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Interviews (21)

Jade Screen (GB) November 2008, Vol. 5, Iss. 4, pg. 4-8, by: Lisa Clemens, "An Interview with Antony Szeto"
Time Out (HK) October 22 2008, pg. 67, by: Edmund Lee, "Fighting Talk"
The Hollywood Reporter (FR) May 21 2006, Vol. Cannes Edition, Iss. Day 5, pg. 25-28, by: Winnie Chung, "Kicking and Screening"
Prestige (HK) December 2005, pg. 210-216, by: Sean Fitzpatrick, "Digital Dreams"
HK Magazine (HK) May 6 2005, Iss. 573, pg. 8-17, by: Scott Murphy and Yvonne Young, "HK's Top 10 Movies"
South China Morning Post (HK) April 13 2005, by: Robin Kwong, "Full Treatment for Indie Film"
Post Magazine (HK) April 10 2005, pg. 14-17, by: Mathew Scott, "Shooting From the Hip"
Robot magazine (HK) April 2005, Iss. 05, pg. 8 - 11, by: Lester Lim, "Playing with Fire"
Hong Kong Tatler (HK) February 2005, Vol. 28, Iss. 336, pg. 88-89, by: Rachel Plecas, "Pulling Stunts"
Hong Kong Economic Times (HK) January 13 2005, pg. A3, by: G.M. Wong, "Hong Kong Made 'DragonBlade' Comparable to Hollywood"
HK Magazine (HK) January 7 2005, Iss. 556, pg. 39, by: Scott Murphy, "Cutting Edge"
BC Magazine (HK) January 6 2005, pg. 43, by: Cherise Fong, "Red-Handed Tape"
Sing Pao Daily (HK) January 3 2005, pg. Supplement, by: H. Yuen, "Situ Yonghua Speaks from the Heart - The DVDs that Most Catch His Attention"
Eight Weekly (HK) December 22 2004, Iss. 031, pg. 94-95, by: Lee C.W., "Long Dou Kei Yuen"
NiHao (CN) July 2004, Vol. 61, Iss. 7, pg. 106-109, by: Lester Lim, "Asian Animation"
Next Magazine (HK) May 27 2004, Iss. 742, pg. 84-88, by: Mavis Yip, "Situ Yonghua jumps out of the Socialite Circle"
Milk (HK) April 1 2004, Vol. 141, pg. 58 and 59, by: Nicola Ng, "The Strength of Hong Kong Animation Rises"
Coyote Mag (FR) January 2004, Iss. 9, pg. 98 and 99, by: Tony Skin, "Filmart 2003 Dragon Blade"
First (SG) January 2003, Iss. 003, pg. 74-76, by: Lester Lim, "Digital Dragon"
East Week (HK) March 13 2002, Iss. 488, pg. 114-116, by: Serina Cua, "Shipping Prince Starts (Film) Production Company"
Alive - Amway (HK) January 2000, pg. 26-27, "Celebrity Talks - Antony Szeto - A Seasoned Shipping Magnate"

Articles (22)

SCMP (HK) March 24 2010, pg. C2, by: Andrew Sun, "Test footage a sneak peak of futuristic martial arts film"
Hong Kong Tatler (HK) July 2008, pg. 87-93, by: Sean Davies, "On the Rocks"
Screen International (FR) May 17 2007, Iss. Cannes Day 2, pg. 16, by: Liz Shackleton, "SCB on board for gap finance of Hippo's Wushu"
SCMP (HK) March 26 2007, pg. C2, by: Andrew Sun, "Switching to wushu does the trick for Hong Kong movie partners"
Screen (HK) March 20 2007, Iss. Day 1, pg. 6, by: Silvia Wong, "Filmart Brief"
Impact (GB) July 2006, Iss. 175, pg. 6, "Anthony Szeto: From Anime to Live Action"
Inside Film (AU) May 2006, pg. 7, "Vintage Noyce at ASDA Awards"
Screen International at Hong Kong (GB) March 22 2006, by: Liz Shackleton, "Antony Szeto's Wushu gets golden touch"
Milk (HK) March 9 2006, Iss. 242, pg. Insert 030-035, by: Craig Cheung, "Everyone is a Winner - IFVA Talking with the Nominated Directors"
Talkies (HK) June 2005, Iss. 41, pg. 26, by: Penny Lee, "Long and Short of it"
Sunday Morning Post (HK) May 15 2005, pg. 3, by: Morgan Ommer, "Cannes contingent celebrates a century of Chinese cinema"
Screen (GB) May 14 2005, pg. 10, by: Liz Shackleton, "Wong climbs on Hippopotamus Films' Jessica"
Brazil/Crossroads (FR) April 2005, Iss. 31, pg. 132-133, by: Cherise Fong, "Hong Kong tout court"
Hong Kong Tatler (HK) March 2005, Vol. 29, Iss. 337, pg. 82, "TittleTattle - Talk of the Town"
South China Morning Post (HK) January 5 2005, pg. City C5, by: David Watkins, "Here Be Dragons"
WestEast Magazine (HK) 2005, Iss. 15, pg. 170-174, by: Frederic Ambroisine, "Adaptation and Deformation: The Perception of Hong Kong Cinema in the West"
bc Magazine (HK) December 16 2004, pg. 8-10, by: Cherise Fong, "Little Dragon Big Blade"
SCMP (HK) May 7 2004, pg. CitySeen, by: Tinnie Chow, "Kung fu cartoon to hit Cannes"
Screen International (GB) May 16 2003, pg. 4, by: Liz Shackleton, "Film Library offers Dragon Blade, Green Tea"
The Hollywood Reporter (US) April 1 2003, by: Winnie Chung, "H.K.'s DCDC sets 3-D ani feature"
South China Morning Post (HK) November 14 2002, Vol. LVIII, Iss. 316, pg. Features p3, by: Tom Hilditch, "On The Cutting Edge"
Hong Kong Tatler - Society 2001 (HK) 2001, pg. 130, "The List 2001"

Pictorials (1)

Capital (HK) October 1999, Iss. 143, pg. 112-114, by: Si Wai Dat, "The Boss Who Doesn't Wear a Suit"

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