‘Better Call Saul’ Review: Brotherly Love Goes Bad as Danger Mounts in the Season 3 Premiere

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‘Better Call Saul’ Review: Brotherly Love Goes Bad as Danger Mounts in the Season 3 Premiere
Better Call Saul’ Season 3 Review (Spoiler-Free): As One of TV’s Greatest Dramas Evolves, Characters Inch Closer to ‘Breaking Bad

Case Summary

Because it’s the season premiere, we get a substantial taste of Jimmy’s black-and-white future before retreating into the past (more later). Specifically, the last moments of Season 2, when Jimmy confessed to Chuck that he was responsible for sabotaging him, and Chuck secretly recorded said confession.

Jimmy’s unaware of the recording when he comes back to Chuck, trying to reconnect with his brother, and for a moment the pair do seem to bond over childhood memories. Chuck, however, reminds Jimmy that his memories also include Jimmy’s recent betrayal, and — given the meeting Chuck has with Howard later — it’s clear Chuck is out for justice.

Things are still uneasy between Kim and Jimmy, following her anger over Jimmy’s decision to “help” her get
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