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Wil Shriner attends Another Harvest Moon Fort Lauderdale premiere.Photo copyright Jay Kravetz / PR Photos. Ernest Borgnine attends Another Harvest Moon Fort Lauderdale premiere.Photo copyright Jay Kravetz / PR Photos. Ernest Borgnine attends Another Harvest Moon Fort Lauderdale premiere.Photo copyright Jay Kravetz / PR Photos. Ernest Borgnine attends Another Harvest Moon Fort Lauderdale premiere.Photo copyright Jay Kravetz / PR Photos. Ernest Borgnine, Doris Roberts attend Another Harvest Moon Fort Lauderdale premiere.Photo copyright Jay Kravetz / PR Photos. 04/02/2011 - Doris Roberts, Wil Shriner - "Another Harvest Moon" Fort Lauderdale Premiere - Arrivals - Cimema Paradiso - Fort Lauderdale, Fl, USA © Jay Kravetz / PR Photos 04/02/2011 - Doris Roberts, Wil Shriner - "Another
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The Man and His Dream: A Francis Ford Coppola Profile (Part 3)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola in the third of a five-part feature... read parts one and two.

“The success of The Godfather [1972] went to my head like a rush of perfume. I thought I couldn’t do anything wrong,” admitted Oscar-winning director Francis Ford Coppola who decided to produce a $23 million romantic fantasy. “One from the Heart [1982] suffered from the perception of me as some wild, egomaniac Donald Trump type of guy, and once they think about you that way, it’s just so many months before you’re brought down.” A middle class couple (Frederic Forrest and Teri Garr) split up and head off to Las Vegas where they encounter fanciful lovers. “I wanted to take a fable-like story and treat it almost the way [Walt] Disney would approach a story in his animated films,” explained the filmmaker. “If we had made the movie in Las Vegas,
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FREDagator: 2010-09-19

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Digging through some old tapes, I found newly-minted Republican Senatorial candidate (for the state of Delaware) Christine O’Donnell’s first two appearances on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect. Here’s the 05-16-1997 episode, featuring O’Donnell, Al Franken, Rick Schroder, & Star Parker, Part 1…

Part 2…

And here’s her second appearance, from 07-09-1997, featuring O’Donnell, Clive Barker, Sophie B. Hawkins, & Wil Shriner, Part 1…

Part 2…
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Carl Hiaasen's environmentally minded young people's best-seller about burrowing owls whose Florida home is being turned into a construction site makes its big-screen transition as a blandly generic family film.

The plight of the wise old birds of "Hoot" has been dumbed down in the hands of writer-director Wil Shriner, who makes his feature debut here after building a successful career behind the camera helming numerous sitcoms.

While co-presenter Walden Media would like to think it has another "Holes" on its hands, the picture, rated PG for "mild bullying" (as opposed to, say, tepid bullying) isn't likely to come close to reaching those $67.3 million heights, though its target audience may give more of a hoot when it lands on DVD shelves.

Shot extensively in the Sunshine State, Hiaasen's story is told through the eyes of middle-schooler Roy Eberhardt (Logan Lerman), whose peripatetic family has recently moved from Montana to the sleepy Gulf Coast town of Coconut Cove.

One day, while finding himself once again in the school bully's line of fire, Roy becomes intrigued by a mysterious golden-haired, barefooted boy (Cody Linley) who runs past his school bus.

After doing a little detective work, Roy finds out that the kid, called Mullet Fingers by his tomboyish stepsister, Beatrice (Brie Larson), is the perpetrator behind numerous acts of vandalism that have been occurring on the proposed construction site for the newest member of the Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House family.

But Mullet Fingers' bad-boy behavior has been driven by a higher motivation: The site happens to be home to a local population of endangered owls, and if over-reaching executive Chuck Muckle (Clark Gregg) has his way, their nesting place soon will be flatter than one of Mother Paula's flapjacks.

With all its broadly played characters (add Tim Blake Nelson's hapless foreman and Luke Wilson's overly earnest cop to the mix), "Hoot"'s noble ecological cause ends up having little real effect, treating those cute little owls into mere window dressing as other high jinks ensue.

Behind the scenes, "Raging Bull" cinematographer Michael Chapman effectively soaks up all that ambient sunshine, while longtime Floridian Jimmy Buffett contributes breezy songs to the soundtrack in addition to playing the part of Roy's teacher.

Now there's a class you'd want to attend!


New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema and Walden Media presenta Kennedy/Marshall Co. production


Director-screenwriter: Wil Shriner

Based on the novel by: Carl Hiaasen

Producers: Frank Marshall, Jimmy Buffett

Executive producers: Toby Emmerich, Kevin Reidy, Gregg Taylor

Director of photography: Michael Chapman

Production designer: Stephen Lineweaver

Editor: Alan Edward Bell

Costume designer: Christopher Lawrence

Score: Phil Marshall, Michael Utley, Mac McAnally

Songs: Jimmy Buffett


Officer David Delinko: Luke Wilson

Roy Eberhardt: Logan Lerman

Beatrice Leep: Brie Larson

Curly Branitt: Tim Blake Nelson

Mullet Fingers: Cody Linley

Mr. Eberhardt: Neil Flynn

Chuck Muckle: Clark Gregg

MPAA rating PG

Running time -- 90 minutes

Wilson, Larson give a 'Hoot' for NL family film

Luke Wilson is boarding Hoot, Walden Media and New Line Cinema's adaptation of Carl Hiaasen's Newbery Award-winning book of the same name. Brie Larson also has joined the cast of the picture, which is being produced by Frank Marshall and Jimmy Buffett. Written and directed by Wil Shriner, Hoot centers on a young Montana boy who moves with his family to Florida, where he uncovers a plot to systematically destroy a local population of endangered owls. The boy ends up battling unusual creatures and eccentric adults in order to save the owls. Wilson will portray David Delinko, a bumbling cop whose investigation is stymied by the boy and his friend (Larson). Logan Lerman already has been cast as the boy.

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