5 Awesome End Fight Scenes – Part 3

What we lack more and more these days are epic fight scenes in the final part of kung Fu/Martial Art movies. We have seen less and less one on one fight scenes in the final battle over the past 15-20 years, which is a shame but we have seen recently a few flicks bringing that winning formula back.

I want to name a few of my favorite end fight scenes and please feel free to comment below, your favorite fight scenes and maybe they will be added to the future features.

1.Flash Point (2007)

Cast:Donnie Yen, Collin Chou, Louis Koo, Xing Yu, Kent Cheng

Fight Choreographer:Donnie Yen

2.Pantyhose Hero (1990)

Cast:Sammo Hung, Alan Tam, Billy Ching, Philip Chan, Ridley Tsui

Fight Choreographer:Sammo Hung, Siu Tak Foo, Brandy Yuen

3.The Thundering Mantis (1979)

Cast:Leung Kar yan, Eddie Ko, Chin Yuet Sang, Wong Yat Lung, Robert Tai

Fight Choreographer:
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List Of 30 Sammo Hung Movies To Enjoy

Sammo Hung is one of the greatest Screen Fighters, Directors and Choreographers in Martial Arts cinema history. Started his early career as an extra in Shaw Brothers productions, then became of fight choreographer on a few of there movies.

It was when he started his career with Raymond Chow at Golden harvest Studios, that Sammo started to show what he could do in terms of action in-front and behind the camera. Sammo Hung has made some of the finest movies of all time and also bringing us some incredible talent such as Yuen Biao, Angela Mao, Lam Ching Ying, Michelle Yeoh and many more.

This is a list of 30 Sammo Hung movies you should check out, this list is also for new fans of the genre. So i hope you enjoy the list and i also mention some other Sammo Hung movies at the end of the page.

1.Hapkido (1972)

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‘Senior Project’ to Graduate This Fall

Hong Kong – A film scripted by a 16 year old Hong Kong schoolboy is expected to go into production this fall in the Us.

“Senior Project,” a teen comedy written by Jeremy Lin Chong Rang, was picked up by Itsy Bitsy Film and Best Medicine Productions after an auction organized by producer-screenwriter Fabienne Wen (“White Frog”). Angel Gracia (“From Prada To Nada”) is attached to direct.

The script follows five teens with absolutely nothing in common who, in order to graduate, must rush to complete their year-long senior project in a single, crazy weekend.

The film is set up by Best Medicine as a private equity funded indie that will shoot in late summer or early fall in Los Angeles. “This is SAG modified low budget,” Best Medicine’s Paul Jensen told Variety.

“Jeremy Lin wrote the script in English. It felt like it was written about the kids in my
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Comic Book Review - G.I. Joe vs The Transformers Vol 3 Tpb

Luke Owen reviews the trade paperback release of G.I. Joe vs The Transformers Vol 3...

The G.I. Joe vs The Transformers saga continues as the Autobots return to earth and with the help of G.I. Joe plan on destroying all Cybertronian technology. But Serpentor has other objectives.

Collecting G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers Vol 3: The Art of War issues #1-5 and G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers Vol 4: Black Horizon issues #1-2, this trade paperback compilation is a tale of two halves. The first story is actually pretty decent, but the second one doesn't quite work.

Starting with The Art of War, the story sees the Us government taking the destroyed head of Megatron in order to implant his war strategies/theories into that of a robot military army. But when Cobra Commander attacks the base, he releases Serpentor to be his personal slave -
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72 Martyrs (2011) Movie Review

“72 Martyrs” is another film released to tie in with the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution, a turning point in modern Chinese history which played a vital role in bringing down the Qing Dynasty. The film was directed by Derek Chiu, who previously tackled the period through his Sun Yat Sen biopic “Road to Dawn”, and deals in particular with the Huanghuagang Uprising (also known as the Yellow Flower Mound Revolt), an event which famously saw the titular 72 patriots dying for their cause. As with other recent historical offerings, the film has a prestigious cast made up of new faces and acclaimed stars, including Zhao Bing Rui, Tse Kwan Ho (“The Miracle Box”), Eric Tsang (“Bodyguards and Assassins”), Wang Jian Chang, Liu Kai Chi (“The Stool Pigeon”), Irene Wan (“Exodus”) and Elanne Kong (“Rebellion”), with a cameo appearance from Alan Tam. The film is set in 1910 in Guangzhou, with the
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Fancy Free Hong Kong Films on 35mm This Weekend?

This Saturday, May 29th, the Asian Institute at the University of Toronto and Ultra8 Pictures are hosting a free double bill screening of two classic Hong Kong supernatural comedies on 35mm as part of Asian Heritage Month. Dubbed "Restless Spirits: Ronnie Yu and Ringo Lam's 1980s Ghost Comedies", the films are coming from Tiff Programmer and ActionFest Director Colin Geddes' recent donation of vintage 35mm prints to the University of Toronto that he rescued from closed down Chinatown cinemas and they are in pretty great condition considering their age and the wear and tear of living in cinema basements. This is a rare opportunity to see these films on... well... film.

Taking place at Innis Town Hall, a block south of Bloor on St. George at 2 Sussex Avenue, the screening kicks off this Saturday at 4pm with Ringo Lam's debut film (straight out of York University) Esprit
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