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After starring in some of the best TV shows ever, Lance Reddick reveals what he is watching now.

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Tee Time Producer
All Over Twist Producer
Apartment Wanted Producer


Hide Hide Show Show Producer (543 credits)
 1929 Too Many Women (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Good Skates (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Stop Barking (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 The Cut-Ups (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 The Newlyweds' Pests (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Just the Type (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Getting Buster's Goat (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Fly Cops (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 The Newlyweds' Angel Child (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Early to Wed (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Buster's Choice (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Buster's Spooks (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Hot Puppies (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Outdoor Sports (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 The Newlyweds Camp Out (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Chaperons (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Delivering the Goods (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Close Shaves (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 The Newlyweds' Excuse (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Finishing School (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Magic (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Private Business (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 The Newlyweds in Society (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 This Way Please (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Tige's Girl Friend (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Seeing Sights (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 The Newlyweds' Holiday (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 She's a Pippin (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Knockout Buster (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Television George (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 The Newlyweds' Visit (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Take Your Pick (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Have Patience (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Crushed Hats (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 The Newlyweds' Headache (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Hold Your Horses (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Out at Home (Short) (executive producer)
 1929 Sailor Suits (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds Need Help (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 And Morning Came (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Watch the Birdie (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 All for Geraldine (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds Lose Snookums (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Fish Stories (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Teacher's Pest (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Cross Country Bunion Race (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds' Court Trouble (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Shooting the Bull (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Buster Trims Up (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Look Pleasant (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds Unwelcome (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Just Wait (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Halfback Buster (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Rubber Necks (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds' Hard Luck (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Husbands Won't Tell (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 She's My Girl (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds' Anniversary (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Busting Buster (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Broke Out (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Good Scout Buster (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Big Game George (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Cash Customers (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Reel Life (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds' False Alarm (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Buster Minds the Baby (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 George Meets George (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 A Full House (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Whose Wife? (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds' Happy Day (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 George's School Daze (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Buster's Whippet Race (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Women Chasers (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Sailor George (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds' Imagination (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 A Big Bluff (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 When George Hops (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Taking the Count (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 That's That (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Her Only Husband (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds' Friends (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Watch, George! (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Buster Shows Off (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Indoor Golf (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds' Success (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 George's False Alarm (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 What a Party! (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Man of Letters (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Buster Steps Out (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds' Servant (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Start Something (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 High Flyin' George (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Dates for Two (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Buster's Big Chance (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 Horse Play (Short) (executive producer)
 1928 The Newlyweds' Advice (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Model George (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 There's a Will (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Run Buster! (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Showing Off (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 The Newlyweds' Christmas Party (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 On Deck (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Oh, Mabel! (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Buster, What's Next? (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 The Disordered Orderly (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 The Newlyweds' Mistake (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Picking on George (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 All for Uncle (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Buster's Home Life (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 The Newlyweds' Surprise (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 George Steps Out (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Dancing Fools (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Buster, Come On! (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Keeping in Trim (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 The Newlyweds' Troubles (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Rushing Business (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Oh, Taxi! (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Snookums Cleans Up (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Buster's Handicap (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 On Furlough (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Jane's Relations (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 What an Excuse (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Snookums Asleep (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Buster's Initiation (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 My Mistake (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Jane's Sleuth (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 George's Many Loves (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 That's No Excuse (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Buster's Frame Up (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Stop Snookums (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Kid George (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Jane