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Coralie Fargeat’s Midnight Madness Hit ‘Revenge’ Sells Nearly Worldwide for Charades (Exclusive)

Coralie Fargeat’s Midnight Madness Hit ‘Revenge’ Sells Nearly Worldwide for Charades (Exclusive)
Recently launched French sales company Charades has almost sold out Coralie Fargeat’s high-voltage feature debut “Revenge,” one of the critical hits of this year’s Toronto’s Midnight Madness section.

The stylish movie, which was acquired by AMC’s streaming service Shudder for English-language territories ahead of its world premiere at Tiff, was picked up for German-speaking Europe and Italy (Koch Media), Spain (A Contracorriente), Japan (New Select), South Korea (Company L), Portugal (Cinemundo), Scandinavia (Njuta), Poland (Monolith), Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria (Ads), ex-Yugoslavia (Blitz), Czech Republic (Bohemian), Israel (Lev), Turkey (Fabula), Middle East (Salim Ramia), and Taiwan (Movie Cloud).

The film stars Matilda Lutz (“Rings”) as Jen, a pretty young woman who goes on vacation at a remote desert villa with her millionaire boyfriend (Kevin Janssens). Their romantic weekend goes off the rails when her lover’s hunting pals show up on the scene, triggering a wave of violence.

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New Films by Hosoda, Webber, Solanas on Charades’s Strong First Slate (Exclusive)

New Films by Hosoda, Webber, Solanas on Charades’s Strong First Slate (Exclusive)
Charades, the Paris-sales banner recently launched by Carole Baraton, Yohann Comte and Pierre Mazars — former sales execs at Wild Bunch, Gaumont and StudioCanal, respectively — rolled into Cannes with its first slate, headlined by Mamoru Hosoda’s “Mirai” (working title), Peter Webber’s “Inna de Yard,” Juan Solanas’ “My Name Is Luz” and Devashish Makhija’s “Ajji.”

“Inna de Yard” is a documentary feature directed by Webber, who previously helmed “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” “Emperor” and “Hannibal Rising.” Laurent Baudens, Laurent Flahault and Gael Nouaille are producing the doc via Borsalino Prods.

Taking place above Kingston in Jamaica, the film follows legendary voices of reggae including Ken Boothe, Winston McAnuff, Kiddus I and Cedric Myron, who reunite to record the “Inna de Yard,” which revisits their staple songs. The film also delivers a snapshot of everyday lives of these musicians, who reminisce about their collaborations with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff.
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Search for Cause of Apocalypse Gets Amusing in Bureau Of Proto Society [Full Short]

The Japan Animator Expo is currently in full swing and man, what a plethora of awesome for animation fans, providing everything from projects from up-and-coming creators to established artists. Today's short is of the later variety.

From writer/director Yasuhiro Yoshiura, whose 2013 Patema Inverted turned out to be a beautiful bit of animated sci-fi very reminiscent of Juan Solanas' Upside Down (only better), comes the rather hilarious Bureau of Proto Society.

Fast forward to the far flung future. Humanity has been relegated to living underground and from the looks of it, no one either remembers or knows how we got there. Every day, the Bureau of Proto Society reviews the historical archives trying to figure out exactly what went wrong.

Not only is B [Continued ...]
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Refn, Coppola on Cannes jury

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Refn, Coppola on Cannes jury
Willem Dafoe and Gael Garcia Bernal also among those called up for jury service at the 67th Cannes Film Festival.

The Cannes Film Festival has named the jury for its 67th edition, comprising eight world cinema names from China, Korea, Denmark, Iran, the Us, France and Mexico.

Jane Campion, the New Zealand filmmaker who won the Palme d’or for The Piano, was previously announced as the president of the jury, which will include five women and four men.

Cannes 2014: films

Those selected include Nicolas Winding Refn, the Danish director, screenwriter and producer who won Best Direction at Cannes in 2011 with Drive. His most recent film, Only God Forgives, played in Competition at Cannes last year.

