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David was introduced to the martial arts not by accident, but by pop culture in the early 70's. Influenced by the Chinese Kung Fu movies and also by Bruce Lee's "Green Hornet" hit TV series and "Enter the Dragon's" success as a cult film. This era promoted the powerful effect martial arts culture had on it's youth. Growing up in Queens, New York. David of Dominican descent was exposed to local Tae Kwon Do and boxing schools in the area. Only to later get involved with street culture and local sports in New York city recreational parks and programs. Some of these programs promoted martial arts like five animals/Gung Fu, Tai Chi and Wing Chun as a basis for a movement. The popularity of Nunchaku, thanks to Bruce Lee. Also, the Bo Staff and Chinese broad swords were weapons that interested David early on. With no formal training in weaponry, he began to experiment and use his Kata to imitate those movements he had observed. As a pretty good street fighter, the boroughs of New York were pretty rough back in the 70's and traveling with locals got old so the way out was through sports. David got through by local sports programs in Basketball and High School. He eventually got a scholarship to SU (Syracuse University). Shortly thereafter, he was exposed to more movement oriented arts. Most importantly, modern dance which gave him a better understanding and credibility as a street dancer. He was introduced to the art of Dunham technique, which gave him body awareness, a strong back, deadly machete training, along with the musicality of hand drums. This inspired him in the 80's to travel and receive a formal dance education and further his arts training in music, dance and acting. The road back to the martial arts was when a friend introduced him to the Chinese school of Eagle Claw Kung Fu in Manhattan. They had formal weapons training with broad swords, staff and other common weapons. It was exciting but short lived because the school closed shortly after joining. In the latter 80's David came to Los Angeles where the focus was making it in Hollywood and hopefully reconnecting with Martial Arts soon. In the late 80's, he was able to further his training in Tae Kwon Do with Jun Chong in LA and at the Krav Maga Institute in West LA. Busy raising a family in the 90's, he was working as a bodyguard and private driver to the stars. Then came his introduction to FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) which was discovered by accident and going to a Dan Inosanto seminar with Guro Dan and Ron Balicki among others. He loved the art of Escrima and thus began his training and further development as a fighter. With the popularity of MMA and BJJ, a lot of places to train in LA and the Valley were available. Still, the FMA was pretty sparse and selective. Then the opportunity came to meet Supreme Grand Master CACOY Canete who is a true legend and among the fiercest fighters ever to come out of the Philippines. It was a true connection and truly awe inspiring to meet this man. Also to share his passion and unique art of Doce Pares. The problem was he only visited from time to time and you could only get good periodic training. So David began to train with various Doce Pares teachers like Guro Anthony Kleeman and others at The House of Champions. Still on the quest for more FMA experience, David began to attend many seminars and fight clubs in the Southern and Northern California areas. His first experience in Edgar Sulite's Lameco style came also with Guro Felix Valencia where the focus was not only on fighting techniques, but sparring with knife and live stick (Baston) with full gear. Guro Felix focused on many interesting aspects of combat. During training, he also included movements of Dumog like BJJ. Edgar Sulite also had a senior student here in LA named Guro Roger Agbulos of Astig Lameco combatives. Famed for his footwork and sparring abilities, this is a fight club he'll always remember and train with throughout the years. Overall, David Tineo wants to thank the fighting styles developed in Hawaiian Kaju-Kenpo/Ryu dojo by Grand Master Bill Ryusaki. A legendary master in kenpo by developing a basis for empty hand striking, also bo staff and the flow of moving. Thanks for the guidance of Kapap and Krav Maga instructors Jacov Bresler and Moshe Galisko. Many many thanks to my friend and training partner Doctor KC Salkinder (Systema/Doce Pares/Sambo) who really helped me create and define my distinct martial art Tres Artes/3 Arts. Tres Artes (3 Arts) is a combination of three fighting disciplines with three different aspects. Empty hands, weapons, and take downs. Whatever it takes to acclimate to the street awareness and survival tactics. The goal is not to fight but to defend. Tres Artes/3 Arts will continue to grow as an art which is based on the basic principals of instinct and basic survival, as well as the principals and flow of movement. The science and functionality of weaponry, if necessary. Overall, to have the right to protect those that you love and care for and always respect humanity. David Tineo Tres Artes Street Combatives FMA Fighting System.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: David TIneo

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