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  • (1987) His musical, "Rags", was performed at the Candelight Dinner Playhouse in Chicago, Illinois. Cast included Ann Arvia.
  • (September 2009) He composed the music for the musical comedy, "Bye Bye, Birdie", at the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York City with John Stamos (as "Albert Peterson"); Gina Gershon (as "Rosie Alvarez"); Bill Irwin (as "Mr. Harry MacAfee"); Jayne Houdyshell (as "Mrs. Mae Peterson"); Dee Hoty (as "Mrs. MacAfee"); and Nolan Gerard Funk (as "Conrad Birdie") in the cast. Robert E. Longbottom was the choreographer and director. Michael Stewart wrote the book and Lee Adams provided the lyrics.
  • (1970) Stage Play: Applause. Musical. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by Lee Adams. Book by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Based on the film "All About Eve" and the original story by Mary Orr. Musical Director: Don Pippin. Vocal arrangements by Don Pippin. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Mel Marvin. Incidental music arranged by Mel Marvin. Choreographed by Ron Field. Design by Robert Randolph. Costume Design by Ray Aghayan. Lighting Design by Tharon Musser. Directed by Ron Field. Palace Theatre: 30 Mar 1970- 27 Jul 1972 (896 performances + 4 previews that began on 26 Mar 1970). Cast: Lauren Bacall (as "Margo Channing"), Len Cariou (as "Bill Sampson"), Bonnie Franklin (as "Bonnie"), Penny Fuller (as "Eve Harrington"), Brandon Maggart (as "Buzz Richards"), Robert Mandan (as "Howard Benedict"), Lee Roy Reams (as "Duane Fox"), Ann Williams (as "Karen Richards"), Bill Allsbrook (as "Danny/Dancer"), John Anania (as "Tony Announcer/Peter"), David Anderson (as "Musician/Dancer"), Renee Baughman (as "Dancer"), Ray Becker (as "Stan Harding"), Joan Bell (as "Dancer"), Debi Carpenter (as "Dancer"), John Cashman (as "Dancer"), Jon Daenen (as "Dancer"), Nicholas Dante (as "Dancer"), Patti D'Beck (as "Dancer"), Marilyn D'Honau (as "Dancer"), Gene Foote (as "Dancer"), Laurie Franks (as "Singer"), Nat Horne (as "Musician/Dancer"), Ernestine Jackson(as "Singer"), Howard Kahl (as "Bob/Singer"), Gene Kelton (as "Musician/Dancer"), Alan King (as "Tony Host") [final Broadway role], Marybeth Kurdock (as "Dancer"), Mike Misita (as "Joey/Dancer"), Ed Nolfi (as "Dancer"), Carol Petri (as "Autograph Seeker/Carol/Dancer"), Sheilah Rae (as "Singer"), Orrin Reiley (as "Piano Player/TV Director/Singer"), Jeannette Seibert (as "Singer"), Tom Urich (as "Bert"), Henrietta Valor (as "Singer"), Sammy Williams (as "Dancer"), Jerry Wyatt (as "Bartender/Singer"). Replacement actors: Gene Aguirre (as "Dancer"), Anne Baxter (as "Margo Channing"), Wayne Boyd (as "Dancer"), Christopher Chadman (as "Dancer/Duane Fox"), Keith Charles (as "Bill Sampson"), Franklin Cover (as "Howard Benedict"), Arlene Dahl (as "Margo Channing"), Patti Davis (as "Singer"), 'Gwyda DonHowe' (as "Karen Richards"), Gene Foote (as "Duane Fox"), Jay Fox (as "Dancer"), Peggy Hagan (as "Karen Richards/Singer"), John Herbert (as "Bob/Singer"), Peggy LeRoy (as "Singer"), Merrill Leighton (as "Singer"), Janice Lynde (as "Eve Harrington"), Diane McAfee [Replaced during out of town tryout], Eve Harrington [Was replaced before opening], Judy McCauley (as "Singer"), John Medeiros (as "Dancer/Joey"), Joseph Neal (as "Piano Player/Singer/TV Director"), Leland Palmer [Her character was called "Leland" while she was in the production] (as "Bonnie"), Rozella Reed (as "Singer"), Kathleen Robey (as "Autograph Seeker/Carol/Dancer"), Tom Rolla (as "Duane Fox"), Bonnie Walker (as "Dancer"), Lawrence Weber (as "Howard Benedict"), Sammy Williams (as "Dancer in Bar"). Produced by Joseph Kipness and Lawrence Kasha. Produced in association with Nederlander Productions and George M. Steinbrenner III.
