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Juju Chan in talks to star in thriller 'Pepper'

(L-r) Pam Collis, Antony Szeto, Juju Chan, Janice Eymann, Wayne Borg,Tony Cheng and Kent Chen.

Chinese/American actress Juju Chan, hailed as a female Bruce Lee by her fans, is in negotiations to play the lead role in Pepper, an action-thriller scripted by Janice Eymann.

Australian-born, Hong Kong-based director/actor/producer Antony Szeto is set to direct the film, the saga of a secret agent who comes to Far North Queensland in search of her missing brother, a fellow agent.

Eymann and fellow producers Pam Collis and Paul O.Kane are developing the project with Tony Cheng, the chairman of Beijing Tong Fa Group, and Kent Chen, the group.s director/general manager. .

The aim is to shoot the film next year, possibly as a Chinese-Australian co-production, which would benefit from the favorable terms of releasing Chinese films in mainland cinemas.

Juju.s credits include Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:
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Maximum Choppage: ABC2 Series This February 2015

Cast: Lawrence Leung, Stephanie Son, Dave Eastgate

Directed By: Craig Melville

Fight Choreographer: Trung Ly

Created By: Matchbox Pictures

Maximum Choppage is a six part series set to premiere in time for the Lunar New Year on Tuesday 24th February on ABC2. The series stars comedian Lawrence Leung, who plays a Kung Fu student who doesn’t do to well in real life combat. The series is set in Sydney, where they have some incredible talent trying to make a big noise in the martial arts industry.

Lawrence Leung is an award-winning Australian comedian/TV writer who has been performing internationally since 2001. He is known in comedy circles for his personal storytelling style, “social experiments”, quest-based solo shows and obsession with obscure or nerdy topics like puzzles, 80s childhood icons, con artists, psychology and ghosts. – website.

Each episode hopes to bring something different, such as martial arts,
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Death Mist – Interviews With Cast And Crew – Part 1

Directors: Rui Ming Qin, Antony Szeto

Fight Choreographer: Trung Ly

Writer: Rui Ming Qin

Death Mist is the latest movie from the very talented and hard working team that brought us Fist Of The Dragon, the movie will star Maria Tran, Siu-Lung Leung, Jonny Blu, Josh Thomson and many more. Death Mist started shooting in November, as the cast and crew from Us and Australia went to Jiangmen, China to make this action genre movie. The character of Tom (Jonny Blu) is a first in the history of Chinese cinema that a Caucasian actor is playing a lead Chinese (Mandarin) speaking role.


Ufc fighting champion Damon (Josh Thomson) with the help of his skirt-chasing rogue pal, Tom (Jonny Blu), go deep into the underworld of illegal Chinese fighting to avenge the
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PiFan 2014: Naff Announces "It Project 2014" Selection

With a little over a month to go before the 18th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival kicks off in South Korea, the festival's Network of Asian Fantastic Films (Naff) project market has unveiled the 21 new genre features to be highlighted this year.From 156 submitted projects from 24 different countries, 17 of the selected projects hail from Asia, including 6 from South Korea. Highlights include Yubari Grand Prix winner Lisa Takeba's new sci-fi film Haruko's Paranormal Laboratory, Antony Szeto's Wild Cat from China, Jason Gray's feature debut Where Wolves Fear To Prey, as well as The Shadow Zone, from My Wife is a Gangster director Jo Jin Kyu.During Naff's 4-day event, filmmakers will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to assembled producers and investors...

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Intrepid saga of two cancer survivors

Producer Pam Collis has joined forces with Los Angeles-based Aussie actress/writer Amanda Dow to produce Intrepid, the saga of two women.s journey through life after cancer.

Dow has written the script with Us actress/writer Emily Sandifer and the two plan to play the co-leads. Collis and Dow will pitch the project to international buyers at next week.s American Film Market, where they aim to land a foreign sales agent.

Dow will play Hannah, a wealthy chief financial officer and devoted mother and wife who has breast cancer. She struggles to save her marriage while raising her rebellious 13-year-old daughter,

Sandifer is Tyler, a photographer and loner who is in remission from ovarian cancer. She tries desperately to win back her soul mate Jake, with whom she broke up without telling him she had cancer because she didn.t want him to miss out on having a family.
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New director for Weekend Warriors

Hong Kong-based Australian filmmaker Antony Szeto has signed to direct the action thriller Weekend Warriors.

Scripted by Trevor Howis, the film follows a young Army reserve officer who tries to save his men and his brother from his psychopathic former mentor who is hell bent on revenge.