Missed Out (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Keeping His Word (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 The Newlyweds' Shopping Tour (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Buster Don't Forget (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 George Leaves Home (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Jane's Hubby (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 She's My Cousin (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Fishing Snookums (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Look Out Buster (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Backward George (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Be My Wife (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Jane's Honeymoon (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Buster's Dark Mystery (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Snookums Disappears (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 George Runs Wild (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Thanks for the Boat Ride (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 What's Your Hurry? (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Buster's Sleigh Ride (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 The Newlyweds Build (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 By George (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Jane's Flirtation (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 What'll You Have? (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Snookums' Playmate (Short) (executive producer)
 1927 Buster's Picnic (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 And George Did! (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Snookums' Merry Christmas (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Jane's Predicament (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 A Second Hand Excuse (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster's Prize Winner (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Snookums' Outing (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 George's in Love (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Jane's Engagement Party (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Please Excuse Me (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Snookums' Buggy Ride (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster's Narrow Escape (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Why George! (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Jane's Troubles (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Which Is Which? (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 The Newlyweds' Quarantine (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster, Watch Tige (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Snookums' Tooth (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster's Girl Friend (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Jane's Inheritance (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 George the Winner (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Her Ambition (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster Helps Dad (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Wait a Bit (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Mixed Brides (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 His Girl Friend (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster's Orphan Party (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 A Thrilling Romance (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Dare Devil Daisy (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 There She Goes (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Motor Trouble (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 The Newlyweds' Neighbors (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Twin Sisters (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster's Heart Beat (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Love's Hurdle (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Honeymooning with Ma (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster's Mix-Up (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 A Haunted Heiress (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Too Many Babies (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Painless Pain (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster's Skyrocket (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Say It with Love (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 A Flivver Vacation (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Yearning for Love (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster's Hunting Party (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Al's Troubles (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Flying Wheels (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Buster's Nose Dive (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Accidents Can Happen (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Crowning the Count (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 The Big City (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Helpful Al (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 Her Lucky Leap (Short) (executive producer)
 1926 A Honeymoon Squabble (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Going Good (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Buster's Nightmare (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Captain Suds (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Buster's Bust-Up (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Scandal Hunters (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 The Speedy Marriage (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 A Taxi War (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Nursery Troubles (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Buster Be Good (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 A Winning Pair (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Piping Hot (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Uncle Tom's Gal (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Cupid's Victory (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Educating Buster (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Too Much Mother-in-Law (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Officer Number Thirteen (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Stranded (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Crying for Love (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Won by Law (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Paging a Wife (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 After a Reputation (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Dry Up (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 The Polo Kid (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Just in Time (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 A Rough Party (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Plenty of Nerve (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Married Neighbors (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Gridiron Gertie (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Kicked About (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Speak Freely (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Slick Articles (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Love Sick (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 The Queen of Aces (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Itching for Revenge (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Almost a Husband (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Tourists De Luxe (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Putting on Airs (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Puzzled by Crosswords (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Clear the Way (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Raisin' Cain (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Powdered Chickens (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Don't Worry (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Sailing Along (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 A Dangerous Peach (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 My Baby Doll (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Nobody's Sweetheart (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Taming the East (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Her Daily Dozen (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Getting Trimmed (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 The Aggravatin' Kid (Short) (executive producer)
 1925 Looking Down (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 His First Degree (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Present Arms (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Harem Follies (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 A Family Row (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Dancing Daisies (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Don't Fall (Short) (executive producer)
