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‘Double Exposure’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

Stars: Michael Callan, Joanna Pettet, Seymour Cassel, James Stacy, Pamela Hensley, Cleavon Little, Robert Tessier, Sally Kirkland | Written and Directed by William Bryon Hillman

A remake of director William Bryon Hillman’s own 1974 film The Photographer, Double Exposure is the latest slice of cinematic sleaze to be rescued from obscurity by the fine folks at Vinegar Syndrome; and unlike the majority of their releases I purchase, this was a blind-buy, Meaning I was going into this movie without any prior knowledge with what to expect, trusting in Vinegar Syndrome to deliver another fantastic flick. And that trust – as usual – was well founded.

Double Exposure stars Michael Callan as Adrian Wilde, a prolific photographer whose specialty is shooting nude models for men’s magazines. His life starts to unravel when he begins to experience strange and almost lifelike dreams in which he murders the very women he’s been photographing. What
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Jason Sudeikis and "Deep Fried Masters" star Jim Stacy on Leno (Videos)

Jason Sudeikis and “Deep Fried Masters” star Jim Stacy on Leno (Videos) Last night Jason Sudeikis shows some unseen footage of Ted Lasso, an American football coach learning “football” in England. Later, Sudeikis shares a story of how his “We’re the Millers” co-star Nick Offerman helped him when he was locked out of his house. “Deep Fried Masters” star Jim Stacy cooks up some deep-fried desserts and also shares a few drinks with Jason Sudeikis. KT Tunstall performs. Jay Leno’S Monologue Friday, August 9, 2013 Did You Hear About This? Big Announcement From The NFL This Week; They Say They Are Going To Crack Down On Excessive Celebrations This Season. The Only Time They Will Allow A Celebration
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What to TiVo: Friday

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ABC 8:00 Shark Tank (repeat) 9:00 Would You Fall For That? (new) 10:00 20/20 (new) 11:35 Jimmy Kimmel Live (repeat) 12:37 Nightline (new) CBS 8:00 Undercover Boss (repeat) 9:00 Hawaii Five-0 (repeat) 10:00 Blue Bloods (repeat) 11:35 Late Show With David Letterman (repeat, with guests Kevin James and Shaun White) 1:07 The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (new, with guest Keith Olbermann) Fox 8:00 Bones (repeat) 9:00 The Following (repeat) NBC 8:00 Betty White's Off Their Rockers (repeat) 8:30 Betty White's Off Their Rockers (repeat) 9:00 Dateline NBC (new) 11:34 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (new, with guests Jason Sudeikis and Jim Stacy) 12:37 Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (new, with guests Vanessa Hudgens and John Oliver) The CW 8:00 America's Next Top Model (repeat) 9:00 America's Next Top Model (new) More TV to watch when you read more.
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Review: "Double Exposure" (1983) Starring Michael Callan, Joanna Pettet And James Stacy; Blu-ray Special Edition From Vinegar Syndrome

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By Lee Pfeiffer

The little-seen 1983 thriller Double Exposure has been released on Blu-ray by Scorpion Releasing as a special edition. The film has an interesting background. It was originally filmed in 1971 under the title of The Photographer by director William Byron Hillman with Michael Callan cast as a photographer of beautiful women who also turns out to be a serial murderer. Hillman and Callan were frustrated that the movie received only a limited release. Twelve years later, they collaborated on a remake of the movie using the title Double Exposure. This time around, Callan served as an uncredited screenwriter on Hillman's new script and he also produced the movie, as well. Major script changes included having the main character, Adrian Wilde (Callan), not certain if he actually is a murderer. He's a generally kind and decent man who eeks out a modest living photographing models. He resides in a mobile home in L.
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Scorpion Releasing Doling Out Another Four Lost Gems - Thrill Kill, Mark of Cain, Whispers, Double Exposure

It's like an odd flickapalooza, man! The sickos over at Scorpion Releasing have four more terror flicks on tap for us that haven't seen the light of day in ages. Read on for all the details.

From the Press Release

On February 21st, Scorpion Releasing and Katarina's Nightmare Theater present Whispers, from the horrifying best seller by master horror writer Dean R. Koontz! Hilary Thomas (Victoria Tennant, L.A. Story) is a beautiful young writer who is stalked by a madman. The demented killer, Bruno Clavel (Jean LeClerc, All My Children), brutally attacks Hilary one night and she thinks she kills him, but he later reappears alive and well. She enlists the aid and protection of a cop (Chris Sarandon, Fright Night, Child's Play, The Sentinel) who believes her story, and as his love for her grows, he helps her discover the terrifying dark secret that drives Bruno to kill!

