Blair, Laura Hope Crews (as "Mrs. Sherman Fessenden"), Donald Gallaher, Minna Gombell (as "Mrs. Billy Capron"), Robert Hudson, Cyril Scott, Vivian Tobin (as "Dorothy Fessenden"), Sidney Toler (as "Ritchie") . Produced by George C. Tyler. Note: Filmed by Warner Bros. as Make Your Own Bed (1944).
  • (1920) Stage Play: Sophie. Comedy/satire. Written by Philip Moeller. Greenwich Village Theatre: 2 Mar 1920- May 1920 (closing date unknown/79 performances). Cast: Paul Atherton (as "Sophie's Second Lackey"), O.P. Heggie (as "Louis Leon Felicite de Brancas/Count de Lauraguais"), Marjorie Hollis, Hubbard Kirkpatrick (as "Captain Etienne Mars"), Adolph Link (as "Mercy D'Argenteau"), Claire Mersereau (as "Vivienne"), Jean Newcombe (as "Rosalie Levasseur"), Emily Stevens (as "Sophie"), Sidney Toler (as "Sophie's First Lackey"), Daisy Vivian (as "Mlle. Abigalette Heinel"), John Webster, Basil West, Hubert Wilke, Oswald Yorke (as "The Abbe de Voisenon"). Produced by George C. Tyler.
  • (1920) Stage Play: Poldekin. Comedy. Written by Booth Tarkington. Park Theatre: 9 Sep 1920- Oct 1920 (closing date unknown/44 performances). Cast: Carl Anthony (as "Podoff"), George Arliss (as "Poldekin"), William H. Barwald (as "Sergeant"), Julia Dean (as "Blanche"), Emil Hoch (as "Endachieff"), Manart Kippen (as "Nicolai"), Elsie MacKay (as "Maria"), Edward G. Robinson (as "Pinsky"), Sidney Toler (as "Welch"), Hubert Wilke (as "Krimoff"). Produced by George C. Tyler.
  • (1920) Stage Play: Deburau. Comedy/tragedy. Written by Harley Granville-Barker. Based on the French of Sacha Guitry. Directed by David Belasco. Belasco Theatre: 23 Dec 1920- Jun 1921 (closing date unknown/189 performances). Cast: Lionel Atwill (as "Jean-Gaspard Deburau"), St. Clair Bayfield (as "A Journalist"), Sallie Bergman (as "Maid"), Frederick Bickel (as "The Promoter"), Marie Bryar (as "Clara"), Rowland Buckstone (as "Laplace"), Lylia Burnand (as "The Unknown Lady"), Rose Coghlan (as "Madame Rabouin"), Hubert Druce (as "Robillard"), Morgan Farley (as "Charles Deburau"), Eden Gray (as "The Lady with the Lorgnette"), Edmund Gurney (as "Clement"), Joseph Herbert (as "Laurent"), Margot Kelly (as "Justine"), Isabel Leighton (as "Honorine"), Elsie MacKay (as "Marie Duplessis"), Pauline Merriam (as "Madame Rebard"), Helen Reimer (as "The Money Taker"), Bernard A. Reinold (as "Monsieur Bertrand"), John Roche (as "The Young Man") [Broadway debut], Robert Roland (as "Scene Shifter"), George Ryan (as "Master Charles"), John L. Shine (as "A Doctor"), Sidney Toler (as The "Barker"). Produced by David Belasco.