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Max Holloway & Rip Hamilton Rocked By Military Attack Dogs!

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Ufc badass Max Holloway doesn't get taken to the ground very often ... but he got Blown Up by a military attack dog in South Korea -- and the whole thing was caught on video.  Max -- along with stars like Paige VanZant, Jon Stewart and Rip Hamilton -- are out in Asia visiting U.S. military personnel as part of a Uso tour. One of the activities ... testing your mettle against the dogs (just like
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Stephen Colbert Slams Sean Hannity for Sharing Trump Lawyer

Stephen Colbert Slams Sean Hannity for Sharing Trump Lawyer
During Monday's Late Show, host Stephen Colbert was on "Stormy Watch," where he took President Donald Trump, former Rnc deputy finance chairman Elliott Broidy and Fox News commentator Sean Hannity to task regarding their shared lawyer Michael Cohen.

Cohen, who's connected to a hush money scandal involving former porn actress Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump and ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal as well as Broidy and another Playmate, went to court on Monday following an FBI raid on his home, office and hotel room last week. "Pro tip for the President,
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Colbert Can't Contain Glee Over Hannity-Cohen Connection — Watch

Fox News host Sean Hannity denied Michael Cohen’s assertion Monday that Hannity was one of Cohen’s legal clients… but that didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from having a heyday over the revelation on that evening’s Late Show.

After pointing out how vociferously Hannity has defended Cohen, President Donald Trump’s controversial lawyer whose office was recently raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Colbert mimicked experiencing a near-religious experience after Cohen’s lawyers were forced to reveal in court that his short client list also included the cable-channel personality.

Jon Stewart, after the show, I’m gonna come over,
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Colbert Completely Loses It Over Hannity-Cohen Shocker: ‘Who Did Sean Hannity Have Sex With?’ (Video)

Colbert Completely Loses It Over Hannity-Cohen Shocker: ‘Who Did Sean Hannity Have Sex With?’ (Video)
It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that Stephen Colbert and Sean Hannity are sort of longtime nemeses — the two of them have represented the opposing sides of opinion-based TV political media basically forever. So it’s not exactly surprising that Colbert would have himself a moment over the news that Hannity is a secret client of embattled Trump attorney Michael Cohen, and is thus tangibly tied to a huge criminal investigation.

Colbert’s “Late Show” monologue was a spectacle as a result, with Colbert even shouting out his former partner in crime, Jon Stewart.

“We already knew that Cohen represented Donald Trump and paid hush money to cover up his affairs, and last week it was revealed his second client was deputy Rnc finance chair and Donald-Trump-flattened-out-by-a-rolling pin, Elliott Broidy. Cohen helped Broidy pay $1.6 million in hush money after Broidy had an affair with a Playboy Playmate. And not the same Playboy Playmate that Donald Trump had an affair with. That’s two Playboy Playmates now. I’m just glad Hef isn’t alive to see his life’s work dragged through the filth like this,” Colbert joked before getting to the point.

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Instead of saying that Hannity was Cohen’s secret client himself, he allowed a clip from CNN to explain, because, he said, they deserve it for all the mudslinging Hannity has done in their direction.

And after the clip, “The Late Show ” cut back to an empty stage — before panning to the left to find Colbert sprawled out like this in an easy chair with a glass of wine:

After a long moment, Colbert eventually stood back up and handed the glass to a stagehand. “How did I get this? I don’t know,” he joked.

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“Jon Stewart, after the show, I’m going to come over and we’re just gonna spoon! Just spoon!,” Colbert exclaimed “This is crazy! Cohen only has two other clients and all he does for them is pay off mistresses. Which raises the obvious question: who did Sean Hannity have sex with?

“Now, we don’t know, and I can’t prove this, but I think it’s that football he’s always holding. Yeah, every commercial break, he’s got his hands all over it. Daddy wants some pigskin. We don’t know. we may never know. but it doesn’t matter what Cohen was doing for him. What does matter is that Sean Hannity is out there every day, every night defending Trump and Michael Cohen.”

Then they played a short montage of Hannity clips from last week in which he displayed palpable anger while ranting about overreach and the media “spinning out of control” after the FBI raided Cohen’s home and office.

