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WWE Summerslam main event changed, Scott Steiner shoots on Triple H – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

When Satire Becomes Real

On this week’s Smackdown, Jinder Mahal revealed the stipulation for his third WWE Championship match against Randy Orton: the dreaded Punjabi Prison. ‘Dreaded’ because the matches in it are usually pretty rubbish.

While a Steel Cage stipulation only has one layer of entrapment, the Punjabi Prison surrounds its competitors with two – an inner cage of bamboo, with an octagonal structure topped with ‘razor-sharp bamboo spikes’. It’s so successful, there’s only been two Punjabi Prison matches in WWE history, and the stipulation hasn’t been used in over a decade.

But according to satirical wrestling website KayFabe News – who publish humorously fake articles – this has been the plan all along.

Reddit user GeePrimus has unearthed a 2012 article from the site entitled: ‘Jinder Mahal only hired so WWE can use
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Big Tna Impact Wrestling mistake, why Rusev hasn’t been on WWE – WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Memorial Day won’t just be blamed for Monday Night Raw’s inevitably low ratings, it’s also now the reason behind some fan’s anger towards R-Truth.

In honor of the armed forces, Goldust broke his heel character to tweet:


Dustin Rhodes (@Goldust) May 29, 2017

Presumably still enraged by his Golden Truth tag team partner turning on him, R-Truth replied to the non-kayfabe tweet very much in fake pro wrestling mode:

@Goldust Remember I'm gone getcha

— WWE R-Truth (@RonKillings) May 29, 2017

A few fans on Twitter found the message disrespectful, but nobody complained about Braun Strowman’s Us army-mocking Instagram post yesterday!

But that’s probably because we’re all terrified of him.

Rusev was last seen in a WWE ring on the 5th March at the Raw-exclusive pay-per-view Fastlane, where he was written off TV to undergo surgery.
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Mauro Ranallo officially leaves WWE, huge Tna shock return! | WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

Tna Impact Wrestling have been taping their TV for May over the last several days, and they’ve seen their fair share of shock returns, debuts and title changes. As these happen in not-yet-aired episodes of Impact Wrestling, skip the next few paragraphs if you don’t want to read them.

Spoilers coming in 3…2…

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner showed up at the final night of Impact Wrestling’s TV tapings on Sunday 23rd April. Steiner has been a main eventer in WCW, WWE and Tna throughout his career, but has been locked in a legal battle with the latter since he was released in 2012, claiming he was owed royalties from the promotion, and that he was injured because Tna officials allowed Jeff Hardy to wrestle him while Hardy was intoxicated.

See Also: Original John Cena Vs Undertaker Wrestlemania plans leaked,
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Tna Moving Network Again? Another WWE Injury! | WrestleTalk News

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In today’s WrestleTalk News, Emma injured, original plans for the anonymous Raw General Manager revealed and Tna possibly moving network again…

Emma Injured

Our top story today is Tna possibly moving TV network again. But first, WWE have revealed that Emma suffered a back injury at a live event this past weekend and will require surgery.

According to WWE’s ringside physician Dr. Craig Robinson, Emma suffered a ruptured disc in her back on Sunday and after undergoing an Mri, it was determined that she will need surgery.

Currently there’s no estimate on how long she could be out of action, but it really couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Australian superstar, as she had just reformed her team with Dana Brooke on Raw and was
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Why Roode and Young Left Tna? Scott Steiner Shoots On WWE | WrestleTalk News

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In today’s WrestleTalk News, more information on why Bobby Roode and Eric Young left Tna, Finn Balor celebrates ‘Star Wars Day’ and how Scott Steiner’s shoot interview on WWE in late March ties into Ryback’s recent controversial comments against the company.

Tna Owed Roode and Young Six Figures

Our top story today is Scott Steiner’s controversial interview about WWE. But first, with Eric Young debuting for Nxt last night, we have a bit more information on his and Bobby Roode’s departure from Tna.

In case you hadn’t already heard – in which case, you must not have Twitter – Eric Young debuted on last night’s episode of Nxt.

The appearance came as a complete surprise to many as while recent Tna departee Bobby Roode appeared on camera back at Nxt Takeover: Dallas,
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15 Things We Learned From Scott Steiner: Live And Uncensored

In a business full of outspoken and outlandish characters, perhaps none are as outspoken and outlandish as Scott Steiner. The Big Bad Booty Daddy has never been shy about expressing himself and has in recent years garnered a reputation from shooting hard at some of the industry’s biggest names.

Which is why he was the perfect choice for a live Q and A! On March 21st 2016, Inside the Ropes presented the first night of the ‘Scott Steiner: Live and Uncensored’ tour at The Garage in Islington, London. A very enthusiastic crowd were on hand to meet the legend and hear his unfiltered opinions on everyone and everything from his 30-year career.