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Golden Days. Musical comedy. Written by Sidney Toler and Marion Short. Directed by Sidney Toler. Gaiety Theatre: 1 Nov 1921- Dec 1921 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Marion Buckler Florence Austin"), Blanche Chapman (as "Mrs. Simmonds"), Arthur Christian (as "Frank Marvin"), Alexander Clark [credited as Alexander Clark, Jr.] (as "Charlie Mason") [Broadway debut], Florence Earle (as "Miss Slissy"), Robert Fiske (as "William Barclay"), Donald Gallaher (as "Richard Stanhope"), Ruth Harding (as "Trella Webb"), Helen Hayes (as "Mary Anne"), Minna Gale (as "Mrs. Kirkland"), Minna Henderson (as "Annabelle Greely"), Justin Lees (as "Edgar Allen"), Jean May (as "Pattie Ellison"), Russell G. Medcraft (as "Teddy Farnum"), Wellman Parsons (as "Walter Moore"), Camille Pastorfield (as "Felice"), Selena Royle (as "Elaine Jewett"), S. Iden Thompson (as "Lloyd Helderson"), Ann Wallace (as "Jessica Devine"), Jo Wallace (as "Betsy"). Produced by George C. Tyler and Abraham L. Erlanger.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Kiki. Comedy. Book adapted by David Belasco. Written by André Picard. Music by Zoel Parenteau. Musical Staging by Walter Brooks. Belasco Theatre: 29 Nov 1921- Jun 1922 (closing date unknown/233 performances). Cast: Gertrude Bond (as "Claire, Music Hall Girl"), Harry Burkhardt (as "The Doctor"), Jean Fay (as "Florine, Music Hall Girl"), Jane Ferrell (as "The Cook"), Max Figman (as "Baron Rapp/The Principal Stockholder"), Thomas Findlay (as "Brule, At the Back Door"), Arline Fredericks (as "Paulette, Star of the "Folies Monplaisir"), Sam Hardy (as "Victor Renal, Manager of the "Folies Monplaisir" Music Hall"), Saxon Kling (as "Sinette, Author of the "Review"), Florence Lee (as "Susanne, Music Hall Girl"), Thomas Mitchell (as "Adolphe, Renal's Servant"), Pauline Moore (as "Lolotte/Music Hall Girl"), Mignon Ranseer (as "Marcel/Music Hall Girl"), Sidney Toler (as "Joly/Stage Manager"). Produced by David Belasco. Note: Filmed by Norma Talmadge Film Corporation [distributed by First National Pictures] as Kiki (1926), starring Norma Talmadge [which has undergone a Library of Congress restoration circa 2006] and by Sam Taylor Productions [distributed by United Artists] as Kiki (1931) as a Mary Pickford vehicle.
  • (1922) Stage Play: The '49ers. Musical revue. Music by Arthur Samuels and Lewis E. Gensler. Lyrics by Morrie Ryskind and Frank Adams. Book by Frank Adams. Sketches By George S. Kaufman, Marc Connelly, Ring Lardner, Morrie Ryskind, Dorothy Parker, Howard Dietz and Robert Benchley. Staged by Howard Lindsay. Choreographed by Albert Carroll. Directed by George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly. Punch and Judy Theatre: 6 Nov 1922- 18 Nov 1922 (16 performances/Played in rotation with "The Love Girl"). Cast: Louis Barrington, James Bell, Brenda Bond, Gladys Burgette, Albert Carroll, Jeanne Chambers, Francis Elderon, Allen Fagan, Ward Fox, Sol Friedman, Ruth Gillmore, Paolo Grosso, Maida Harries, Clyde Hunnewell, Louise Hunter, May Irwin, Howard Lindsay, Frank Lyon, Denman Maley, Philip Mann, Beryl Mercer, Monica Moore Devah Morel, Margot Myers, Sidney Toler, Ira Uhr, Angela Warde, Easton Yonge, Roland Young. Produced by George C. Tyler.