  • (June 15, 1961) His musical, "Bye Bye Birdie", was performed at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, England with Chita Rivera, Peter Marshall and Angela Baddeley in the cast.
  • Nick & Nora (1991). Musical. Book by Arthur Laurents. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by Richard Maltby Jr.. Music orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick. Musical and Vocal Direction by Jack Lee. Dance and incidental music by Charles Strouse. Dance and incidental music arranged by Gordon Lowry Harrell. Scenic Design by Douglas W. Schmidt. Costume Design by Theoni V. Aldredge. Based on characters created by Dashiell Hammett. Based on "The Thin Man" motion pictures owned by Turner Entertainment Co. Associate Musical Dir.: Patrick Scott Brady. Choreographed by Tina Paul. Assistant Choreographer: Luis Perez. Directed by Arthur Laurents. Marquis Theatre: 8 Dec 1991- 15 Dec 1991 (9 performances + 71 previews that began on 8 Oct 1991). Cast: Barry Bostwick (as "Nick Charles"), Joanna Gleason (as "Nora Charles"), Christine Baranski (as "Tracy Gardner"), Jeff Brooks (as "Spider Malloy"), Tim Connell (as "Mariachi"), John Jellison (as "Msgr. Flaherty"), Yvette Lawrence Maria Valdez"), Michael Lombard (as "Lt. Wolfe"), Debra Monk (as "Lily Connors"), Kathy Morath (as "Mavis"), Kip Niven (as "Edward J. Connors"), Kris Phillips (as "Mariachi"), Faith Prince (as "Lorraine Bixby"), Remak Ramsay (as "Max Bernheim"), Riley (as "Asta"), Hal Robinson(as "Selznick"), Chris Sarandon (as "Victor Moisa"), Thom Sesma (as "Yukido"), Kristen Wilson (as "Delli/Waitress"). Swings: Mark Hoebee, Cynthia Thole. Standbys: Kay McClelland (as "Nora Charles/Tracy Gardner"), Richard Muenz (as "Nick Charles/Victor Moisa"). Replacement actors: Jossie DeGuzman (as "Maria Valdez) [Was replaced in previews], Yvette Lawrence (as "Cigarette Girl/Delli"). Produced by Terry Allen Kramer, Charlene Nederlander, James M. Nederlander, Daryl Roth and Elizabeth I. McCann. Produced in association with James Pentecost and Charles Suisman.
  • (1972) His musical, "Applause", was performed at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, England with Lauren Bacall in the cast.
  • (1973) His musical, "Applause", was performed at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, England with Lauren Bacall in the cast.
  • (1973) His musical, "I and Albert", was performed at Piccadilly's Theatre in London, England with Polly James in the cast. John Schlesinger was the director.
  • (1978) His musical, "Annie", was performed at the Victoria Palace in London, England with Stratford Johns, Sheila Hancock, Kenneth Nelson and Judith Paris in the cast.
  • (1981) His musical, "Annie", was performed at the Victoria Palace in London, England with Charles West, Stella Moray, Matt Zimmerman and Ian Burford in the cast. Martin Charnin was the director.
