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Neverlake Looks Like a Dark Fairy Tale: Release Details

First time director Riccardo Paoletti completed the suspense thriller Neverlake in 2013. The film played at film festivals, before releasing on DVD in Germany. Now, the film is making its way to Canada and the United States, through a DVD launch. The film is a surrealist tale, involving an eerie lake and its healing powers. The film stars David Brandon (The Blade Master), Daisy Keeping and Joy Tanner. A preview for the North American DVD release is here. Jenny (Keeping) is a young teenager who loses her way in Italy. On her wander, she discovers a dark, mist-covered lake. Sprits of the dead haunt the shores, with several children drawn to this shadowy source. Jenny must discover the secrets of the lake, if she is to find her way out of a dangerous trap. Neverlake is comparable to a strange fairytale as seen in the film's trailer. In English, Jenny is
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Sudz Sutherland Helms Made-For-tv Movie 'The Phantoms' For CBC, Canada; Debuts 11/18

Premiering Sunday, November 18, on CBC Television in Canada is the made-for-television movie inspired by the heart-warming, real-life events surrounding the 2009 New Brunswick provincial championship victory of the Bathurst High School (Bhs Phantoms) boys varsity basketball team.  The film, titled The Phantoms,  is directed by Sudz Sutherland (above, left) - director of films previously covered on this site like, Love, Sex & Eating The Bones, and his most recent, Home Again, which premiered at Tiff in September. Tyler Johnston, Kyle Mac, Holly Deveaux, Wesley MacInnes, Jacob Neayem, Greg Byrk, Wendel Meldrum, Joy Tanner, Tammy Isbell, William MacDonald, and...
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Katniss Could Use a Little Help in First Image from House at the End of the Street

No doubt anxious to capitalize on Jennifer Lawrence’s household name-making turn in “The Hunger Games”, opening today, Relativity Media has released the first image from Lawrence’s upcoming thriller “House at the End of the Street”. Check it out below. The film will find Lawrence playing the daughter of Elisabeth Shue, as mother and daughter move in next door to a house that was the site of savage murders years ago, only to learn that the young man whose family was slaughtered still lives inside. He and Lawrence strike up a friendship that starts to edge toward romance, but then she discovers some twisted secrets. Max Thieriot (“My Soul to Take”) co-stars. “House at the End of the Street” is directed by Mark Tonderai (“Hush”), and will co-star Gil Bellows, Nolan Gerard Funk, Krista Bridges, Jon McLaren, Jonathan Malen, and Joy Tanner. Look for it in September 21,
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