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“I gotta agree with Sean on this one — the media is spinning out of control. Did you hear about this guy on Fox News who’s defending Cohen without ever revealing he’s his lawyer, too? That’s crazy!” Colbert joked. He was so excited at this point that he struggled to get out his next line in a moment that appeared to be a genuine error rather than scripted. “That’s a pretty big d-d-d-d– it’s so crazy I can’t even say the words! It’s a pretty big d-d-d-d– It’s the wine, where’s the wine? I don’t know. Got stuck in my teeth there.”

Then Colbert finally got back on track.

“That’s a big detail to leave out, Sean. What else haven’t you been telling us? That you share a barber with the Lego man?” Colbert asked. “How did Fox News let him go on the air with this massive conflict of interest? Did he not tell them? Or did he tell them and they just ignored it? I’m going to go with the first one because I know Sean Hannity, and ‘delivering factual information’ is not his strong suit.”

Colbert’s next joke at Hannity’s expense, meanwhile, took a surprising turn for a moment.

“This is my first reaction this afternoon when I first heard about it: I pity Sean Hannity,” Colbert said. “All this time he was defending Michael Cohen and Donald Trump so vociferously, maybe he wasn’t being a reflexive propagandist for a corrupt regime. Maybe he was just trying to protect himself. Here was a man who was about to be revealed. He was afraid the truth was gonna come out and destroy everything he built. He was frail and flawed and human. For the first time, I feel for Sean Hannity.”

To cure himself of this pity, Colbert then played an old clip of Hannity railing against Halloween as a liberal holiday, because it’s “teaching kids to knock on other people’s doors and ask for a handout.”

“Well, that didn’t last long,” Colbert said. “That did not last long. yeah.”

You can watch Colbert’s monologue from Monday’s edition of “The Late Show” in the video embedded at the top of this post.

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New shows from Wyatt Cenac & Michelle Wolf could join the growing list of Emmy winning ‘Daily Show’ alums

New shows from Wyatt Cenac & Michelle Wolf could join the growing list of Emmy winning ‘Daily Show’ alums
The Daily Show” is the gift that keeps on giving at the Emmys. While hosted by Jon Stewart it won Best Variety Series a record 11 times: the first 10 in the combined race for Best Variety Series (2003-2012), and then once more in 2015 in the Best Variety Talk Series category after talk shows were separated from sketch comedies. But it hasn’t stopped there. “Daily Show” alums have kept on winning since Stewart ended his run in 2015, and there are more new contenders this year, including Wyatt Cenac and Michelle Wolf, who are debuting new shows this spring. Will they keep the “Daily” dynasty alive?

Cenac is actually already an Emmy winner. He won three times as a member of the “Daily Show” writing team. Now he’s debuting a new docu-series, “Problem Areas.” The late-night HBO program examines social and cultural issues with documentary-style field reports across the country as well as in-studio commentary.
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Joshua Jackson Says He Owes His Career to Jon Stewart

While visiting The Late Show on Thursday (April 12), Joshua Jackson and host Stephen Colbert bonded over their mutual admiration of Jon Stewart.

“You and I have something in common. I have been told that you say you owe your career,” Colbert began before coughing. “I just swallowed my pride,” he joked and then continued. “You owe your career to Jon Stewart, too.”

“He’s the reason I got thrown out of my second high school,” shared Jackson. “If I had actually done something constructive with my time instead of watching his TV show, I probably wouldn’t have had to make it...
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Viacom Strikes Content Deal With Trevor Noah’s Day Zero Productions

Viacom Strikes Content Deal With Trevor Noah’s Day Zero Productions
Trevor Noah is likely to gain a berth wider than that provided by “The Daily Show” under a new content partnership he’s struck with Viacom.

Under terms of the agreement, Viacom will have exclusive “first look” rights on all projects developed by Noah and his production company, Day Zero Productions, in all media, including television, feature films, digital and short-form video content. Viacom will also make an investment in Day Zero. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Indeed, Viacom said its Paramount Players would adopt Noah’s memoir “Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood,
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Watch Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon Perform the History of TV Theme Songs

The Late Night TV landscape shifted significantly a few years ago with the departures of David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Jon Stewart, and for a hot minute there Jimmy Fallon was king. The Tonight Show host found a way to make Late Night TV relevant in the digital age with goofy games and fun celebrity interactions. But as the political mood soured and Fallon kept playing his games, viewers began shifting their attention to folks like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers who were aggressively commenting on the political happenings of the day. But even if Fallon has had trouble evolving …
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Jennifer Aniston Is Getting Close to Will Arnett Following Justin Theroux Split (Exclusive)

