Bruce Boxleitner on Tron: Uprising, whether he will be in Tron 3 and rumours of Guardians of Luna

Earlier this month, sci-fi fans were stunned when storyboard artist Eric Canete indicated on Twitter (where else, these days?!) that Disney Xd's Tron: Uprising - an animated sequel/prequel set between the two movies Tron and Tron: Legacy - would not be getting a second season.

As an online kerfuffle began to bubble about the show's cancellation, producer Edward Kitsis stepped in and clarified: "I don't know what the future [of Tron: Uprising] is now. I know at the present, I can say we need more viewers. The problem is, not enough people are watching it.

"At this point, I don't believe its fate has been decided. So if people keep watching, then there's still a chance. Please watch. Tell your friends."

Among the voice actors in Tron: Uprising is genre legend Bruce Boxleitner, reprising his role as Tron. So what does he have to say about the TV series, and will he
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Scarecrow and Mrs. King: Win Season Two on DVD!

A staple of CBS in the 1980s, Scarecrow and Mrs. King revolves around dashing secret agent Lee Stetson (Bruce Boxleitner) and single-mom-turned-amateur-spy Amanda King (Kate Jackson) as they work to stop international threats. The series aired for four seasons, ending in 1987.

Warner Bros. has released the second season on DVD and five discs include all 23 one-hour episodes. You can purchase Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete Second Season or you can also try to win a copy here. To enter, you need to merely post a comment below.You can enter once per day.

If you'd like an additional chance to win, leave a comment on our Facebook page under the wall post about the contest. You can enter once per day.

You can also follow us on Twitter and tweet "@tvseriesfinale Hope I win Scarecrow & Mrs K on
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TV On My Terms: Rebooting the Small Screen

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In a move that continues to signal a creative drought in Hollywood, ABC gave a green light to a revamp of the classic series Charlie's Angels last week. It evidently wasn't enough that the Angels had a brief and rocky resurrection on the big screen.

"Reboots," as they've come to be known, seem to be all the rage these days. Occasionally, these revised attempts hit just right, such as the pitch perfect Battlestar Galactica and this season's Hawaii Five-0. As is more often the case, though, the results either scrape by (V, 90210) or are flat out failures (Knight Rider, The Bionic Woman).

It doesn't appear this wave is going to collapse any time soon, either, as attempts to bring back other series such as The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman are reportedly in the works. 

With everyone and their brother tossing in their two cents as to who should be
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Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete First Season - DVD Review

Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner charm their way into DVD with the release of the classic television series Scarecrow and Mrs. King. The early to mid-eighties sitcom aired from 1983 to 1987. Jackson plays the housewife-turned spy Amanda King and Boxleitner plays the real spy, Lee Stetson, code name Scarecrow (thus the name of the series). I will date myself here and say that I was a fan. I was in seventh grade and my friends and I made a point to watch this show every week. Our whole world hinged on when Amanda and Lee would actually kiss. With that said, I expected to watch this show rolling my eyes and thinking ..80s cheese. - like I
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Scarecrow And Mrs. King – The Complete First Season – Win Yours Here

An 80's gem that has thus far managed to avoid update (unless you really loosen things up and count Chuck), Scarecrow and Mrs. King took a fairly unique spin on the spy game, and somehow worked things into some pretty entertaining television. Goodbye, PTA…hello, foreign intrigue! Single mom Amanda King leads a quiet suburban life in Washington DC until the day a dashing stranger shoves a package in her hands with instructions to give it to the man in the red hat. In no time, Amanda is dodging bullets, foiling assassination plots – and finding herself drawn to the dashing stranger, agent Lee Stetson, aka Scarecrow. Of course, Scarecrow has no interest in a ditsy amateur spy, no matter how pretty. But she certainly is handy in a crisis! Share the fun in the lighthearted series that proves laughs and romance are powerful weapons in the battle to protect national security.
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