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Overview (4)

Born in Hollywood, Birmingham, England, UK
Birth NameNigel John Taylor
Nicknames J.T.
Height 6' 2" (1.88 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Nigel John Taylor is most well-known for his bass work in the popular band, Duran Duran, which he also co-founded. As schoolboys, he and Nick would sit around and daydream about the band they would one day front. It was then that they finalized a timeline for the band: they were to play Hammersmith Odeon by 1982, Wembley Arena by 1983, and Madison Square Garden by 1984. They managed to accomplish their goal, and also became one of England's biggest acts worldwide. However, their success was short-lived as internal tensions drove the band to split in two. John, with guitarist Andy Taylor, formed the splinter group Power Station, with singer Robert Palmer and drummer Tony Thompson, most well-known for his drumming with Diana Ross, Chic and David Bowie. Power Station's music was more rock-oriented than what Duran Duran had been doing. Remaining members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor (no relation to the drummer of Queen, or either Taylor in the band) formed the avant garde band, Arcadia. These two bands, in turn, splintered Durannies (the fanatical, at times obsessive Duran Duran fans) into two groups as well, not knowing whose side to be on. This was a short-term problem, however, as Andy and Roger Taylor separately left the group in the 1985-1986 period. The recording of their fourth studio album, "Notorious", became a nightmare with remaining members arguing, John threatening to leave the group too, and them having to resort to suing Andy to get him to come record. No one is now sure which guitarist appears on what song (aside from Andy, they also used Nile Rodgers on some songs, who also produced the album, and Warren Cuccurullo, formerly of Missing Persons and later to become a member of Duran Duran). By the release of their album, their popularity had waned, especially when fans heard a different, more mature sound. They were no longer just pop, and had ventured into a more funky territory. As their popularity waned and all but dried up into the rest of the 80s and early 90s, John met and eventually married hopeful actress Amanda De Cadenet. The two also had a daughter a couple months later, Atlanta Noo Taylor (Noo is short for Noodlehead, not Knew as the press reported). The marriage was short-lived, as arguments and rumours of infidelity caused the couple to file for separation in 1995. Their divorce was finalized in 1997.

Around this time, John's tensions with the band reached a head. With each album, John threatened more and more to leave the band and, in early 1997 at the DuranCon, he finally announced to everyone, including the band, that he was leaving. He'd already recorded and released some solo material, so he wasn't really leaving to go solo, at least not in terms of music. With his divorce and drug problems (since the early 90s, he'd tried to kick his coke habit), he felt he needed to be free of everything for once. In 1999, he finally regained some stability in his life and married Gela Nash, co-founder of the hugely successful "Juice Couture". Also, in 2001, things came full circle as he and the rest of the Taylors announced they would be rejoining Duran Duran.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: KhanadaRhodes

Spouse (2)

Gela Nash (16 March 1999 - present)
Amanda De Cadenet (24 December 1991 - 1997) ( divorced) ( 1 child)

Trade Mark (1)

Blonde streaks in his hair

Trivia (15)

Bass player for Duran Duran.
Bass player and co-founder of Power Station.
Left Duran Duran in 1997 after almost 20 years with the band.
Reunited with the original members of Duran Duran (Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor, and Andy Taylor. [2001]
John's wife, Gela Nash is the co-founder and designer of the popular fashion line, Juicy Couture.
Despite the portrayal of a rock star who does in hotel rooms in Strange Frequency (2001), and a real-life reputation as a jet-setting playboy rock star, there is no record of him trashing a hotel room.
Shares a birthday with Errol Flynn and Nicole Kidman.
Duran Duran was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 1770 Vine Street in Hollywood, California.
He has a daughter with Amanda De Cadenet Atlanta Noo De Cadenet Taylor. (Born March 31, 1992).
Ex-son-in-law of Alain de Cadenet.
Ex-brother-in-law of Bruiser De Cadenet.
John is good friends with Tears for Fears bassist Curt Smith. John's wife is good friends with Curt's wife Frances Pennington and works with Gela at Juicy Couture.
There is a 7 year age gap between John and his new wife Gela Nash. There was a 12 year age gap between John and his ex-wife Amanda De Cadenet.
Currently on tour with Duran Duran. [2005]
Wore glasses as a child due to severe myopia (over -10 dioptres) but later switched to contact lenses.

