Nick Nolte Reflects on What Acting’s Meant for Him Ahead of Walk of Fame Honor

Nick Nolte Reflects on What Acting’s Meant for Him Ahead of Walk of Fame Honor
Nick Nolte lives in a treehouse in Malibu. It’s an actual house. In a tree. A tree runs through the bedroom. He built it on the property he owns, a rustic 2.5-acre lot on which there are several small houses and an organic fruit and vegetable garden and dogs and cats running around. And every morning the first thing Nolte does when he wakes up is reach out and put his hand on the tree. And he feels the tree’s pulse. And he says to himself, “This is so cool. It’s alive.”

Nolte, who is receiving a star Nov. 20 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, bought the property, within faint earshot of the Pacific Ocean, about 40 years ago, 10 years after he moved to L.A. to become a star. The semi-remote location (Kevin Dillon is a neighbor) is something that Nolte relishes; the fresh smell of dirt and grass, the cool shade
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In the French Style

It's a genuine forgotten gem: American student Jean Seberg's five-year adventure in Paris is mostly a period of romantic frustration. Irwin Shaw and Robert Parrish's look at the problems of an independent woman is remarkably insightful; the chronically miscast and underused Ms. Seberg is luminous. In the French Style Blu-ray Twilight Time Limited Edition 1963 / B&W / 1:66 widescreen / 105 min. / Ship Date April 12, 2016 / available through Twilight Time Movies / 29.95 Starring Jean Seberg, Stanley Baker, Phillippe Forquet, Addison Powell, Jack Hedley, Maurice Teynac, Claudine Auger, James Leo Herlihy, Ann Lewis, Barbara Sommers. Cinematography Michel Kelber Original Music Joseph Kosma Written by Irwin Shaw from his short stories Produced by Irwin Shaw, Robert Parrish Directed by Robert Parrish

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Talk about elusive movies: on must keep an eye on the TCM logs to catch many of the films of director Robert Parrish. I had to wait for the advent of
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Film Noir and Western Leading Lady Audrey Long, Widow of The Saint Author Charteris, Dead at 92

Audrey Long, actress in B film noirs and Westerns, and widow of author Leslie Charteris, dead at 92 (photo: Audrey Long publicity shot ca. late '40s) Actress Audrey Long, a leading lady in mostly B crime dramas and Westerns of the '40s and early '50s, and the widow of The Saint creator Leslie Charteris, died "after a long illness" on September 19, 2014, in Virginia Water, Surrey, England. Long was 92. Her death was first reported by Ian Dickerson on the website Born on April 14 (some sources claim April 12), 1922, in Orlando, Florida, Audrey Long was the daughter of an English-born Episcopal minister, who later became a U.S. Navy Chaplain. Her early years were spent moving about North America, in addition to some time in Honolulu. According to Dickerson's Audrey Long tribute on the Leslie Charteris site, following acting lessons with coach Dorothea Johnson, whose pupils had also included
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Six of the best ... TV melodramas

Spoof mini-series The Spoils of Babylon is coming soon, so what finer time to tip our hats to the epic, emotional heavyweight classics of the genre from the 70s and 80s?

This Saturday sees the start of star-studded parody The Spoils of Babylon on Fox, in which Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Tim Robbins and Tobey Maguire take aim at the epic (and epically cheesy) American mini-series of the late 70s and early 80s. In preparation, here's our guide to six of the best original shows. (Note: yes, Roots is a 70s mini-series, but it's also a serious drama and too good for inclusion here.)

Rich Man, Poor Man (1976)

The daddy of them all. This adaptation of Irwin Shaw's bestseller told the tale of two opposite (and opposed) brothers, good boy Rudy (Peter Strauss) and bad boy Tom (a show-stopping Nick Nolte). There had been other mini-series before Rich Man,
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Brash Blonde vs. Sweet Blonde (Long Before Titanic): Farrell Has Her 'Summer' Day

Glenda Farrell: Actress has her ‘Summer Under the Stars’ day Scene-stealer Glenda Farrell is Turner Classic Movies’ "Summer Under the Stars" star today, August 29, 2013. A reliable — and very busy — Warner Bros. contract player in the ’30s, the sharp, energetic, fast-talking blonde actress was featured in more than fifty films at the studio from 1931 to 1939. Note: This particular Glenda Farrell has nothing in common with the One Tree Hill character played by Amber Wallace in the television series. The Glenda Farrell / One Tree Hill name connection seems to have been a mere coincidence. (Photo: Glenda Farrell as Torchy Blane in Smart Blonde.) Back to Warners’ Glenda Farrell: TCM is currently showing Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939), one of the seven B movies starring Farrell as intrepid reporter Torchy Blane. Major suspense: Will Torchy win the election? She should. No city would ever go bankrupt with Torchy at the helm. Glenda Farrell
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Remembering The Best Miniseries Of The '70s And '80s

Remembering The Best Miniseries Of The '70s And '80s
Special From Next Avenue

By John Stark

The golden era of the TV miniseries lasted from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s. They couldn’t go on much longer. They required attention spans (you remember those).