We're all still rooting for a reunion between ex-spouses Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt — since Brad is divorcing second wife Angelina Jolie and Jen is separated from second husband Justin Theroux. But in the meantime, Jen is apparently getting cozy with Arrested Development star Will Arnett. An eyewitness spotted the pair at Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar after-party earlier this month. "She was beaming and in great spirits," the source exclusively tells In Touch in the issue on newsstands now. "She caught up with friends with Will by her side, and they looked really good together." In fact, the Friends star was so happy, she didn't even care that her ex John Mayer was also in attendance at the party. "She just ignored John," the source adds. Then, after a requisite amount of schmoozing, Jen and Will "sneaked out" of the shindig. via Giphy Will, whom you'd also recognize from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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‘Our Cartoon President’ on Showtime: Stephen Colbert’s animated program hopes to shake up Emmys … bigly

“Our Cartoon President,” Showtime’s animated comedy that skewers Donald Trump‘s White House, is hoping to shake up the 2018 Emmys … bigly. Best Animated Program has seen its fair share of repeat winners over the years, with 10-time champ “The Simpsons” being the granddaddy of all. “South Park” is next at three wins, followed by “Bob’s Burgers,” “Futurama” and “Star Wars: Clone Wars” with two apiece. But “Our Cartoon President” has a secret weapon that could help it break through with Emmy voters: co-creator Stephen Colbert.

SEE2018 Emmy predictions slugfest: ‘Ozark,’ ‘Mindhunter,’ ‘The Chi’ and more hope to break into Best Drama Series [Video & Podcast]

Colbert is an Emmy favorite, winning nine trophies over the years for writing and producing both “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” As the star of CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” he was tasked with hosting last year’s Emmy ceremony to great fanfare.
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Inside Late-Night TV’s Ever-Expanding Content Factory

Inside Late-Night TV’s Ever-Expanding Content Factory
Jimmy Fallon and his “Tonight Show” staff could have used the Olympics as an excuse to take a few weeks off. Instead, they took on a task as tough as landing a triple axel.

To keep “Tonight” fresh in viewers’ minds — and maybe even win some new fans — staffers pitched NBC on the idea of running five-minute versions of the show, following primetime Olympic programming. “We pitched it to Jim Bell,” the executive who oversees NBC’s Olympics broadcast, “and he was down with it,” says Katie Hockmeyer, one of the main producers of “Tonight.” Each broadcast was a miniature “Tonight” — a few Fallon jokes,
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Disney’s New Potty Pitch Turns Bathroom Run Into a Commercial Enterprise

Leave it to the folks at Walt Disney to figure out how to transform a potty break into a commercial break.

When parents and kids sit down at the company’s new “Disney Junior Dance Party on Tour,” which opens its first show today in California, they will be urged to stand up – and pay a visit to the bathroom before the show starts. It’s all part of a preschool pre-show sponsored by Pull-Ups, the Kimberly-Clark “training pants” extension of Huggies that the consumer-products giant aims at kids between the ages of 2 and 3 (and the parents who might make
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TV News Roundup: Hulu Releases First Trailer for ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 2

In today’s roundup, Hulu released a trailer of the second season of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” announced its celebrity line-up for the 10th season.

First Looks

Hulu released the official teaser trailer for the much-anticipated second season of Emmy-winning drama “The Handmaid’s Tale.” The clip shows Elisabeth Moss’s Offred continuing to fight against the dystopian horrors of Gilead. The first two episodes of the second season will be available to stream on April 25. The show also stars Jospeh Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski, Samira Wiley, and Alexis Bledel. Moss is also an executive producer
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Oscars TV Ratings Near All-Time Low After Four Years of Decline

And the winner is ... not the Academy Awards broadcast. The TV ratings for the 90th Oscars shows that a lot of people are just not interested in watching the awards in the same numbers they used to. This year's show was down 15% from last year's rating, following a steady 4-year decline. But more than that, those low numbers are inching towards being an all-time low for the ceremony. The previous winner of that dubious distinction was in 2008, which was hosted by Jon Stewart, and where No Country for Old Men won Best Picture. In …
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2018 Oscars: Ratings for 90th Academy Awards down to lowest since 2008

2018 Oscars: Ratings for 90th Academy Awards down to lowest since 2008
The early viewing numbers for the 2018 Oscars hosted by Jimmy Kimmel do not look good. Kimmel’s stint as emcee of the 90th Academy Awards registered an overnight rating of 18.9 for the first three hours. That is off by about 15% from the numbers for last year, which marked Kimmel’s first time presiding over Hollywood’s biggest night.