  • (1923) Stage Play: The Exile. Comedy/drama. Written by Sidney Toler. Directed by José Ruben. George M. Cohan's Theatre: 9 Apr 1923- May 1923 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Marion Abbott, Tiny Allen, Aubrey Beattie (as "Journet"), Wallis Clark, Etienne Girardot (as "Baptsiste"), Leonard Ide (as "Lafleur"), Rikel Kent, Eleanor Painter, Sidney Riggs, José Ruben (as "Jacques Cortot"). Produced by Joseph Sidney.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Laugh, Clown, Laugh! Drama. Written by David Belasco and Tom Cushing. Based on "Ridi, Pagliaccio" by Faurto Martini. Scenic Design by Stroppa. Directed by David Belasco. Belasco Theatre: 28 Nov 1923- Mar 1924 (closing date unknown/133 performances). Cast: Lionel Barrymore (as "Tito Beppi, Flik, a famous clown"), Irene Fenwick (as "Simonetta"), Harry Craven (as "Second Ragamuffin"), Vaughn De Leath (as "Signora Calvaro, an opera singer"), Jenny Dickerson (as "Signora Ferice"), Charles Firmbach Jr. (as "First Ragamuffin"), Myra Florian (as "Lilly Blanchette, late of the Folies Bergere, Paris"), Henry Herbert (as "Prof. Gambella, a celebrated specialist"), Alice Horine (as "Signora Torre"), Lucille Kahn (as "Margherita, de Monte's daughter"), Micheline Keating (as "Signorina Crispi"), Ian Keith (as "Luigi Ravelli"), Kathleen Kerrigan (as "Signora del Monte"), Leah La Roux (as "The Rienzi Sisters/Dancer"), Nick Long (as "Bibi, the Great"), Giorgio Majeroni (as "Father Saverio/Conte Castiglione"), Agnes McCarthy (as "Signora Capelli"), Rose Morison (as "Giancinta, Simonetta's maid"), Guy Nichols (as "Federico, in charge of his office"), Thomas Reynolds (as "Signor Del Papa, Manager of the "Paradiso"), Susanna Rossi (as "The Rienzi Sisters/Dancer"), Sidney Toler (as "Flok, a famous clown"). Replacement actors: Nick Long (as "Conte Castiglione"), Jose Yovin (as "Father Saverio"). Produced by David Belasco. Note: Filmed by MGM as Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928) starring Lon Chaney.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Bye, Bye, Barbara. Musical comedy. Book written by Sidney Toler and Alonzo Price. Music and lyrics by Monte Carlo and Alma M. Sanders. Musical Direction by Antonio Bafunno. Music orchestrated by William Redfield. Directed by Alonzo Price. National Theatre: 25 Aug 1924- 6 Sep 1924 (16 performances). Cast: Rita Adams, Jean Benton, Joe Bernella, Louis Brown, Arthur Burckly, Colin Campbell, Marion Dale, Madeleine Dare, Charlotte Davis, Lillian Day, Peggy Ellis, Lillian Fitzgerald, Billy B. Greene, Bernice Hampshire, Matt Hanley, Jack Hazzard, Ruth Jewell, May Johnson, Mildred Keats, George Lynch, Charles Mantia, Dan Marble, Mary Mellinger, Hope Minor, Ann Nita, Agnes O'Laughlin, Phyllis Pearce, Lucille Pryor, Stanley Ridges, Albert Sackett, Neida Snow, William Jay Spencer, Harold Spinelli, Jack Spinelly, Marian Squire, Janet Velie, Fay West. Produced by Adolphe Mayer and Ted Hammerstein.
  • (1925) Stage Play: The Dove. Melodrama. Written by Willard Mack. Based on the story, "The Blue Ribbon" by Gerald Beaumont. Directed by David Belasco. Empire Theatre: 11 Feb 1925- 10 May 1925 (101 performances). Cast: Judith Anderson (as "Dolores Romero"), Beatrice Banyard (as "Maybelle"), Holbrook Blinn (as "Don Jose Maria Lopez y Tostado"), Betty Brenska (as "Anita"), F. du Chaillu-Dalton (as "Captain of Military Police"), Dorothy Day (as "Juanita"), Ruth Dayton (as "Madge"), Josephine Deffry (as "Madame Doublechin"), Helene Handin (as "Louise"), William Harrigan (as "Johnny Powell"), John Harrington (as "Pancho Gonzales"), Rachel Hunter (as "Flora Ray"), James Keane (as "Floorman at Brayfield's"), Sam Kim (as "A Chinaman"), Vanita La Nier (as "Bertha"), Julia McCabe (as "Annabell Flores"), Earle Mitchell (as "Garcia"), William Norris (as "Little Bill"), Mignon Ranseer (as "Anita"), Wilson Reynolds (as "John Boise"), Susanna Rossi (as "Myra"), Billie Rudell (as "Marie"), Sidney Toler (as "Mike Morowich"), Betty Welsh (as "Cigarette Girl"). Produced by David Belasco. Note: Filmed by The Norma Talmadge Film Corp. [distributed by United Artists] as The Dove (1927) [film partially lost], by RKO Radio Pictures as Girl of the Rio (1932) and by RKO Radio Pictures as The Girl and the Gambler (1939).
