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Network: CBS, Ion

Episodes: 75 (hour)

Seasons: Five

TV show dates: July 11, 2008 -- December 13, 2012

Series status: Ended

Performers include: Enrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillon, Michael Cram, Sergio Di Zio, Mark Taylor, Amy Jo Johnson, David Paetkau, Ruth Marshall, Pascale Hutton, Jessica Steen, Tattiawna Jones, Bill MacDonald, Tyler Stentiford, Janaya Stephens, Lisa Marcos, Philip Akin, Gabriel Hogan, Danijel Mandic, Matt Gordon, Tim Dutaud, Stephanie Morgenstern, and Cheyenne Freitas.

TV show description:

This drama series details the lives of the Strategic Response Unit (Sru), a special force that is called on in severe situations that are too intense for regular officers. Based on the real-life Emergency Task Force of Toronto, Canada, the expert cops are often called upon to rescue hostages, dissipate gangs, negotiate with kidnappers, investigate bomb threats, and talk down possible jumpers.

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Nicolas Cage to Take Over for Kirk Cameron in the Left Behind Reboot!

Nicolas Cage to Take Over for Kirk Cameron in the Left Behind Reboot!
What do Civil War vampire Nicolas Cage and Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron have in common? Well, if things work out, they will have both played Cameron "Buck" Williams in the Left Behind series.

Nicolas Cage is eyeing the lead in a big screen remake of this Christian-themed end of the world thriller from writers Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. This will be the first theatrical feature from faith-oriented production company Stoney Lake Entertainment.

With a projected budget of $15 million, this reboot of the series will shoot in early spring with a projected release date of Fall 2013. Samuel Goldwyn Films is releasing the film theatrically.

The story will follow a group of survivors who are left behind after the biblical rapture. The original trilogy became the highest grossing Christian-themed franchise ever produced.

Expect Eric Roberts and Jeffrey Dean Morgan to sign on in the very near future, and lets pray
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Left Behind Franchise Returns to the Big Screen

Left Behind Franchise Returns to the Big Screen
Cloud Ten Pictures is looking to resurrect its faith-based franchise Left Behind for a new theatrical feature. Paul Lalonde, who wrote the original Left Behind in 2001, and John Patus, who wrote the last entry in the franchise, Left Behind: World at War, have written the screenplay. The studio will shop the script to buyers at the American Film Market this week.

It is said this new Left Behind movie will center on the Rapture, and will be structured like a classic disaster movie. The story focuses on the survivors after the first few hours of the Rapture. Cloud Ten Pictures is eyeing a budget of $15 million, which would make it one of the most ambitious faith-based projects ever. The studio is currently seeking a director.

The original Left Behind was adapted from the novel series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, which has sold over 65 million copies worldwide. Kirk Cameron
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Bit of 'Flashpoint' Season 3 Finale Leaked Online

Today, someone released a bit of Flashpoint's third season finale on YouTube.

The season finale will be broadcasted on Sunday, February 6, at 10 Pm on CTV, a Canadian TV network, after the Super Bowl.

In this episode, an elite tactical team of the Toronto Police Department might be broken up. As that team is working, a military psychologist and "team breaker", Dr. Larry Toth (guest star Victor Garber), tries to get under the skin of each of its member. Moreover, Sgt. Greg Parker's (Enrico Colantoni) leadership is questioned.

The show also stars Hugh Dillon, Sergio Di Zio, Michael Cram, David Paetkau, Amy Jo Johnson and Janaya Stephens.
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