  • (1962) Stage Play: All American. Musical comedy. Book by Mel Brooks. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by Lee Adams. Based on the novel "Professor Fodorski" by Robert Lewis Taylor. Dance arrangements by John Morris. Musical Director: John Morris. Music orchestrated by Robert Ginzler. Musical continuity by Trude Rittman. Lighting and Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Joshua Logan. Winter Garden Theatre: 19 Mar 1962- 26 May 1962 (80 performances). Cast: Ray Bolger (as "Professor Fodorski"), Anita Gillette (as "Susan"), Eileen Herlie (as "Elizabeth Hawkes-Bullock ), Ron Husmann (as "Edwin Bricker"), Fritz Weaver (as "Henderson"), Will B. Able (as "Immigrant/Taxi/Peddler/President Piedmont"), Jed Allan (as "Immigrant/Policeman/Football Player/Craven/Singing Ensemble"), Don Atkinson (as "Immigrant/Dancing Ensemble"), Robert Bakanic [credited as Bob Bakanic] (as "Gorilla/Fountainhead/Dancing Ensemble"), Vicki Belmonte (as "Immigrant/Singing Ensemble"), Bonnie Brody (as "Immigrant/Bride/Chewing Gum Girl/Singing Ensemble"), Bill Burns (as "Immigrant/Cowboy/Football Player/Wyler/Singing Ensemble"), Trudy Carole (as "Immigrant/First Girl/Dancing Ensemble"), Cathy Conklin (as "Dancing Ensemble"), John Drew (as "Immigrant/Football Player/Singing Ensemble"), Anthony Falco (as "Immigrant/Phillips/Singing Ensemble"), Mary Jane Ferguson (as "Immigrant/Mannikin/Dancing Ensemble"), Catherine Gale (as "Immigrant/Singing Ensemble"), Joseph Gentry (as "Immigrant/Con Ed Worker/Football Player"), Michael Gentry (as "Immigration Officer/Taxi/Football Player"), Linda Rae Hager (as "Immigrant/Dancing Ensemble"), Warren Hays (as "Immigrant/Professor White/Singing Ensemble"), Jerry Howard (as "Immigrant/Football Player"), Ed Kresley (as "Second Boy/Dancing Ensemble"), Bill Landrum (as "Immigrant/Football Player/Dancing Ensemble"), George Lindsey (as "Immigrant/Second Sightseeing Tour Guide/Moose"), Robert Lone (as "Flight Attendant/Cowboy/First Boy/Dancing Ensemble"), Sherri Spillane [credited as Selma Malinou] (as "Immigrant/Singing Ensemble"), Mort Marshall (as "Fleisser/Drunk/Coach Hulkington Stockworth/Hulk"), Barney Martin (as "Head Immigration Officer/Taxi/Assistant Coach/Red Stern"), Joe McWherter (as "Immigrant/Football Player"), Charlene Mehl (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Betty Oakes (as "Katrinka/Park Avenue Couple/House Mother/Whistler's Mother/Secretary"), Fred Randall (as "Taxi/Football Player"), Norman Riggins (as "Immigrant/Taxi/Singing Ensemble"), Lori Rogers (as "Airline Stewardess/Singing Ensemble"), Karen Sargent (as "Immigrant/Second Girl/Baton Twirler/Dancing Ensemble"), Bill Starr (as "Immigrant/Football Player/Farquar"), David Thomas (as "Shindler/Park Avenue Couple/Professor Dawson"), Sharon Vaughn (as "Immigrant/Homecoming Queen/Singing Ensemble"), Frank Virgulto (as "Swing Boy"), Kip Watson (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Bernard West [credited as Bernie West] (as "Feinschveiger/Sightseeing Tour Guide/Dr. Snopes"). Understudies: Will B. Able (as "Henderson/Professor Fodorski"), Betty Oakes (as "Elizabeth Hawkes-Bullock"). Produced by Edward Padula. Produced in association with L. Slade Brown.