 1924/I Broadway Beauties (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Speed Boys (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Sweet Dreams (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Here He Comes! (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Some Tomboy (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 What an Eye (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Snappy Eyes (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 The Trouble Fixer (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Low Bridge (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Mind the Baby (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Traffic Jams (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Eat and Run (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 The Blow Out (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Scared Stiff (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Her Fortunate Face (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Paging Money (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Her City Sport (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Budding Youth (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Starving Beauties (Short) (executive producer)
 1924/I Jack and the Beanstalk (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Lost Control (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 A Royal Pair (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Poor Kid (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Please, Teacher! (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Sailor Maids (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Stepping Some (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Fearless Fools (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Delivering the Goods (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 The Flower Girl (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 The Tired Business Man (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Our Pet (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Taxi! Taxi! (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 A Lofty Marriage (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Pretty Plungers (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 The Racing Kid (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Checking Out (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Hit 'em Hard (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 That's Rich (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 A Young Tenderfoot (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 That Oriental Game (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Sons-In-Law (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Peg o' the Mounted (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Quit Kidding (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Keep Going (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Such Is Life (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 Own a Lot (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 The Caddy (Short) (executive producer)
 1924 The Rich Pup (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Hansel and Gretel (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Buckin' the Line (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 My Pal (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 A Corn-Fed Sleuth (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Miles of Smiles (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 She's a He (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Down to the Ship to See (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Golfmania (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Little Miss Hollywood (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Fashion Follies (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Don't Scream (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 A Regular Boy (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 One Exciting Day (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Bringing Up Buddy (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Round Figures (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Back to Earth (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Carmen, Jr. (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 So Long, Buddy (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Lots of Nerve (Short) (executive producer)
 1923/I Spring Fever (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Tips (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Buddy at the Bat (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Nobody's Darling (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Speed Bugs (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Hold On (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Taking Orders (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Don't Get Fresh (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 The Imperfect Lover (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Fare Enough (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 The Kid Reporter (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 All Over Twist (executive producer)
 1923 Ain't Love Awful? (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Why Dogs Leave Home (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Oh! Nursie! (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Sweetie (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Dad's Boy (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Vamped (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Peg o' the Movies (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Sweet and Pretty (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 A Spooky Romance (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 A Howling Success (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Game Hunters (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Pleasure Before Business (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Boyhood Days (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 The Home Plate (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Farm Follies (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 Hee! Haw! (Short) (executive producer)
 1923 The American Plan (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Hello, Judge (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 The Tattle Tail (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Me and My Mule (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 A Small Town Derby (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Women First (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Rookies (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 True Blue (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Just Dogs (Short) (executive producer)
 1922/I Little Red Riding Hood (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Ginger Face (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Wedding Pumps (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 The Fresh Kid (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Some Family (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 The Radio Hound (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 The Kickin' Fool (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Foolish Lives (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Cured (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Kid Love (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Hicksville's Romeo (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Bath Day (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Henpecked (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Hello, Mars (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 You and Me (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Short Weight (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Apartment Wanted (executive producer)
 1922 Live Wires (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Ten Seconds (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Some Class (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Horse Tears (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Three Weeks Off (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 The Little Rascal (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Off His Beat (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Sic 'Em Brownie (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Red Hot Rivals (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Cheerful Credit (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 A Dark Horse (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 The Rubberneck (Short) (executive producer)
 1922/I No Brains (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Two of a Kind (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Mutts (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 One Horse Town (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Upper and Lower (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Peggy, Behave! (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Table Steaks (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Little Miss Mischief (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Horse Sense (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 The Touchdown (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Circus Clowns (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 An Idle Roomer (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 The Straphanger (Short) (executive producer)
