'Dom Hemingway' Interview with Demian Bichir | Exclusive

'Dom Hemingway' Interview with Demian Bichir | Exclusive
Demi&#225n Bichir was a household name in Mexico before achieving global fame. Most American audiences will recognize him for his TV work on The Bridge and Weeds. He currently stars alongside Jude Law in Dom Hemingway. Bichir plays Mr. Fontaine, a ruthless Russian gangster that lives in the French countryside. He owes his freedom to the manic safecracker Dom Hemingway, who kept his mouth shut while in jail for twelve years. Now paroled, Dom seeks out his old boss for more than a little back pay. Dom Hemingway is a raucous crime comedy with a few twists. Check out our interview with Demi&#225n Bichir as he discusses this unusual film.

Dom Hemingway was released April 2nd, 2014 and stars Jude Law, Luca Franzoni, Richard Graham, George Sweeney, Mark Wingett, David Baukham, Nick Raggett, Simeon Moore. The film is directed by Richard Shepard.
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