  • (1977) Stage Play: Annie. Musical comedy. Musical Director: Peter Howard. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by Martin Charnin. Book by Thomas Meehan. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Peter Howard. Based on "Little Orphan Annie" by Harold Gray. "Little Orphan Annie" used by permission of Chicago Tribune - New York News Syndicate Inc. Choreographed by Peter Gennaro. Directed by Martin Charnin. Alvin Theatre (moved to The ANTA Playhouse from 16 Sep 1981- 24 Oct 1981, then moved to The Eugene O'Neill Theatre from 29 Oct 1981- 6 Dec 1981, then moved to The Uris Theatre from 10 Dec 1981- close): 21 Apr 1977- 2 Jan 1983 (2377 performances + 15 previews that began on 8 Apr 1977). Cast: Sandy Faison (as "Grace Farrell") [Broadway debut], Robert Fitch (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Dorothy Loudon (as "Miss Hannigan"), Andrea McArdle (as "Annie"), Reid Shelton (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Diana Barrows (as "Tessie"), Laurie Beechman (as "Sophie, the Kettle/Cecille/A Star to Be/Bonnie Boylan/Perkins/Ensemble"), Danielle Brisebois (as "Molly"), Shelley Bruce (as "Kate"), Barbara Erwin (as "Lily St. Regis/Ensemble"), Robyn Finn (as "Pepper"), Donna Graham (as "Duffy"), Janine Ruane (as "July"), Raymond Thorne (as "Harry/F.D.R."), Steven Boockvor (as "Dog Catcher/Jimmy Johnson/Honor Guard/Ensemble"), Edwin Bordo (as "Drake/Ensemble"), Edie Cowan (as "Mrs. Pugh/Connie Boylan/Ensemble"), Donald Craig (as "Dog Catcher/Bert Healy/H.V. Kaltenborn's Voice/Hull/Ensemble"), Dick Ensslen (as "Lt. Ward/Morgenthau/Justice Brandeis/Ensemble"), Bob Freschi (as "Fred McCracken/Hopkins/Ensemble"), James Hosbein (as "Bundles McCloskey/Sound Effects Man/Ickes/Ensemble"), Mari McMinn (as "NBC Page/Ensemble/Sandy Sandy"), Penny Worth (as "Annette/Ronnie Boylan/Ensemble"). Swing: Don Bonnell ("Swing"). Standby: Kristen Vigard (as "Annie"). Understudies: Arf (as "Sandy"), Steven Boockvor (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Shelley Bruce (as "Molly"), Edie Cowan (as "Lily St. Regis"), Donald Craig (as "F.D.R./Harry"), Bob Freschi (as "Bert Healy/Drake"), Donna Graham (as "July"), Mari McMinn (as "Grace Farrell"), Janine Ruane (as "Duffy/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"), Raymond Thorne (as "Oliver Warbucks") and Penny Worth (as "Miss Hannigan"). Replacement actors [during Alvin Theatre run]: Jennine Babo (as "Molly/Tessie"), Diana Barrows (as "Annie") [Alternate], Gary Beach (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Tiffany Blake (as "Tessie"), Kathryn Boule (as "Grace Farrell"), Stacey Lynn Brass (as "Duffy"), Randall Ann Brooks (as "Duffy"), Shelley Bruce (as "Molly" [Alternate]/Annie [from 6 Mar 1978- ?], David Brummel (as "Ensemble/Howe/Jimmy Johnson"), Shelly Burch (as "A Star to Be/Annette/Ensemble/Ronnie Boylan/Sophie, the Kettle"), Martha Byrne (as "July"), Penny Marie Chaney (as "Pepper"), Keene Curtis (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Caroline Daly (as "Pepper"), John Deyle (as "Bert Healy/Fred McCracken/Howe"), Dick Ensslen (as "Bert Healy"), Kim Fedena (as "Tessie/Kate/"), Jodi Ford (as "July"), Gary Gendell (as "Dog Catcher/Honor Guard/Jimmy Johnson"), Alice Ghostley (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 15 Aug 1978- ?], Donna Graham (as "July") [Alternate], Betty Hutton (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 19 Sep 1980- ?] (final Broadway role), Chris Jamison, Timothy Jecko (as "Apple Seller/Ensemble/Howe/Jimmy Johnson"), Lynn Kearney (as "Grace Farrell"), Kathy-Jo Kelly (as "July"), Tara Kennedy (as "Kate"), Anne Kerry (as "Grace Farrell"), R. Martin Klein (as "Bundles McCloskey/Ensemble/Ickes/Sound Effects Man"), Ruth Kobart (as "Miss Hannigan"), Marcia Lewis (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 29 Apr 1981- ?], Annie McGreevey (as "Lily St. Regis"), Beth McVey (as "A Star to Be/Annette/Ensemble/Ronnie Boylan/Sophie, the Kettle"), Sarah Jessica Parker (as "July/Annie [from 6 Mar 1979- ?]"), Mary Bracken Phillips (as "Grace Farrell"), Lola Powers (as "Ensemble/Mrs. Pugh/NBC Page/Perkins"), Harve Presnell (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Rhodes Reason (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Jane Robertson (as "Annette/Ronnie Boylan"), Larry Ross (as "Dog Catcher/Ensemble/Honor Guard"), Rita Rudner (as "Lily St. Regis"), Marianne Sanazaro (as "Cecille/Connie Boylan/Ensemble"), Karen Schleifer (as "Kate"), John Schuck (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Allison Smith (as "Annie") [from 29 Jan 1980- ?], Dorothy Stanley (as "Lily St. Regis"), Donna Thomason (as "Bonnie Boylan/Ensemble/Mrs. Greer"), Jenn Thompson (as "Pepper"), Alfred Toigo (as "F.D.R./Harry"), Ann Ungar (as "Annette" [from 26 Aug 1977- 27 Jan 1980]/Ensemble [from 26 Aug 1977- 27 Jan 1980]/Ronnie Boylan [from 26 Aug 1977- 27 Jan 1980]"), Henrietta Valor (as "Ensemble/Mrs. Pugh/NBC Page/Perkins"), Richard Walker (as "Dog Catcher/Ensemble/Hull"), Dolores Wilson (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 21 Aug 1979- ?]. Swings: Roy Meachum, Aileen Quinn. Understudies: Tiffany Blake (as "Annie"), Don Bonnell (as "Ensemble"), Shelley Bruce (as "Annie"), David Brummel (as "Drake"), Dick Ensslen (as "F.D.R."), Kim Fedena (as "Duffy/July/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"), Timothy Jecko (as "Drake"), Tara Kennedy (as "Molly"), Laura Kerr (as "Duffy/July/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"), Beth McVey (as "Lily St. Regis"), Roy Meachum (as "F.D.R."), O'Malley (as "Sandy"), Lola Powers (as "Miss Hannigan"), Jane Robertson (as "Ensemble/Lily"), Larry Ross (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Donna Thomason (as "Grace Farrell"), Ann Ungar (as "Miss Hannigan"), Henrietta Valor (as "Miss Hannigan"), Richard Walker (as "Bert Healy"), Mimi Wallace (as "Ensemble"). [During ANTA Playhouse run:] June Havoc (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 6 Oct 1982- ?], Marcia Lewis (as "Miss Hannigan"). [During Eugene O'Neill Theatre run:] Jennine Babo (as "Duffy"), Caroline Daly (as "Pepper"), Roxanne Dundish (as "Molly"), Sherry Dundish (as "Duffy"), Richard Sabellico (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Guy Stroman (as "Rooster Hannigan"). Swing: Joy Merri. Understudy: Sherry Dundish (as "Molly"). [During Uris Theatre run:] Janet Aldrich (as "A Star to Be"), Dorothy Andres (as "Molly"), Laura Baker (as "July"), Shelly Burch (as "A Star to Be"), Kia Goodwin (as "Kate/Tessie"), Alyson Kirk (as "Kate/Annie [from 2 Sep 1982- ?], Hally McGehean (as "Pepper"), Lauren Mitchell (as "Grace Farrell"), Nicole Nowicki (as "Kate"), Becky Snyder (as "July"), Julie Stevens (as "Pepper"), Stephanie Vine (as "July/Tessie/Pepper"). Swings: Loren Kaufman, Stephanie Vine. Understudies: Becky Snyder (as "Annie"), Stephanie Vine (as "Duffy/July/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"). Produced by The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Mike Nichols, Irwin Meyer, Stephen R. Friedman, Lewis Allen, Alvin Nederlander Associates Inc. and Icarus Productions. Produced in association with Peter Crane. Note: Filmed by Columbia Pictures as Annie (1982).
