‘Atypical’ Trailer: Jennifer Jason Leigh Keeps It Together in Netflix’s New Autism Comedy

There is no such thing as too much Jennifer Jason Leigh. After a high-profile turn in “Twin Peaks,” the beloved actress Leigh returns to television as a lead in a promising new Netflix series about a teenage boy on the autism spectrum. The show is called “Atypical,” and it handles its subject with humor and grace, as evidenced by a charming first trailer released today.

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Serving as an executive producer, Leigh looks to join contemporaries Mary Louise Parker and Toni Collette, who both received mid-career bumps from prestige television shows where they played unhinged mothers. (Parker on “Weeds,” and Collette with “United Sates of Tara”). The connection is also in the casting: “United States of Tara” actor Keir Gilchrist plays Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum who craves love and a “normal” life.
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Did Sons Tease Fifty Shades? Why Are Newsroom Peeps Such Noobs? Dumb Dome? And More Qs!

Did Sons Tease Fifty Shades? Why Are Newsroom Peeps Such Noobs? Dumb Dome? And More Qs!
We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mistresses, Sons of Anarchy, The X Factor and Graceland!

1 | Can Breaking Bad‘s final DVD set feature an alternate edit of last Sunday’s episode, one where we get to see Jesse on the phone taunting Walt with choice chestnuts such as, “Got my photo, bitch?” Meanwhile, Hank’s emotional call to Marie in the final minutes all but confirmed he’s not making it out of that desert alive, right? Also, why
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"True Blood" Recap (5.12): "Save Yourself"

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You guys! Last night was the season finale of True Blood. I'm still kind of in disbelief that it's over, because it really feels like it was just getting started. How are we supposed to last until 20-fucking-13 after all those seriously intense cliff-hangers? But that being said, I really feel like this was the best episode of the season, and not only because of that make out scene. But now I'm getting ahead of myself.

We begin with the fairies putting their hands together to zap the shit out of Russell, who, in turn, only feels a very slight tickling sensation. So that's terrifying. If the fairies don't have their zapping powers, what do any of us have at all? Just as he appears to be about to erupt into an fit of orgasmic giggles, Eric appears! I'm such an Eric fan right now.
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Why Didn't Runway Auf Ven? Should Bunheads Keep Its Ghost? A Glee Mystery? And More Qs!

Why Didn't Runway Auf Ven? Should Bunheads Keep Its Ghost? A Glee Mystery? And More Qs!
We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Newsroom, Political Animals, Bunheads, Project Runway and Glee!

1 | How fantastic has The Newsroom‘s Lisa turned out to be? When first introduced, she seemed like little more than a superficial foil for her journalistic roommate, Maggie. But in this week’s episode, girlfriend stepped up! She schooled Jim about choosing her only because Maggie was unavailable, then held Will accountable — on live TV — for the media’s lopsided coverage of child abuse and abduction cases.
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What to Watch Sunday: Breaking Bad Is Cooking Again, Political Animals Unleashed and More

What to Watch Sunday: Breaking Bad Is Cooking Again, Political Animals Unleashed and More
On TV this Sunday: Breaking Bad’s final season premiere is oh-so-good, D.C. is a zoo full of Political Animals, Nate & Co. gain Leverage in a new town and Episodes puts the “fun” in funeral. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm Leverage (TNT) | The Princess Bride’s Cary Elwes guest-stars (and a Serenity crew member makes a cameo) in the Season 5 premiere, which finds the gang working from a new home base: Portland, Oregon. (Read our preview Q&A with Aldis Hodge.)

Preview | Matt’s Inside Line Has Scoop on Tonight’s Falling Skies Reunion

9 pm
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What to Watch Sunday: Newsroom Gets Buzzing, Great Escape Starts, Army Wives Re-Up and More

What to Watch Sunday: Newsroom Gets Buzzing, Great Escape Starts, Army Wives Re-Up and More
On TV this Sunday: Aaron Sorkin brings his walk-and-talk to The Newsroom, life as an Army Wife is no day at the beach and The Great Escape Rocks. Oh, and Good Luck, Charlie — you’re about to become a big sister! Here are 10 programs (including one linked below) worth checking out.

8 pm Good Luck Charlie (Disney Channel) | The baby’s finally here! In this hour-long episode, the Duncans prepare for their new arrival — whose name was chosen by more than 25 million online fan votes — and to celebrate Charlie’s birthday.

8 pm Fox 25th Anniversary Special (Fox) | In case you missed
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AfterElton's 2012 Summer TV Guide

Summer used to be a time when your TV choices were pretty limited. But then then the cable networks wised up and realized it was a perfect season to launch new programming, since their broadcast competition had little to offer besides reruns. As a result, the summer TV schedule now has enough to keep you thoroughly entertained - a relief on those days when the heat forces you inside and prostrate on the couch.

Whether your idea of great summer TV is light drama, ridiculous reality, supernatural angst or smartass comedy there seems to be something for everyone. Here are the new shows that have our curiosity piqued and the returning shows we're excited to see back.