Also chosen is Sofia Coppola, the Us director and screenwriter whose debut The Virgin Suicides was selected for the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes in 1999. Coppola, who won a screenwriting Oscar for Lost in Translation, made it into
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French Specialty Players: Lost in Translation?

Paris — The downfall of U.S. specialty divisions in 2008 opened up a whole new range of opportunities for ambitious French producers and helmers to step up to the plate, gaining access to American talent, tapping into wider financing resources, with the hope of reaching worldwide audiences with smart, auteur-driven indie pics.

But five years or so later, while the American independent market has bounced back, driven by resourceful and deep-pocketed players like FilmNation, Exclusive, an amped-up Lionsgate, the Weinstein Co. and Voltage, a wave of disappointing French-helmed English-language feature debuts has left many French producers and filmmakers with a hangover.

Recent examples of cold showers inflicted in France include Guillaume Canet’s 1970s-set drama “Blood Ties,” with Clive Owen, Marion Cotillard and Mila Kunis (Wild Bunch, budget: $25 million, French B.O.: €1.5 million); Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s adventure tale “The Young and Prodigious Spivet” with Helena Bonham Carter (Gaumont, budget: $33 million,
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Toronto: Michael Nyqvist, Olivia Williams to Star in ‘Shadows’

Toronto: Michael Nyqvist, Olivia Williams to Star in ‘Shadows’
Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist and Brit thesp Olivia Williams are set to topline “The Shadows,” an English-language thriller directed by first-timer Ludovic Bernard, who worked as first assistant director on a flurry of EuropaCorp movies, from Luc Besson’s “The Lady” to Olivier Megaton’s “Taken 2” and Scarlett Johansson starrer “Lucy.”

Based on Swedish author Karin Alvtegen’s bestselling novel “Skugga,” “The Shadows” is a dark family thriller.

Pic is set up at Thomas Saignes’ Paris-based financing firm Tomato Pictures and is lead-produced by Same Player. A major Swedish partner is in talks to come on board.

Headquartered in Paris with an office in Montreal, Tomato Pictures sets up international financing and co-productions for films such as Benoit Jacquot’s Berlin-preeming “Farewell, My Queen” and Juan Solanas’ “Upside Down,” starring Kirsten Dunst. “After focusing on co-productions between Europe and Canada, we’re now also diving more and more into European co-productions,
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Upside Down Blu-Ray Review

Director Juan Solanas attempts to blend heavy sci-fi with sappy romance in his latest film Upside Down, starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst. Together the two give the film its much-needed chemistry between the two romantic leads, but Solanas’ own script suffers from half-cooked ideas and full-on sequences that are simply beautiful to look at, but feature not a single second of importance.

Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) live in a universe containing two worlds with opposite gravity. Adam lives on the bottom world, which is where the poor suffer daily for scraps from the world up above, while Eden lives in that world up above, which is where the rich and wealthy live and work. The two meet early on in their childhood and almost instantly become magnetically drawn to each other by the strongest power in the universe — love.

Love holds them together, despite gravity physically pulling them apart.
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Jim Sturgess Joins Kate Beckinsale In Brad Anderson's Poe-Adapted Thriller Eliza Graves

After years of directing better-than-average independent sleeper thrillers . except for 2010.s misstep Vanishing on 7th Street . Brad Anderson had a bit of a hit on his hands with The Call, which has earned $40 million in just over two weeks with just a $13 million budget. Lest one thought he.d be going for something more commercial, Anderson isn.t that kind of a guy. His latest project, the psychological thriller Eliza Graves, just added Jim Sturgess to its cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sturgess has been on a sci-fi run as of late, with Juan Solanas. Upside Down and the Wachowski.s Cloud Atlas as his latest projects to hit theaters, and audiences will next see him in Mat Whitecross. thriller Ashes and Giuseppe Tornatore.s romantic drama The Best Offer, as well as the just-finished crime biopic Electric Slide. In this loose adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe.s early
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Film Review: Upside Down (2012): Juan Diego Solanas, Jim Sturgess

Upside Down (2012) Film Review, a movie directed by Juan Diego Solanas and starring Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst, Jayne Heitmeyer, Agnieshka Wnorowska, John Maclaren, Larry Day, Don Jordan, Heidi Hawkins, Holly O’Brien, Vincent Messina, Jesse Sherman, Frank M. Ahearn, and Holden Wong. While visually magnificent, Upside Down lacks the real punch necessary to deliver [...]