  • (1960) Stage Play: Bye Bye Birdie. Musical comedy. Book by Michael Stewart. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by Lee Adams. Musical Director: Elliot Lawrence. Music orchestrated by Robert Ginzler. Dance arrangements by John Morris. Additional scoring by Elliot Lawrence. Scenic Design by Robert Randolph. Costume Design by Miles White. Choreographed by Gower Champion. Associate Choreographer: Gene Bayliss. Directed by Gower Champion. Martin Beck Theatre (moved to The 54th Street Theatre from 24 Oct 1960- 14 Jan 1961, then moved to Shubert Theatre from 16 Jan 1961- close): 14 Apr 1960- 7 Oct 1961 (607 performances). Cast: Chita Rivera (as "Rose Grant"), Dick Van Dyke (as "Albert Peterson"), Dick Gautier [credited as Dick Gautier] (as "Conrad Birdie"), Paul Lynde (as "Mr. MacAfee"), Kay Medford (as "Mae Peterson"), Michael J. Pollard (as "Hugo Peabody"), Susan Watson (as "Kim MacAfee"), Jessica Albright (as "Deborah Sue/Teen Trio"), Ed Becker (as "Neighbor/Dish Washer"), Vicki Belmonte (as "Martha Louise/Teen Trio"), George Blackwell (as "Charles F. Maude/Neighbor"), Johnny Borden (as "Randolph MacAfee"), Lynn Bowin (as "Suzie/Cheerleader"), Kenny Burrell (as "Guitar Man"), John Coyle (as "Reporter/Shriner"), Dick Crowley (as "Shriner"), Dori Davis (as "Old Woman"), Jerry Dodge (as "Karl"), Barbara Doherty (as "Ursula Merkle"), Lada Edmund (as "Penelope Ann"), Tracy Everitt (as "Freddie"), Don Farnworth (as "Reporter/Shriner"), Bud Fleming (as "Shriner"), Penny Ann Green (as "Carol"), Amelia Haas (as "Mayor's Wife/Neighbor"), Lee Howard (as "Reporter/Neighbor/Bar Customer"), Gary Howe (as "Peyton"), Will Jordan (as "Ed Sullivan's Voice"), Judy Keirn (as "Linda/Cheerleader"), Allen Knowles (as "Mayor/Shriner"), Kasimir Kokich (as "Conductor/Shriner"), Ed Kresley (as "Henry"), Sharon Lerit (as "Alice/Sad Girl"), Marijane Maricle (as "Mrs. MacAfee") [final Broadway role], Marissa Mason (as "Nancy"), Jeannine Masterson (as "Neighbor"), Pat McEnnis (as "Mrs. Merkle"), Tony Mordente (as "TV Stage Manager"), Oran Osburn (as "Neighbor/Bar Customer"), Louise Quick (as "Margie Ann/Teen Trio"), Charles Nelson Reilly (as "Mr. Henkel"), Norma Richardson (as "Gloria Rasputin"), Jim Sisco (as "Reporter/Shriner"), Bob Spencer (as "Arthur"), Dean Stolber (as "Harvey"), Michael Vita (as "Harold"), Karin Wolfe (as "Helen/Another Sad Girl"). Swings: Penny Ann Green (Swing) and Ed Kresley (Swing). Standbys: Carmen Álvarez (as "Rose Grant") and Charles Nelson Reilly (as "Albert Peterson"). Understudies: Jessica Albright (as "Ursula Merkle"), Ed Becker (as "Charles F. Maude"), Lynn Bowin (as "Gloria Rasputin"), Don Farnworth (as "Mayor"), Bud Fleming (as "How to Kill a Man Ballet"), Amelia Haas (as "Mrs. Merkle), Lee Howard (as "Mr. Henkel/Mr. MacAfee"), Ed Kresley (as "Conrad Birdie"), Jeannine Masterson (as "Mrs. MacAfee"), Pat McEnnis (as "Mae Peterson"), Bob Spencer (as "Harvey"), Dean Stolber (as "Hugo Peabody/Randolph MacAfee"), Michael Vita (as "TV Stage Manager") and Karin Wolfe (Kim MacAfee"). Produced by Edward V. Padula. Replacement actors [during Martin Beck Theatre run]: Ed Kresley (as "TV Stage Manager"). [During 54th Street Theatre run:] Understudy: Vicki Belmonte (as "Kim MacAfee"). [During Shubert Theatre run:] Jill Choder (as "Another Sad Girl"), Kay Cole (as "Sad Girl"), Beth Howland (as "Carol"), Bill Joyce (as "Reporter/Shriner"), Bob Mariano (as "Harvey"), Patti Mariano, Jacqueline Mayro (as "Ursula Merkle"), Dick Patterson (as "Albert Peterson"), Barry Pearl (as "Randolph MacAfee") [Aug 1961- 7 Oct 1961] (Broadway debut), Gene Rayburn (as "Albert Peterson") [only Broadway role], Lori Rogers (as "Nancy"), Marilyn Siskin (as "Another Sad Girl/Helen"), Gretchen Wyler (as "Rose Grant"). Swing: Beth Howland. Understudies: Bill Joyce (as "Mayor"), Bob Mariano (as "Hugo Peabody/Randolph MacAfee"). Produced in association with L. Slade Brown. Note: Filmed by Columbia Pictures as Bye Bye Birdie (1963).