And boy was Steiner game for this. He admitted at the start of the show that he’d never done anything quite like this, going as far as to say that this was the most
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12 February WWE PPV Matches That Totally Sucked

WWE’s February pay-per-views are typically the last major stop on the road to WrestleMania. They are the shows that feature (at least some of) the final significant swerves and championship victories ahead of the Showcase of the Immortals. In some instances, they even drastically alter the direction the company takes its top feuds and how they use their biggest stars.

The shows have been home to epic encounters and five-star classics. From Steve Austin vs. Triple H in 2001 to Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker in 06, WWE’s February broadcasts have brought fans truly enduring matches.

For every Cactus Jack vs. Triple H Hell in a Cell match, though, there are three or four matches that royally reek of sucktitude. Like, Scott Steiner circa 2003 sucking. Or Blue Meanie vs. Goldust in a battle of He Who is Freakier suckiness.

As often as the performers are working hard in
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9 Insane Real-Life Scott Steiner Stories

They don’t make ’em like Scott Steiner anymore, do they?

In a landscape dominated by colourful, off-the-wall characters, the ‘Genetic Freak’ stood out amongst the most colourful and off-the-wall. A legit badass with a hair-trigger temper and a penchant for doing whatever the hell he wanted, Steiner was one of the most feared men in the business, especially during the final few years of WCW.

Steiner, revamped as ‘Big Poppa Pump’, was given a loose cannon character to portray. He would interrupt broadcasts, beat people up for next-to-nothing and ‘shoot’ on anyone he damn well pleased. Trouble was, most of this genuinely wasn’t scripted, and was simply Scott Steiner just being Scott Steiner.

The man was a menace but, damn, was he entertaining. It’s said that the best, most successful wrestling characters are the ones that closely mimic the person whose portraying them, and it
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Tna’s Lawsuit Against Scott Steiner Over Twitter Rant Goes To Trial

Way back in 2012, Tna filed a lawsuit against “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner seeking damages over a 10-day long Twitter rant disparaging the company. Steiner took to social media that year and attacked the company along with Hulk Hogan, his daughter Brooke, Eric Bischoff, and Bruce Pritchard among others for over a week.

“Right now im trying to save Tna bcuz its the titanic and its sinking fast bcuz Hogan and Bischoff r doing the same the did to de…Same bullshit they did to destroy WCW” said Steiner in one Twitter rant. “Not sure how pritchard hogan n bitchoff convinced dixie to turn her back on the ppl who built up Tna. They cut the money for catering and we startd using paper plates n plastic.f*****g crazy!!!!” the Genetic Freak said in another.

At the time of the filing of the lawsuit, Tna claimed Scott Steiner
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10 Most Embarrassingly Bad Wrestling Promos Of All Time

Mark Twain said, “‘It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt”. Mark Twain must not be widely read in wrestling circles, because there have been a lot of really bad promos over the years. It’s not a recent phenomenon, and there are as many types of bad promo as there are stars in the sky.

You’ve got notorious marblemouths like Scott Steiner who spout nonsense with absolute aplomb. You’ve got well-intentioned glossophobes like Roman Reigns or early Miz who desperately want to do a good job but are overproduced and underprepared. Especially in the old days, you’d have guys in the Road Warrior Animal mold who’d just shout things Really Loud and hope that decibel level counted for something.

Part of the problem is that promoters have been trained to believe that
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Scott Steiner Challenges Hulk Hogan To $1 Million Fight

Scott Steiner is one of the most unique characters in wrestling. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and he’s at it again because he recorded a video where he challenged Hulk Hogan to have a $1 million fight with him.

The video comes from WrestlingInc and it shows Steiner ranting about Hogan while also tossing $100 bills at the camera to show that he’s doing just fine financially.

Steiner’s challenge is for Hogan to try to bodyslam him at a June 7 wrestling event at the New York Mets baseball Shea Stadium. His reasoning is that Hulk Hogan’s most famous moment in his career was when he bodyslammed Andre the Giant at WrestleMania 3. Keep in mind that this was during a worked pro wrestling match in 1987, but Steiner wants Hogan to try to legitimately do it.

Here’s one of the quotes from Steiner: “June 7th,
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Hulk Hogan Receives Death Threat From Former WCW Wrestler Scott Steiner

Hulk Hogan Receives Death Threat From Former WCW Wrestler Scott Steiner
Hulk Hogan‘s life may be in jeopardy, if a threat from former New World Order teammate Scott Steiner is to be believed. TMZ reports that Steiner is under investigation by police in San Jose, California after Hogan filed a report alleging the former WCW and Tna wrestler grabbed his wife, Jennifer, at the airport on March 26 and said he was going to “kill Terry,” which is Hogan’s first name (last name Bollea) for those only familiar with the Hulkster’s ring persona. Hogan reportedly filed a police report the following day after he arrived in town for WrestleMania 31 events,
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Scott Steiner -- I Didn't Threaten Hulk Hogan ... But I Still Hate Him