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How the creators of 'Upside Down' pulled off the look of dual gravity

How the creators of 'Upside Down' pulled off the look of dual gravity
Filmmakers have played with gravity for long time, from Fred Astaire’s 1951 ceiling dance to the ill-fated space mission of Apollo 13 to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s hallway fight in Inception. But when Argentine director Juan Solanas set out to make his romantic fantasy film Upside Down, he was presented with the challenge of filming a world not with zero gravity, but dual gravity.

Upside Down, which hit U.S. theaters this weekend, takes place on two planets that share the same atmosphere. Separate gravitational forces keep inhabitants of each on their own planet. The idea came to Solanas (who also
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Writer/Director Juan Solanas Talks Upside Down, Filming with a Limited Budget, and Four Ideas He Is Writing Now

The fantasy romance Upside Down, from writer/director Juan Solanas (The Man Without A Head), tells the uniquely original story of an interplanetary dystopian romance, in which opposite gravities literally keep the young lovers apart. Adam (Jim Sturgess) lives on the poverty-stricken planet below while Eden (Kirsten Dunst) is on the wealthy, exploitative world above, and even though their planets are so close that their highest mountain peaks almost touch, the numerous obstacles they much overcome to be together seem insurmountable. At the film’s press day, filmmaker Juan Solanas spoke to Collider, during both a roundtable and a 1-on-1 interview, about how the whole project started for him, how emotional it was for him to see the finished product of the very first vision he imagined for the film, why Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess were the perfect actors to bring his characters to life, the biggest challenges in
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Film Review: Odd Fairy Tale of ‘Upside Down’ is Also Inside Out

Chicago – Definitely one of the strangest films so far in 2013 is “Upside Down,” featuring a dream pairing of Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess. The problem is they exist as disparate lovers on opposing planets, with opposite gravitational pulls. Thus what is up for Kirsten is down for Jim, or vice-versa?

Rating: 2.5/5.0

With an opening prologue that tries to explain it all, it’s best to go with the easy of flow of lovers who are “upside down” from each other. Yes, this is shown on screen in vertigo inducing special effects. The planet that the Dunst character resides on is rich and powerful, which makes handsome Sturgess left with the dregs of the “other” planet. With elements of “Brave New World” and “1984,” there is also a corporation who wants to control this set-up, and only allows downers from Jim’s world to come “up” if they can profit from an invention.
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"Upside Down" Images and Trailer

Sneak Peek posters and a trailer from "Upside Down", the romantic fantasy feature, written and directed by Juan Diego Solanas, starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst, opening March 15, 2013 :

"...'Adam' lives on a planet that has dual gravity, living in an orphanage 'Down Below' after losing his parents in an oil refinery explosion. As a child, Adam secretly climbs a mountain that gets very close to the 'Up' world, where he meets 'Eden'. 

"Years later, they are friends as teenagers and into a romantic relationship, meeting on their mountains, with Adam using a rope to pull Eden towards Down. 

"But they are found out and while Adam is trying to pass Eden back to her planet, he gets shot and returns home heartbroken.

"Ten years later, Adam is working on creating 'anti-gravity' using a formula inherited from his great-aunt, allowing matter to field both gravitational fields at once. While developing
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Director Juan Solanas on Filming Upside Down With Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess

In Upside Down, director Juan Solanas creates a love story set on two neighboring planets with double gravity - a unique concept, to say the least. When I recently sat down with the filmmaker in San Francisco, he talked about where he got the idea for the film and what it was like seeing his dream come to fruition. Watch!
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Exclusive: Upside Down Clip

Exclusive: Upside Down Clip
Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess challenge the laws of gravity in this exclusive clip from Upside Down, debuting in theaters starting today, March 15. The story is set in a strange world of twin planets, a poorer land below and a more affluent world above, with each planet's gravitational fields pulling in opposite directions. This scene features Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) using the opposite gravity to their advantage to go on a fun and bizarre piggy-back ride in director Juan Diego Solanas' drama.