  • (1991) His musical, "Annie," was performed at the Drury Lane Theatre in Chicago, Illinois with Alene Robertson in the cast. Travis L. Stockley was director.
  • (1992) His musical, "Annie Warbucks," was performed at the Marriott Theatre in Chicago, Illinois with Harve Presnell and Alene Robertson in the cast.
  • (2002) His musical, "Bye Bye Birdie," was performed at the Marriott Theatre in Chicago, Illinois with Alene Robertson in the cast.
  • (August 9, 1993 - January 30, 1994) He was the composer for the musical, "Annie Warbucks," at the Variety Arts Theatre in New York City with J.B. Adams, Brooks Amy, Jackie Angelscu, Harvey Evans, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Michael E. Gold, Missy Goldberg, Natalia Harris, Cindy Lou, Marguerite MacIntyre, Donna McKechnie, Jennifer L. Neuland, Kip Niven, Ashley Pettet, Harve Presnell, Alene Robertson, Molly Scott, Steve Steiner, Raymond Thorne, Elizabeth Zaremba, and Kathryn Zaremba in the cast. Alexis Dale Fabricant was understudy. Dennis J. Grimaldi, William P. Miller, Ben Sprecher, and Eve Lynn were producers with Bulldog Theatrical Productions. Thomas Meehan wrote the book. Martin Charnin was lyricist. Mingo Cho Lee was set designer. Ken Billington was lighting designer. Tom Sorce was sound designer. Jeffrey Richards was general press manager. Jeffrey M. Markowitz was production stage manager. WIlliam Berloni was animal trainer.
  • (September 14 to October 23, 1983) His musical, "Annie," was performed at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Gary Holcombe, Tara Kennedy and Marcia Lewis in the cast. Jerry Adler was director. Mimi B. Wallace was choreographer. Glen Clugston was musical director. Associated Theatrical Desins were scenic designers. David Kissel was lighting designer. Gail Cooper-Hecht was costume designer.
  • (1996-1997 Season) Betty Comden, Adolph Green and his musical, "Applause," was performed at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Stephanie Powers, John Dossett and Kate Jennings Grant in the cast. Gene Saks was director. Ann Reinking was choreographer. John McDaniel was musical supervisor. Michael Anania was scenic designer. Howell Binkley was lighting designer. Robert Mackintosh and Tomaz Starzewski were costume designers.
  • (June 1962) He composed music for the musical, "Bye Bye Birdie," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine. Les Adams was lyricist. Michael Stewart wrote the book.
  • (August 1983) He was composer for the musical, "Annie," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine. Martin Chaunin was lyricist. Thomas Meehan wrote the book.
  • (August 2003) He was composer for the musical, "Annie," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine. Martin Charnin was lyricist. Thomas Meehan wrote the book.
  • (January 21 to March 1, 2009) He was composer for the musical, "Minsky's", in a world premiere at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Bob Martin wrote the book. Susan Birkenhead was lyricist. Evan Hunter wrote the original book. Casey Nicholaw was director and choreographer. Phil Reno was music director. Gregg Barnes was costume designer
  • (2000-2001 season) He was composer and lyricist for the musical, "Golden Boy," at the Long Wharf Theatre (Mainstage) in New Haven, Connecticut. Clifford Odets and William Gibson wrote the book. Keith Glover was adapter and director. Lee Adams was lyricist. Willie Rosario was choreographer. David Gallo was set designer. Paul Tazewell was costume designer. Robert Wierzal was lighting designer. David B. Smith was sound designer.
  • (2002 to 2003 season) He was composer for the musical, "Annie," at the Trinity Repertory Company Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island. Martin Charnin was lyricist. Thomas Meehan was writer. David Jenkins was set set designer. William Lane was costume designer. Bryon Winn was lighting designer. Peter Sasha Hurowitz was sound designer. Amanda Dehnert was director.

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