Crowdfunding Friday: Garbage Pail Kids and stop-motion

Feature Ryan Lambie 29 Nov 2013 - 06:15

This week's Crowdfunding Friday features a Garbage Pail Kids documentary, a British stop-motion drama, and much more...

Is there a scientific formula for crowdfunding success? We haven't learned of one yet, but if there's one thing we've learned over the past few weeks, it's that a good-quality board game or miniature project will have donations flooding in.

Just look at the hugely warm response to Gamezone Miniatures' 25th anniversary revival of the classic fantasy board game project, HeroQuest, which has managed to garner almost 10 times its minimum funding goal within 24 hours of its launch. Then there's Prados Games' Aliens Vs Predator: The Miniatures Game, which made  more than £270,000 more than its £35,000 target - no doubt thanks to the spectacular-looking Alien and Predator models that come packed into its handsome box.

The moral appears to be: if you offer a tangible and desirable reward for your target audience,
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Exclusive Interview: Stevan Mena On The 'Malevolence' Trilogy

  • FEARnet
Exclusive Interview: Stevan Mena On The 'Malevolence' Trilogy
For myself personally, I've been a huge fan of filmmaker Stevan Mena ever since I first caught a theatrical showing of his debut feature 'Malevolence' back in 2004. You have to keep in mind what was going on in horror at the time. The two ficks I'd seen prior to 'Malevolence' were 'Aliens Vs Predator' and 'The Exorcist: The Beginning,' so I had pretty much given up on the genre at that point. But thankfully, Mena's brutal and relentless "slasher" perfectly captured the essence of the movies I grew up loving; so much so that I later had to reconfirm it was a new movie and not something from the 80's only at that time finally getting a release. But 'Malevolence' was always intended to be the middle part of a more epic trilogy. 'Bereavement' came out in 2010 and told the prequel story of how Martin Bristol became the killer we see in 'Malevolence.
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Brain Dead, Best Worst Movie and Brutal screenings

• Monogram Releasing has announced that it will release Kevin Tenney’s zombie gorefest Brain Dead in select theaters March 20 as part of The B Movie Nation. See below for a complete list of the venues where the movie will be splattering onto screens.

Scripted by Dale Gelineau, Brain Dead (which has no connection to either the Peter Jackson film a.k.a. Dead/Alive, or the Roger Corman production with Bill Pullman) begins with a meteorite falling to Earth with an organism attached that infects a fisherman and turns him into a brain-eating ghoul. Pretty soon he has transformed numerous others into ravenous undead, and they terrorize a motley sextet of people who take shelter in a cabin in the woods. Joshua Benton, David Crane, Sarah Grant Brendecke, Michelle Tomlinson, Andy Forrest and Cristina Tiberia star; Bad Biology’s Gabe Bartalos created the copious makeup FX. You can check out
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