Last year’s edition of the Oscars came in at 32.9 million viewers, the lowest audience since the 2008 ceremony presided over by Jon Stewart drew just 31.9 million. By way of comparison, the 2016 Oscars hosted by Chris Rock had 34.4 million viewers while the 2015 ceremony emceed by Neil Patrick Harris attracted 37.3 million. All those results lag behind the benchmark set by Ellen DeGeneres in 2014, when she drew 43.7 million. That was the biggest number since the 2000 telecast hosted by Billy Crystal had 46.5 million tuning in to see “American Beauty” win Best Picture.

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NRA’s Dana Loesch Deletes 2010 ‘Fired by a Jew’ Tweet That Some Call Anti-Semitic

Dana Loesch is facing new scrutiny after internet sleuths dug up an old tweet from the NRA spokesperson that some have called anti-Semitic. “I bet Rick Sanchez was fired by a Jew,” she tweeted in 2010 around the time CNN dismissed the anchor following remarks he made calling “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart a “bigot” and suggesting that Jews run CNN and “all the other networks.” The tweet lay dormant in Loesch’s timeline for years until resurfacing in late February, initially by Israeli media outlets such as Haaretz and The Times of Israel. Loesch deleted the tweet last month after it began to...
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Oscars: What Movie Won Best Picture at the Most and Least-Watched Academy Awards?

Oscars: What Movie Won Best Picture at the Most and Least-Watched Academy Awards?
It’s Oscars time again, and if returning host Jimmy Kimmel wants to avoid being the least-watched host in Academy Awards history, he’d better haul in 32,019,000 million total viewers or more. That allows for some wiggle room from his first turn. Last year, 32.937 million overall audience members tuned in on-average to watch “Moonlight” (eventually) win Best Picture. While it was a little too close for comfort, the Nielsen return topped the all-time low of 32.018 million total viewers set back in 2008. A decade-ago, the 80th Academy Awards were emceed by Jon Stewart and the final trophy of the (relatively)...
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Oscar and Politics Over the Decades, From Marlon Brando to Jimmy Kimmel

Political speeches have become a part of the Academy Awards in recent years, but they’re nothing new. One of the most heated back-and-forth exchanges was on April 8, 1975, when Bert Schneider and Peter Davis won for the Vietnam doc “Hearts and Minds.”

Schneider read a telegram from Viet Cong Ambassador Dinh Da Thi, offering “Greetings of friendship to the American people” and giving thanks for the U.S. war protests.

Shortly after that, Frank Sinatra stepped onstage and read a statement supposedly from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (but said to have been dashed off by Bob Hope backstage) saying AMPAS was not responsible for political statements and “we are sorry they had to take place this evening.” Presenter Warren Beatty walked on and muttered with a smile at Sinatra, “You old Republican, you.”

MPAA topper Jack Valenti later told Variety that winners have a right to speak out,
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Netflix Inks Talk-Show Deal With Hasan Minhaj, Who Will Exit ‘Daily Show’

Hasan Minhaj, the stand-up comic and correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, has inked a deal with Netflix for a weekly talk show to debut later this year. The streaming service has ordered 32 episodes in a deal that will make Minhaj the first Indian-American host of a weekly comedy talk show. With the deal, Minhaj will exit the Daily Show in late July. He was Jon Stewart’s last hire on the show in November 2014. Netflix said his new show will…
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Did the 2008 Oscars get it right?

Simon Brew Mar 2, 2018

2008 saw No Country For Old Men, Tilda Swinton and The Golden Compass take home Oscar gold...

Films have a habit of being judged twice at the very least. There’s the instant reaction, through box office and awards season. Then there’s the more circumspect view, as a film has dropped out of the original limelight it bathed in.

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As it's Oscar weekend, therefore, we’re continuing a Den Of Geek tradition, and going back a decade, to see how the films that were rewarded at the 2008 ceremony stand up today. It wasn’t a show without the odd surprise, but it was still one of the least contentious Oscar nights in recent memory, hosted by Jon Stewart. And
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