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Gaga, Wild Bunch re-team on sales of Kore-eda's 'The Third Murder'

Gaga, Wild Bunch re-team on sales of Kore-eda's 'The Third Murder'
Exclusive: Legal thriller starring Masaharu Fukuyama due to hit screens in Japan in September.

Japan’s Gaga Corporation and Wild Bunch are re-teaming to jointly sell Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda’s upcoming legal thriller The Third Murder.

Popular Japanese singer and actor Masaharu Fukuyama reunites with Kore-eda to play a lawyer who takes on a complicated murder case that will shake his very belief in the law.

Fukuyama starred in Kore-eda’s 2013 Cannes Jury Prize winner Like Father, Like Son, playing a successful businessman faced with a tough decision on discovering the child he brought up as his own was swapped with his biological son at birth.

Gaga will represent Asian territories and Wild Bunch is handling the rest of the world.

The new deal extends a collaboration begun on Kore-eda’s 2011 film I Wish and continued on his subsequent films Like Father, Like Son, Our Little Sister and After The Storm.

Toho Co., Ltd
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John Woo’s 'Manhunt' starts shooting in Osaka

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John Woo’s 'Manhunt' starts shooting in Osaka
Production has started on John Woo’s highly-anticipated action thriller Manhunt, starring Zhang Hanyu and Masaharu Fukuyama, in Osaka, Japan.

Korean actress Ha Ji-won and Chinese actress Qi Wei have also joined the cast of the $40m film, produced by Gordon Chan and Chan Hing-kai and backed by Hong Kong’s Media Asia.

The film’s ensemble cast also includes veteran and upcoming Japanese actors such as Yasuaki Kurata, Jun Kunimura, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Nanami Sakuraba, Naoto Takenaka and Tao Okamoto.

Japanese crew have also been tapped for the film, including art director Yohei Taneda and cinematographer Takuro Ishizaka.

The cast and crew held a traditional Japanese kagami biraki ceremony to mark the start of production, also attended by local government officials. Osaka prefecture and the Japanese rail transit corporation are both supporting the shooting of the film.

Based on a novel by Juko Nishimura, about a lawyer wrongly accused of murder, the project
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The Hateful Eight

Did Quentin Tarantino stumble this time out? His tale of western killers sharing a snowbound cabin builds almost zero suspense, and the verbal excess and violent grossness lack Tarantino's usual clever, wickedly funny edge. And 70mm cooped up in a dim interior? It's A Long Day's Journey into Lincoln Logs. Totally dig Jennifer Jason Leigh and Ennio Morricone, though. The Hateful Eight Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD Anchor Bay / Weinstein 2015 / Color / 2.76 widescreen (Ultra Panavision 70) / 187 min. / Street Date March 29, 2016 / 39.99 Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Roth, Walton Goggins, Demián Bichir, Michael Madsen, James Parks, Dana Gourrier, Zoë Bell, Lee Horsley, Gene Jones, Channing Tatum. Cinematography Robert Richardson Film Editor Fred Raskin Original Music Ennio Morricone Production Design Yohei Taneda Produced by Richard N. Gladstein, Shannon McIntosh, Stacey Sher Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Quentin Tarantino's opening title sequence card announces
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How They Created the Western Vibe for Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight'

How They Created the Western Vibe for Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight'
Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" is a Western version of "And Then There Were None" with period detail that pops, thanks to the large-format, widescreen splendor of Ultra Panavision 70. As a result, it should garner several craft Oscar nominations next week. Of course, the director demands an organic authenticity and shooting in Telluride (both with or without sufficient snow) provided an additional challenge. Even construction of the set for Millie's Haberdashery was done on location (except for some minor onstage work at La's Red Studios, where they lowered the temperature to 30 degrees and raised the humidity to 96%). Watch: "How Walton Goggins Pops in Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' (Exclusive Video)" For production designer Yohei Taneda ("Kill Bill: Vol. 1," "Ghost In the Shell 2"), the primary design reference for Millie's Haberdashery was the general store in "Shane." Visually, though, he thought...
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How Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Got Its Hellish Look (Exclusive Video)