Szeto.s latest film is Fist of the Dragon, a martial arts actioner produced by the legendary Roger Corman. Shot in Nanhai, China, the film sees a retired Mma fighter (Ufc star Josh "The Punk" Thomson) head to the Far East to meet his new lover Meili (Hong Kong martial artist Juju Chan). When he inadvertently takes possession of a package sought by an international arms dealer, mayhem ensues.

That was Szeto.s second collaboration with Corman following The Haunted, a horror movie about a Western documentary crew who discover a story about a head concubine who violently murdered another concubine.

Howis tells
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First Tease Of Corman-Produced Actioner Fist Of The Dragon

Last month we brought you a trailer for a Roger Corman-produced horror movie called Palace of the Damned (previously entitled Hell's Haunted Palace), made on location in China by Australian-Chinese director Antony Szeto. Now we have a first look at their second collaboration, and it sees Szeto and his crew in far more familiar territory with the modern day martial arts actioner, Fist of the Dragon.Again shot at Ace Studio in Nanhai, China, the film sees a retired Mma fighter (real-life Ufc star Josh "The Punk" Thomson) head to the Far East to meet his new lover, Meili, played by decorated Hong Kong martial artiste Juju Chan. But when he inadvertently takes possession of a package sought by an international arms dealer, things go pear-shaped real fast,...

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A Trailer Emerges For Chinese Horror Film "Hell's Haunted Palace"

Roger Corman, has been a very busy man as of late in the Chinese Film Industry, financing a couple of low budget films in Guangzhou through Ace Studios, which is a Hong Kong based production company. The movies will be English-language productions set for the Us cable TV market. They are directed by Australian-Chinese director Antony Szeto. He has been an action director and stunt coordinator for some time now, just now passing his two decade mar…
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Corman-Produced Chinese Horror Hell's Haunted Palace Gets A Trailer

Roger Corman, the King of the Bs himself, has been getting his hands dirty in the Chinese Film Industry lately, financing a couple of ultra low budget films in Guangzhou through Hong Kong based production company, Ace Studios. Both films will be English-language productions aimed for the Us cable TV market, directed by Australian-Chinese director Antony Szeto, whose previous work as a director includes recent Sammo Hung vehicle Wushu, but has plied his trade as an action director and stunt coordinator for more than two decades. The first of these two collaborations, Hell's Haunted Palace, just had its world premiere at PiFan last month, under its international title The Living Dead. It tells the story of a group of American filmmakers, whose plans to make a documentary...

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Hit Girls – progression so far (Maria Tran)

Directed by:Maria Tran, Adrian Castro

Written By:Maria Tran

Produced by:Maria Tran

Hit Girls is a upcoming movie made by Independent film makers in Australia, starring Maria Tran, Juju Chan, Thien Nguyen, Peter Yu, Adrian Castro and Kenny On. The movie as been getting some good press release, recently getting a article online by movie magazine Impact.


It is a quirky, fast-paced, action platform about two unlikely assassin heroines, Pixie Ho (Juju Chan, Hong Kong pop singer and action movie star) and Maria Tran (ABC’s logie award “My Place”).

This is what Maria had to say about the second day of shooting,

“Yeah, its a learning curve, on Sunday Day 2 of the shoot, i was thrown onto a rock and my head smacked onto a rock and started bleeding. I must have slightly concussed, but insisted strongly on finishing the shoot. My lump has finally died
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DVD Review: Wushu

  • Nerdly

Stars: Sammo Hung, Wei Dong, Wu Dazhou, Lie Xin, Shi Yao, Liang Zhicheng, Zhang Jin, Tei Nan | Written by Dennis Chan & Ho Leung Lau | Directed by Antony Szeto

“Raised by their grandmother since their mother’s death, nine-year-old Li Yi (Wei Dong) and his younger brother Li Er (Wu Dazhou) are about to start a new life with their father, Li Hui (Sammo Hung), a teacher at an elite Chinese martial arts school which they are to attend. Their mischief-filled first day introduces them to fellow pupils Fong Fong (Lie Xin), Xiao Zhang (Shi Yao) and Yang Yauwu (Liang Zhicheng) and a life-long allegiance between the five friends is soon formed.