  • (1925) Stage Play: Canary Dutch. Written by Willard Mack. Based on a story by John A. Moroso. Directed by David Belasco. Lyceum Theatre: 8 Sep 1925- Oct 1925 (closing date unknown/39 performances). Cast: Royce Alton (as "Denver Red"), Beatrice Banyard, Annie Mack Berlein (as "Mrs. Gilligan"), William Boag (as "Doctor Higby"), Albert Gran (as "Mr. Lengloh") [final Broadway role], John Harrington (as "Greek George"), Anthony Knilling (as "Izzy the Fishhook"), Willard Mack (as "Herman Strauss"), George MacQuarrie (as "Warden John Healy"), Charles McCarthy (as "Dick Smith"), Thomas Meegan (as "Old Dan"), John Miltern (as "John Weldon"), Charles Moran (as "Toby"), Catherine Dale Owen (as "Mrs. John Weldon"), Ralph Sipperly (as "The Snail") [final Broadway role], Sidney Toler (as "Biff Schulte"). Produced by David Belasco.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Tommy. Comedy. Co-written/co-directed by Howard Lindsay and Bertrand Robinson. Gaiety Theatre: 10 Jan 1927- Aug 1927 (closing date unknown/232 performances). Cast: Alan Bunce, Peg Entwistle (as "Marie Thurber"), William Janney (as "Tommy Mills"), Ben Johnson, Lloyd Neal, Sidney Toler (as "David Tuttle"), Maidel Turner, Florence Walcott.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Mrs. Bumpstead-Leigh. Comedy/farce (revival). Written by Harry James Smith. Directed by Harrison Grey Fiske. Klaw Theatre: 1 Apr 1929- Jun 1929 (closing date unknown/72 performances). Cast: John Anthony, Jennie A. Eustace, Minnie Maddern Fiske [credited as Mrs. Fiske], Doris Freeman, Edmund George, Eleanor Griffith, William Lorenz, Stella Mayhew, Fuller Mellish (as "Justin Rawson"), Sidney Toler (as "Peter Swallow"), Valerie Valaire, Dallas Welford. Produced by George C. Tyler.
  • (1929) Stage Play: It's a Wise Child. Comedy. Written by Laurence E. Johnson. Scenic Design by Joseph Wickes. Directed by David Belasco. Belasco Theatre: 6 Aug 1929- Jul 1930 (closing date unknown/378 performances). Cast: Leila Bennett (as "Bertha"), Humphrey Bogart (as "Roger Baldwin"), Harlan Briggs (as "G.A. Appleby"), Porter Hall (as "Otho Peabody"), Olga Krolow (as "Alice Peabody"), Helen Lowell (as "Mrs. Stanton"), Mildred McCoy (as "Joyce Stanton"), Sidney Toler (as "Cool Kelly"), George Walcott (as "Bill Stanton"), Minor Watson (as "James Stevens"). Produced by David Belasco. Note: Filmed by Cosmopolitan Productions/MGM as It's a Wise Child (1931) starring Marion Davies as "Joyce Stanton".
  • (1930) Stage Play: Ritzy. Comedy. Written by Sidney Toler [final Broadway credit] and Viva Tattersall. Directed by Sidney Toler. Longacre Theatre: 10 Feb 1930- Mar 1930 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Effie Afton (as "Maude Mooney"), J.H. Brewer, Josephine Evans (as "Louella McKenzie"), Miriam Hopkins (as "Nancy Smith"), John Junior, Katherine Renwick, Sidney Riggs, Ernest Truex (as "Edgar Smith"). Produced by L. Lawrence Weber.
  • (19??). [Off Broadway]: "The Bait." Written by Sidney Toler and John Gilbert. Note: Filmed by Hope Hampton Productions [distributed by Paramount Pictures] as The Bait (1921).

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