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Dear God No! Gets Distribution with Archstone ... Oh God Yes!

It's true, I don't know if you've heard the story, but it's true…every time an indie film gets distro an angel gets its wings…or maybe it's a Hellspawn gets its chains…one or the other. Regardless, the important news here is that the award-winning brutal biker film, Dear God No!, has grabbed a distribution deal with Archstone Distribution.

Written and directed by James Bickert, Dear God No! had a great run at film festivals last year and looks to continue that success with this distribution deal with Archstone (the fine people who also distroed Machete and both Human Centipede films). The movie stars Jett Bryant, Madeline Brumby, Olivia Lacroix, Paul McComiskey, John Collins, Shane Morton, Nick Morgan, Rusty Stache, Jim Sligh, Billy Ratliff, Johnny McGowen, John Collins, Heath Street, Rachelle Lynn, Nick Hood and Jim Stacy. Check out the website at the DearGodNoMovie.com and check them out on Facebook.
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The Real Story Behind the NBC Telepic 'My Kidnapper, My Love'

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There are words of wisdom that flash before you that you don't fully appreciate until the circumstance hits you between your eyes.  One of those aphorisms that resonates with me is "no good deed goes unpunished."  Let me explain. Before there was Ari Emanuel, before there was Mike Ovitz, before there was Sue Mengers, there was Stan Kamen.  Stan Kamen called. "You know Jim Stacy, the actor who had a terrible accident? He's not a client, but he's a friend of mine, and I'd like you to help him. Meet with him, Ok? He has a
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Director talks Dear God No!

While it seems like since Rodriguez/Tarantino’s Grindhouse, a slew of other similar styled throwback films have cluttered up our appreciation of drive-ins, James Bickert’s upcoming biker/horror film Dear God No! is going to change that, giving us a loving “lost” film in the vein of Werewolves on Wheels. Killer Film caught up with the director, who’s in post-production finishing the score and sound mix as we speak, for the low down on what should be a fan favorite soon.

Jon: If IMDb is to be believed, it’s been about 10 years since your last directed film in Troma’s Dumpster Baby. During this interval, what led to Dear God No‘s inception?

James Bickert: IMDb is correct. Dear God No! was one of many projects I had planned to do 10 years ago. It was called The Sketchy Seven and more of a biker Seven Samurai-meets-Cemetery without Crosses.
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Stars Of Classic Western TV Series To Attend Memphis Film Festival, June 2-4

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This year's Memphis Film Festival will include a tribute to Roy Rogers, seen here with Dale Evans.

Many stars from classic Western TV series of the 1960s will be appearing at this year's Memphis Film Festival, which ironically is not held in Memphis. The event takes place in nearby Olive Branch, Ms. Guest include James Stacy, James Drury, Peter Brown, Randy Boone, Barbara Luna and James Hampton. There will also be a celebration of Roy Rogers' 100th birthday. For info click here
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Cowboy Upgrade, or, A Long Slow Burn

Say your husband's a big jerk. He yells at you and he's mean. But, on the other hand, he's rich and powerful and you're kind of superficial so you don't want to live without money or power. But still, he's a jerk and you hate him a lot.

Then imagine that one day you're out in the desert on some sort of mineral scouting trek with your meanie husband and a hot scruffy down-home cowboy type who is acting as your guide. (Also, I should mention that it's the 70s, so your idea of fashion is a polyester pantsuit and the hottie cowboy mineral speculator for sure has a mustache.) Your husband, in true form, drinks and is mean to you and the cowboy. This bugs you immensely. So when, due to his general jerk nature, your hubby spooks his horse, the horse throws him and he tumbles down a
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Real Or Imagined: Homoeroticism In 60S Beach Movies

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By Tom Lisanti

To get in a warm weather mood with summer not approaching fast enough, here is a look at Hollywood surf movies from a different and albeit biased perspective. Gay men are always looking for gay subtext in movies and TV, and I am no exception. Am I reading more into these films? Probably—but it was sure a lot of fun doing the research.

The Sixties beach movie craze began with Gidget (1959) starring Sandra Dee and James Darren, a fictionalized look at teenager Kathy Kohner’s surfing escapades in Malibu during the mid-Fifties. It was groundbreaking as the movie contributed to the mass dissention of surfers on the beaches of Malibu and started a series of surf-theme films such as Gidget Goes Hawaiian and Ride the Wild Surf. The surf movie soon morphed into the beach-party film, whose heyday was from 1963 through 1965, where surfing was only used
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