Personal Quotes (20)

Of course we slept with the models in our videos. So did the managers, so did the director. Everybody sleeps with everybody in this game.
Yes, all men are created quasi evil.
I hated being a teenager, until I discovered just how powerful the world of popular music was. It helped me find an identity and find myself. Not just the notes and beats, but the icons and the haircuts and the clothes and the liner notes. Music saved me in a way, or at least it gave me a sense of direction of how life could be.
The speed and growth of new technology, which has been so heralded and so much fuss has been made of, has actually served to disguise how little real growth is taking place at the artistic level.
When artists today are asked to Twitter their every thought, their every action, to record on video their every breath, their every performance, I believe they're diluting their creative powers, their creative potency and the durability of their work. And in the long run I believe they're also diluting the magical power and the magnetic attraction that they can or will ever have over their audience.
[2004, Jonathan Ross asks if there ever has been jealousy among the Duran Duran members] It's very simple - he's [Simon Le Bon] the frontman and we're all jealous! [everyone laughs]
My clearest memory of first-year infants is of the Monday I showed up wearing my new National Health standard-issue thick-rimmed glasses, at age five. The teacher suggested I stand on the desk so everyone could get a good look at the new me. It was like, 'Hey, just call me four-eyes, guys!' I'm sure Mrs Gilmore hadn't meant it to be humiliating but, for a five-year-old, it was.
I thought actually, when he [Andy Taylor] joined - he was with us for about a month, I didn't know his surname and we'd already got Roger [Taylor] in the band - I thought he was taking the mic, you know, saying "Andy Taylor".
The next step in the home education that Father introduced was to begin drilling me on geography; capital cities, rivers and flags became favourite subjects of mine, and I fast became an expert. It's a useful interest to have when you are on the road six months a year. I would beg, plead to be quizzed on my geographical knowledge on weekend mornings, when I would climb into bed with Mum and Dad. 'Ask me some rivers,' I would say excitedly, eyes popping out of my head.
'Games', that ironic synonym for sports, was the worst. In contest after contest, you could find me and my four eyes faring not too well on the playing fields of Our Lady of the Wayside. Never once was I to get the call-up: your school needs you. Not once would I represent my school at sports. I would develop some nagging self-doubt about that. Is there anything worse than being laughed at? I'll take surgery every time. I couldn't stand it - still can't. Thank God my friends and family know me well enough today to do it out of earshot, but back then, coming last meant getting laughed at. That had to be avoided. I began to take myself out of the race.
I enjoyed learning and acquiring knowledge, but it was a habit rarely manifested in the classroom. Only in the privacy of home, in the snug, close-fitting world of Mum, Dad and me, did I have the confidence to let fly. Intelligence needs training, and training includes making mistakes. I never felt judged in my parents' world; at school I felt nothing but judgement. At school, being an only child had its drawbacks; I have never liked sharing my toys.
I had been a nerd at school. I wasn't a jock or an intellectual and had never had a regular girlfriend as a teenager. Now, I only had to wink in a girl's direction in a hotel lobby, backstage or at a record company party, and I have company until the morning.
Alcohol and drugs were beginning to take control not just of decisions and choices I made, but also of who I hung out with. One of the worst effects of this was that I didn't want to be around Nick any more, my oldest friend, simply because he never supported my using. Nick was just not a drug user, so it was uncomfortable for me to be around him when I was high. Andy was an easier playmate.
[on one of his contact lenses falling out while onstage] Thank God and the Russians for Lasik eye surgery, which arrived in time for the 2002 reunion.
Like everyone else that year, Nick had wanted to play guitar, and I was supposed to be showing him how. Talk about the deaf leading the blind.
I often think, given the number of hours that I have spent looking at Roger's face over the years, how lucky I am to have such a pleasant, non-judgemental, friendly face to look upon. He is also the least moody guy I know. A nice yin to my yang.
Simon Le Bon (his real name), grew up in Bushey, an outer suburb of London, the eldest of three brothers. We never did find out what his father did for a living. 'Dodgy things in Whitehall' was the most anyone could get out of him. But his mother and his mother's mother had both been dancers on the stage, and Simon had been encouraged to follow them into the limelight.
He [Simon Le Bon] was two years older than me, and our relationship, as it developed, would often feel to me like I was one of his younger siblings. But at that first meeting, what struck me most violently about Simon was his presence. He was tall and well spoken, and there was something noble about him. His Huguenot blood perhaps.
Mum instilled in me a remarkable desire for recognition, and she never even knew it. She did it almost by telepathy. She certainly could not have articulated it in English. She was a simple person living in complex times. Mum on sex and birth control: 'Be careful you don't get compromised' (her only words to me on the subject). And on plastic surgery: 'Don't go under the surgeon's knife unless it's life or death' (not worth much in Los Angeles).
[on his decision to start using his middle name] I'd been sick of Nigel for years. It had been the nerd-name of choice for so much satire. In Monty Python's 'Upperclass Twit of the Year' TV sketch, the biggest twit of them all was called Nigel. The day at school following that broadcast had been a nightmare. And XTC had just released 'Making Plans for Nigel', about the neighbourhood Goody Two-shoes.

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