Upside Down - Exclusive "Imagine If"

Ever since Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) fell in love as teens, their bond has faced astronomical odds. The pair are separated not just by social class and a political system bent on keeping them apart, but also by a freak planetary condition: they live on twinned worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions-he on the poverty-stricken planet below,
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The Most Convoluted Movie Of The Year?

The Most Convoluted Movie Of The Year?
Los Angeles — You practically need an advanced degree in physics to fully comprehend the convoluted physical machinations depicted in "Upside Down," Juan Solanas' dizzyingly loopy sci-fi romance. Depicting the Romeo and Juliet-style romance between lovers from twin planets with opposite gravitational pulls, this head-scratcher boasts visual imagination to spare even as its logistical complexities and heavy-handed symbolism ultimately prove off-putting.

The lovers – none so subtly named Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) – first meet as children who manage to forge a spiritual connection even if they're literally upside down from each other. Unfortunately, contact between the inhabitants of the two worlds is strictly forbidden by the dominant one, Up Top, which exploits the resources of its neighbor planet, Down Below. Connecting the two worlds is a massive tower owned by an exploitative megacorporation named – what else? -- TransWorld.

Ten years after their initial encounter, which ended with Eden apparently falling to her death,
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Upside Down Movie Review

Upside Down Movie Review
Title: Upside Down Director: Juan Solanas Starring: Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst, Timothy Spall, Blu Mankuma, Nicholas Rose, James Kidnie, Vlasta Vrana What begins as a grand concept full of unusual possibilities — twinned, touching planets with opposing gravitational fields — quickly succumbs to a frustrating mixture of pretentiousness and torpor in “Upside Down,” Argentinean-born writer-director Juan Solanas’ dystopian romance, starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess. A gussied-up, threadbare fairytale narrative that unfolds in perpetual pursuit of memorable images over narrative sensibility, this misfire illustrates the axiom that even if not all good ideas are original, all original ideas are certainly not good. Unfolding against a backdrop of inter-world tension, the basic split [ Read More ]

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Solanas unveils $60 mn sci-fi flick in Hollywood

Solanas unveils $60 mn sci-fi flick in Hollywood
Los Angeles, March 15 (Ians/Efe) Argentine director Juan Diego Solanas, whose visually stunning, $60 million science-fiction romance "Upside Down" is set to premiere in Us theaters, said the film was an exhausting "odyssey" whose cost spiralled to double the original budget.

"I find it almost incredible that I survived this odyssey," the director, who has devoted the past seven years of his life to the project, told Efe.

"The film needed at least twice the budget to do it normally. We knew it would be crazy and I'm telling you it was. It was the worst experience of my life. I wouldn't do this again for any reason, not for all.
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Upcoming Movies This Weekend: Burt Wonderstone meets a greater wizard in Oz. The Call, Spring Breakers open

This weekend, Warner Bros.' The Incredible Burt Wonderstone will fall under the spell of current box office sensation Oz the Great and Powerful. Despite opening in a decent 3,160 theaters, and holding a strong, well known cast of Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey, Olivia Wilde, Alan Arkin and James Gandolfini, the New Line film will need some real magic to cross the $20 million mark this weekend. Disney's Oz, starring James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Zach Braff, should show a drop of around 45% in its sophomore weekend at play, turning in a gross in the mid $40 million range. Opening from Sony is Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin thriller The Call, finding release in 2,507 theaters. Pic helmed by Brad Anderson from the script by Richard D'Ovidio, also includes Morris Chestnut, Michael Imperioli, Ella Rae Peck, Roma Maffia, Michael Eklund and Justina Machado. The remainder of the field are limited openers,
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