Ten years later, in their final year of college, Li Yi, Fong Fong and Yang have become the school’s top Wushu students, while Li Er and Xiao Zhang are the top two Sanda fighters, all working hard
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Wushu: Review

Director: Antony Szeto. Review: Adam Wing. Jackie Chan is on board as executive producer of Wushu - The Young Generation, which is hardly surprising when you consider that it’s young stars are genuine martial artists plucked from obscurity and thrown onto the big screen in the hope of discovering the next big thing. Antony Szeto takes on directorial duties, telling the tale of newbie martial arts students facing a variety of challenges as they prepare to graduate. Leading the pack are Wang Wen Jie and Liu Feng Chao, and martial arts legend Sammo Hung provides hefty support as both wushu instructor and father of two of the boys. We first meet Li Yi (Wang Wen Jie) and Li Er (Wang Ya Chao) at a very young age, starting their journey through school and into manhood. Li Yi is tipped to win a hotly contested wushu competition, but he insists
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Behind The Scenes Images From Bey Logan's Red Dawn Rising

Is Phoenix Valen the next big female action star? Clearly producer Bey Logan thinks so. Valen first starred for Logan in the Michael Biehn directorial effort Blood Bond and he's already got her signed up for kung fu volleyball flick Beach Spike, but before they get to that Valen has to finish up Red Dawn Rising.

Directed by Wushu helmer Antony Szeto, Red Dawn Rising sees Valen revisit her character from Blood Bond in a film that producer Logan feels like soemthing out of the Golden Harvest era of Hong Kong martial arts. And looking at the behind the scenes shots he's published from the first days of shooting it's hard to argue with that assessment as Valen battles a sextet of heavily armed martial arts monks.

We've assembled a small gallery of images here at Twitch and it's pretty easy to see that Valen has the look for this.
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DVD Round Up, Feb. 1, 2010: ‘B-Girl,’ ‘Wushu,’ ‘Fireball’

Chicago – The DVD Round-Up is back with a collection of foreign films, indie flicks, a documentary, and a Kathy Griffin stand-up special. The key word for 2010 is diversity and there’s no DVD column more embracing of the variety of titles at your local store than the Round-Up.

Kathy Griffin: She’ll Cut a Bitch” and “You, The Living” were released on January 12th, 2010.

Chevolution” was released on January 19th, 2010.

B-Girl,” “Fireball,” “Import Export,” and “Wushu” were released on January 26th, 2010.

Kathy Griffin: She’ll Cut a Bitch”

Photo credit: Shout Factory

Synopsis: “The Emmy-Nominated special comes to DVD! Two-time Emmy Award-winning and self-proclaimed “D-Lister” Kathy Griffin’s latest comedy special takes you backstage in Hollywood — from the Emmys to the Grammys and even to Cher’s Malibu mansion! Appearing before a sold-out crowd at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon, Griffin is in top form
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DVD Review: Martial-Arts Double Feature with 'Wushu' and 'Fireball'

Could I possibly have picked two martial arts films further apart on the ratings scale than Wushu and Fireball? On one end of the spectrum is the first "family" martial-arts film I've ever seen that wasn't American in origin, and on the other end is pure martial-arts porn, in which whatever plot is present serves to string hard-core brutal action sequences together. Both films are now available on DVD from Lionsgate Films.

Jackie Chan Presents Wushu

As executive producer of Wushu, martial-arts legend Jackie Chan introduces a new generation of talented martial artists in such a way that this film will please fans young and old. Antony Szeto -- known for his animated fantasy film Dragonblade -- directed Wushu and also choreographed all the stunts.

Talented and seasoned actor Sammo Hung Kam-Bo (Kung Fu Hustle, The Medallion) supports the young cast as Li Hui, father to brothers Li Yi (Wenjie Wang
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Sci-fi meets wushu in Antony Szeto's Vela 734 footage

Stuntman-turned-actor-turned-director Antony Szeto may only have a few directorial titles to his name, the most popular of which being Dragonblade, but he's about ready to leave his mark on cinema with a meshing of genres that I haven't seen outside of the super low budget.

Szeto is working on a new project called Vela 734 which combines sci-fi with tradition wushu action in a hybrid that is likely to blow more than a few brains. There are few details on the project but up-and-coming wushu star Wang Wenjie has signed on to star in the lead role with Szeto directing the project. The plot may be far off in the distance at this point but some test footage has emerged for the project and it shows promise.

Now keep in mind this isn't final footage but only a taste of what we can expect. It's a little low budget and rough
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Wushu: The Young Generation (2008) Movie Review

As a film which is actually about martial arts, it is hard to fault the pedigree of “Wushu – The Young Generation”. Aimed at introducing a new and highly talented bunch of experts, the film also stars the legendary Sammo Hung, and was produced by none other than Jackie Chan. It was directed by Antony Szeto, previously responsible for the fantasy animation “Dragonblade”, and who also provides the action choreography. Concentrating on the positive aspects of wushu and its role as a competition sport, the film was unsurprisingly officially endorsed by the Director General of the State General Administration of Sport, the top governing sports body in China. Thankfully, this doesn’t translate into the film being a too patriotic or flag waving affair, with plenty of action and an upbeat focus on the theme of friendship. The film begins as two young boys called Li Yi (Wang Wenjie) and
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