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How Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Got Its Hellish Look (Exclusive Video)
It takes a lot of love to build a set as intricate as the ill-fated cabin in director Quentin Tarantino‘s “The Hateful Eight.” TheWrap has an exclusive look at the production design behind Tarantino’s latest effort, a bloody Western starring Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kurt Russell. The director relied on production designer Yohei Taneda, the same artisan who crafted the stunning House of Blue Leaves in “Kill Bill Vol. 1,” where Uma Thurman carves up the Crazy 88 before Lucy Liu‘s eyes. Also Read: Quentin Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight' Debuts With $3.5 Million But 'Stars Wars' Does $28 Million For Minnie’s.
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When Marnie Was There on Blu-ray October 6th

From Japan’s acclaimed Studio Ghibli comes When Marnie Was There, a sweeping story of friendship, mystery and discovery which is coming to Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD on October 6, 2015, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, in partnership with Gkids. Based on the beloved novel by Joan G. Robinson, the When Marnie Was There Blu-ray™ and DVD deliver stirring emotions and breathtaking animation as only Studio Ghibli can, as well as hours of bonus features that go behind the scenes of a timeless masterpiece.

Sent from her foster home in the city one summer to a sleepy town by the sea in Hokkaido, Anna dreams her days away among the marshes. She believes she’s outside the invisible magic circle to which most people belong – and shuts herself off from everyone around her, wearing her “ordinary face”. Anna never expected to meet a friend like Marnie, who does not
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Shrek 3 co-director on Monster Hunt

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Shrek 3 co-director on Monster Hunt
Hong Kong-based Edko Films has announced 3D fantasy adventure Monster Hunt, to be directed by Raman Hui, who co-directed Shrek The Third.

The $30m Chinese-language film will star Bai Baihe (Personal Tailor), Kai Ko (You Are The Apple Of My Eye) and Jiang Wu (A Touch of Sin).

Based on the supernatural classic Strange Tales From A Chinese Studio, the film will feature Woba, a CGI protagonist who is the last of the monster kings embroiled in a war with humans that has lasted generations. His quest is to bring unity to the two races with the help of characters played by Bai and Ko.

“We give this classic tale a new spin by reducing the horror element and reinventing it with family-friendly fantastical characters and settings in an epic style,” said Hui.

Veteran actor Eric Tsang (Infernal Affairs) and Hong Kong’s ‘Queen of Comedy’ Sandra Ng (The Golden Chicken trilogy) will also feature along with Yan
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Get Behind The Scenes Of Keanu Reeves' Man Of Tai Chi

A behind-the-scenes video for Keanu Reeves's directorial debut Man of Tai Chi has arrived, via Mtime. Running five and a half minutes, it provides an inside look at the production team and includes some footage from the film. In the video, Keanu Reeves and lead actor Tiger Chen talk about how the project first took off, and each describes their specific role.  Also on the team is Elliot Davis, the cinematographer; Joseph A. Porro, the costume designer; Yohei Taneda, the production designer; Michael G. Cooney, the writer; and Yuen Woo-ping, the action director.The film is due for theatrical release in China on July 5. You'll find the behind-the-scenes video embedded below....

[Read the whole post on twitchfilm.com...]
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Two Images From Zhang Yimou’s 13 Flowers Of Nanjing Starring Christian Bale

It's great to see Zhang Yimou return to more dramatic fare after the bonkers Blood Simple remake (read our review: Zhang Yimou's Blood Simple ). 13 Flowers Of Nanjing certainly counts as 'dramatic'. The film stars Christian Bale as an American priest trapped in Nanjing during the infamous invasion of Nanjing in 1937.

If you've never read up on this atrocious period of history then you must. Also see Tun Fei Mou's hideous and unrelentingly bleak film, Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre, if you've got a strong stomach. Obviously Zhang Yimou will deliver a more measured affair, but this chapter in Chinese history is appalling beyond belief. There's also an excellent HBO documentary on this subject matter.


13 Flowers of Nanjing is set in 1937 in Nanjing, China during Sino-Japanese War, where a few brave refugees find sanctuary in a Church compound. The group, thrown together by the terrible chaos of war, risks
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