May 24

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox, Wednesdays)

Fox’s summer favorite returns with a new more compact format for the ninth season. There will be no results show, which will force Cat,
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HBO Announces Premiere Dates For True Blood, The Newsroom

HBO Announces Premiere Dates For True Blood, The Newsroom

Don't look now, but the return of summer TV is upon us.

How do I know that? Well, aside from my convenient access to a calendar, it has a lot to do with HBO announcing the premiere date for the next season of True Blood. On June 10th at 9:00, we'll be thrown back into the wild world of Bon Temps, Louisiana, free of the witches from season four but still not out of the woods yet. The return of both Russell Edgington and (newly fanged) Steve Newlin is bound to cause problems for the vamps, with Tara's fate, Terry's past demons, and the new direction of the Avl to be delved into once the season kicks off. True Blood will air in front of the season finale of Veep (June 10th) and Girls (June 17th), respectively.

Set to recur
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Tna Against All Odds 2012 Review – Bobby Roode Retains

Tna Against All Odds Recap

12th February 2012

Live From The Impact! Zone

Backstage the annoying cameraman tries to talk to Jeff Hardy but he just smirks and walks on. Rude. Following that, the opening video packages focuses on the World Title match and how important Hogan thinks the company is. It is a Vegas themed logo but that’s about as far as the theme gets. No Tazz tonight as he is dealing with a family death, so we have Tenay and Borash on the headsets.

#1 Contender’s Match to the X Division Title

Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen

All that hairspray is bad for the environment Zema. Matt Morgan is not the only one with a “Carbon Footprint.” Jesse carries his football as always in this battle of the entrance props. He give his to a kid at ringside cause he’s that kind of guy. Zema gets in
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Tna Impact Wrestling 26/1/12 Review – Bully Ray Destroys Jeff Hardy

Tna Impact Wrestling! 26th January 2011

As always, last week gets recapped. But you read that last week right? Right!?

We pick up backstage where Jeff Hardy is beating down Bully Ray in that are that they always seem to be taking photos. They brawl past that with some terribly unrealistic punches and out to another backstage area. Just in time, Roode pulls up in his beautiful white truck and jumps Hardy with Bully. Bully drops a piece of wood on Jeff’s leg that looks like it weighs less than a sponge. They throw him in the back of the truck, but then James Storm comes out of nowhere and gets involved. He throws Storm through a barricade then smacks Bully with a Plastic bottle. I should note there’s a lot of needless grunting going on. Then, Sting comes into the picture and takes a bat to Roode’s stomach.
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Impact Wrestling 24/11/11 Review – Thanksgiving Show

Impact Wrestling. 24th November

Last week, James Storm blamed everyone for jumping him, including Aj Styles. But in the end it was Kurt Angle returning and taking the credit for the attack. Felt the need to explain that since I didn’t do the results last week.

In the arena, Kurt Angle is on his way to the ring. Kurt says he didn’t attack Storm from behind, Storm just didn’t see him coming. He has cat like reflexes you see. Not surprisingly, Storm comes out to respond. Storm talks about how this has gone beyond personal, its now business. What… isn’t it normally bad when it’s the other way around? Kurt claims Storm screwed him out of his title. Storm wants to fight instead, and so takes a swig of beer. Angle says he doesn’t want to fight but he knows a few who do,
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Obsessive, Compulsive, Procedural #6: ‘Covert Affairs’

Covert Affairs

Created by Chris Ord and Matt Corman

imdb, USA, Tuesdays at 10Pm

2.01 Begin the Begin

Directed by Kate Wood, Written by Chris Ord and Matt Corman

2.02 Good Advices

Directed by Ken Girotti, Written by Stephen Hootstein

2.03 Bang and Blame

Directed by Allan Kroeker, Written by Erica Shelton

2.04 All the Right Friends

Directed by Stephen Kay, Written by Norman Morrill

2.05 Around the Sun

Directed by Félix Alcalá, Written by Dana Calvo

2.06 The Outsiders

Directed by Marc Roskin, Written by Julia Ruchman

2.07 Half a World Away

Directed by Félix Alcalá, Written by Julia Ruchman


Covert Affairs is a surprisingly smart espionage procedural which is simultaneously built on the unrealistic TV tradition of Bond Girls and a more realistic tradition of espionage procedurals.

Female spies on TV have always been heavily influenced by Bond Girls, although TV influenced Bond as well. Two of the earliest female spies on TV, Cathy Gale
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"True Blood" Episode 404 Recap: "Breed Ghost, Daddy! Breed!"

Last week I was a very bad recapper. I was so busy viewing the world through my rose-colored glasses, clutching my pearls, and hugging my Care Bears that I naively didn't appreciate the implications of what was about to happen with Jason and that line-up of Hot Shot freaks.

Then you good people went ahead and pointed it out to me. Um, thanks, I guess? So I got to spend the week Purelling my eyeballs and bleaching my brain all in an effort to try to forget any of that ever happened.

But now comes this week's episode and confirmation that what you all suspected was indeed what went down with poor Jason. And I don't think we've got enough cutesy Wtf fang icons around here to communicate just how fanged up this whole storyline has become. So let's first turn to more pleasing storylines …

Eric Gets Totally Fit-shaced

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