  • TMZ
Scott Steiner is calling Bs on Hulk Hogan -- claiming he never threatened to kill the guy before WrestleMania ... and says Hulk's just acting like a scared little bitch.  We broke the story ... Steiner is under investigation over a March 26th encounter with Hulk's wife Jennifer -- when she claims Steiner grabbed her at the San Jose airport and told her he was going to kill Hogan. Jennifer and Hulk filed a report with police the next day.
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Scott Steiner Investigated For Terrorist Threats On Hulk Hogan


Scott Steiner is being investigated for felony terrorist threats against Hulk Hogan, reports TMZ. There are several new details to last week’s report that WWE banned Steiner from the 2015 Hall Of Fame ceremony due to threats that he made to Hogan’s wife.

TMZ states that Steiner grabbed Hogan’s wife Jennifer at San Jose airport and told her that he was planning to “kill Terry” when he arrived. Jennifer apparently didn’t recognise Steiner. She then called Hogan and informed him of the incident.

Hulk didn’t hesitate in catching the next flight to San Jose, where he then proceeded with Jennifer to file a police report against Steiner. An investigation is now underway and authorities have already obtained surveillance footage that shows the former WCW and WWE star confronting Hogan’s wife.

“Typical Hogan. He’s just a punk,” is all that Scott Steiner had to
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Scott Steiner Allegedly Threatened to Kill Hulk Hogan ... Cops Investigating

  • TMZ
Whatcha gonna do brother, when a former wrestling star (allegedly) threatens to Kill You!? Well, if you're Hulk Hogan -- you call the cops ... because that's exactly what happened during an alleged incident in San Jose involving Hulk's former wrestling ally Scott Steiner.  Here's what we know ... Hulk's wife Jennifer flew into San Jose for WrestleMania on March 26th -- and claims Steiner grabbed her at baggage claim and said he plans to "kill Terry" [Hulk's real name] as soon as he lands.
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12 Times Triple H Put His Ego Aside

Triple H is one of the most polarising individuals in the WWE. His meteoric rise to becoming one of the most decorated, successful superstars in the history of professional wrestling has divided fans for many years, with some claiming he’s a talented worker and deserves one of the top spots, while others say he’s just been in the right places at the right times. The fact that he married into the McMahon family itself is largely controversial, as Triple H soon found himself being favoured by his WWE-owning in-laws, following the marriage.

One the one hand, there is an element of truth to the claims that he tries to ‘bury’ other talent. Just recently he beat Sting at Wrestlemania 32 when all logic would’ve pointed towards a Sting victory. The same applies to when he beat Booker T at the 19th edition of the show, or
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Scott Steiner Banned From WWE Over Incident With Hulk Hogan’s Wife


Scott Steiner was banned from attending the WWE Hall Of Fame 2015 due to an incident with Hulk Hogan’s wife. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that an “ugly incident” occurred between Steiner and Hogan’s wife Jennifer. This was on an airplane and it turned into a huge issue.

WWE decided to take action by banning Steiner from WrestleMania festivities. A photo (which you can see above) was placed at security entrances and event teams were put on alert that should Steiner show up he was not to be allowed in at any WWE events.

The company wanted to avoid any embarrassing scenes. Steiner has a history of temper tantrums, particularly from his WCW days. His heat with Jennifer is unknown, but he infamously had big problems with Kimberly Page in WCW. He has been described as a bully and has proved to have a vicious tongue in shoot statements about the business.
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7 Things You Should Know About WWE Royal Rumble 2003

It was a new era for WWE as they headed to the 2003 Royal Rumble event. The Rock wasn’t around on a full time basis anymore although he did return for WrestleMania and Steve Austin controversially walked away for much of 2002 after being upset with the creative direction of the company. Others had to fill the void.

Some people like to refer to this period as the “Ruthless Aggression Era” since “attitude” was gone and they were all about making new stars. It was time for the likes of Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista to step up to the plate as the next group of stars that WWE could build around.

In addition to the Rumble match, Scott Steiner debuting (or returning since he was there about a decade earlier) was considered a big deal just because he was a big name from WCW that they just brought in.
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WWE 2K15: 10 Famous Wrestling Injustices You Should Put Right

Good always triumphs over evil on WWE programming, but unfortunately that’s not always the case behind-the-scenes, and for every terrific tale we’ve seen unfold, on or off screen, there’s one of woe to even it out.

If you’ve watched wrestling for a good amount of time, you’ve likely encountered a time where you found yourself aghast over something you’ve seen – and not in a ‘how is my hero going to bounce back from this?’ way, but more like an ‘I’m disgusted that someone thought this was a good idea, I’m going to break things to calm myself down’ way.

But with WWE video games you’re given a power to not only make history, but re-write it too, and with WWE 2K15 ushering professional wrestling into a new era of gaming, fans will be in a better position than ever
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