 1922 Shipwrecked Among Animals (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Chums (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 The Dumb Bell (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 A Family Affair (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Get-Rich-Quick Peggy (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Teddy's Goat (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Playing Possum (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 A Muddy Bride (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Around Corners (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 The Nervy Dentist (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Tin Cans (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Sea Shore Shapes (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Mama's Cowpuncher (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Brownie's Baby Doll (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 A Week Off (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 High Life (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Brownie's Little Venus (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Stealin' Home (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Hold Your Breath (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Golfing (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 The Clean Up (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 In Again (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Alfalfa Love (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 The Whizbang (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Third Class Male (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Smart Alec (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Wood Simps (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Custard's Last Stand (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Pals (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 On Account (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 For Sale (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 A Dollar's Worth (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Playmates (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Dandy Lions (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 The Country Heir (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 The Kid's Pal (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 On with the Show (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Harem Skarem (Short) (executive producer)
 1921/I Tough Luck (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Seeing Is Believing (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 A Bunch of Kisses (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Stuffed Lions (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Her Circus Man (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 The Dog Doctor (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Vamps and Scamps (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Leaping Lions and Jailbirds (Short) (executive producer)
 1921/I Fresh from the Farm (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 His Puppy Love (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 His Fearful Finish (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Fire Bugs (Short) (executive producer)
 1921 Tee Time (executive producer)
 1921 Happy Daze (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Their First Tintype (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Trouble Bubbles (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Tails Win (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Laughing Gas (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Hot Dog (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 A Fishy Story (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Twin Crooks (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 A Lyin' Tamer (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 A Blue Ribbon Mutt (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Uncle Tom's Caboose (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Should Tailors Trifle? (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Loose Lions (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 A Shotgun Wedding (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 His Master's Breath (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Love and Gasoline (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Profiteering Blues (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 You Tell 'Em, Lions, I Roar (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 A Movie Hero (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Brownie, the Peacemaker (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 A Birthday Tangle (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Bear Skinned Beauties (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Wild Lions and Ferocious Cheese (Short) (executive producer)
 1920/I Home Brew (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Lion's Jaws and Kitten's Paws (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 My Salomy Lions (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 The Tale of the Dog (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Lion Paws and Lady Fingers (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Dog-Gone Clever (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 A Lion's Alliance (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 My Dog, Pal (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Loose Lions and Fast Lovers (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Good Little Brownie (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Over the Transom (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Over the Ocean Waves (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Brownie's Busy Day (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 A Baby Doll Bandit (Short) (executive producer)
 1920 Naughty Lions and Wild Men (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Weak Hearts and Wild Lions (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 A Lucky Dog's Day (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 African Lions and American Beauties (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Brownie's Doggone Tricks (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Romeos and Jolly Juliets (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Chasing Her Future (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Daring Lions and Dizzy Lovers (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 A Lion in the House (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 A Village Venus (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 The Jailbreaker (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Lonesome Hearts and Loose Lions (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Beauty and the Boob (Short) (producer)
 1919 A Lion Special (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Howling Lions and Circus Queens (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Frisky Lions and Wicked Husbands (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Looney Lions and Monkey Business (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 A Jungle Gentleman (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Hearts in Hock (Short) (producer)
 1919 Society Stuff (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Lions and Ladies (Short) (producer)
 1919 Behind the Front (Short) (executive producer)
 1919 Hop to It, Bellhop (Short) (producer)
 1919 The Freckled Fish (Short) (producer)
 1918 The Cabbage Queen (Short) (executive producer)
 1918 The King of the Kitchen (Short) (producer)
 1918 Painless Love (Short) (producer)
 1918 Untamed Ladies (Short) (executive producer)
 1918 Hello Trouble (Short) (producer)
 1918 Cupid vs. Art (Short) (executive producer)
 1918 Business Before Honesty (Short) (producer)
 1918 Hoot Toot (Short) (executive producer)
 1918 Bawled Out (Short) (executive producer)
 1918 Hey, Doctor! (Short) (executive producer)
 1918 Choo Choo Love (Short) (executive producer)
 1918 In Dutch (Short) (executive producer)
 1918 Her Unmarried Life (Short) (executive producer)
 1918 What's the Matter with Father? (Short) (executive producer)
 1918 Oh, Baby! (Short) (executive producer)
 1917 She Did Her Bit (Short) (executive producer)
 1917 Her Bareback Career (Short) (executive producer)
 1917 Neptune's Naughty Daughter (Short) (executive producer)
 1917 Automaniacs (Short) (executive producer)
 1917 Balloonatics (Short) (executive producer)

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A director once asked Abe Stern if he could film at a particular outdoor location in California, because the landscape was vital to the story. Stern famously replied, "A rock is a rock, a tree is a tree. Shoot it in Griffith Park!" (The park was a 10-minute drive from the studio). His quote entered Hollywood lore as an example of a penny-pinching producer thwarting a director's vision. King Vidor... See more »



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