Even "Downton Abbey," which is kind of like a miniseries, moves faster than the winner of the Ascot Derby. You’re constantly being yanked from one plot line to another. Blink and you’ve missed a death, birth, murder, marriage, poisoning, bankruptcy, bombing, jilting at the altar, you name it. A lot goes on in that castle in an hour.

In contrast, a miniseries took its time. Stories unfolded slowly. There was real character development. Most miniseries were adapted from sprawling novels. They were huge in scope. Multigenerational. Thanks to advances in makeup, you saw actors realistically age in their parts, from young to middle age to old.

The miniseries required serious viewer commitment.
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Meet Me In St Louis embodies the virtues of a bygone era

Vincente Minnelli's sugary 1950s confections are of another age, but as the re-released Meet Me In St Louis shows, they still sing

Released on Thanksgiving weekend in November 1944, only six months after the seismic morale-boost that was D-Day, Meet Me In St Louis offered a suddenly more optimistic wartime America the chance to wallow in the sugary comforts of hearth and home, to take refuge in innocence and nostalgia. With its sumptuous Technicolor tones, its American songbook classics, and its evocation of an idyllic, untroubled fin-de-siècle St Louis that surely never existed until Vincente Minnelli dreamed it up, Meet Me In St Louis is as midwestern Republican in its outlook as Minnelli himself (though, as a closeted gay midwestern Republican, he might well have seen the Gop as perfect camouflage). Yet, as with John Ford, you can forgive a lot politically when you get so well served aesthetically.

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New at Tfh: Allan Arkush on Two Weeks In Another Town

Allan Arkush speaks the minds of every frustrated creative in Hollywood before deciding to spend Two Weeks In Another Town:

Director Vincente Minnelli and star Kirk Douglas reunited for this operatic non-sequel followup to their caustic 1952 Hollywood saga The Bad and the Beautiful, now set ten years later in the La Dolce Vita movie world of Rome and based on a novel by Irwin Shaw. Some claim its protagonists are thinly veiled representations of Tyrone Power, Linda Christian and Darryl Zanuck. Extensively recut by the studio, it’s still a delirious fantasy about Eternal City filmmaking with some memorable sequences and a terrific cast.

Click here to watch the trailer, and then follow on for a little bonus content.

I don’t even know where to start with Vincente Minelli. Understatement: he made some beautiful movies. These guys (and gals) know it:

And here’s a more personal take
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Week 199: Countdown To 600!

2 and 3 plus 10 add up to a Tfh Milestone: our 600th Trailer!

Find out what these numbers mean in this week’s preview!

On Monday, June 20th, Allan Arkush rushes back after spending Two Weeks in Another Town

Director Vincente Minnelli and star Kirk Douglas reunited for this operatic non-sequel followup to their caustic 1952 Hollywood saga The Bad and the Beautiful, now set ten years later in the La Dolce Vita movie world of Rome and based on a novel by Irwin Shaw. Some claim its protagonists are thinly veiled representations of Tyrone Power, Linda Christian and Darryl Zanuck. Extensively recut by the studio, it’s still a deliriousfantasy about Eternal City filmmaking with some memorable sequences and a terrific cast.

On Wednesday, June 22nd, Josh Olson puts 3 On a Match.

The largely forgotten Ann Dvorak sizzles in this snappy 63 minute pre-code Warner Bros. melange of booze, drugs and gambling. Scarface
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R.I.P. Betty Garrett (1919-2011)

I was saddened to learn this morning that Betty Garrett, the great star of stage, screen, and TV, passed away yesterday at the age of 94 after suffering an aortic aneurysm.

Garrett was one of those rare people — like, say, Jack Valenti — who happened to be a witness to and/or participant in a remarkably high number of historic events of the 20th century. She was a member of Orson Welles’s famed Mercury Theatre company, and was with him on the night that he shook up America with his infamous radio broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” (1938); she was Frank Sinatra’s leading lady in two of the earliest great M-g-m musical-comedies, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” (1949) and “On the Town” (1949); her career was greatly hurt by the Hollywood Red Scare after her husband, the Oscar nominated actor Larry Parks, refused to name names before the House Committee
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[TV] Rich Man, Poor Man

An epic story sprawling three decades, Rich Man, Poor Man tells the enormously long and involved story of the Jordache family. It ponders the age-old question: can money buy happiness? At least, that's one of the questions it ponders. It ponders a lot of questions, since each episode of the miniseries comprises the content of one chapter of the book it was based on, written by Irwin Shaw. It's probably one of the most thorough book-to-screen adaptations out there. Which may or may not be a fault, depending on what you're looking for in a miniseries.

The story begins with the conclusion of World War II in Europe—V.E. Day. The streets in Port Phillip, NY are full of celebration and joy. Not fully partaking in the festivities is the Jordache family, namely, the patron Axel Jordache, played by Ed Asner. He's of German decent, and although his allegiance fully lies in the U.
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DVD Playhouse: September 2010

DVD Playhouse September 2010


Allen Gardner

The Girl Who Played With Fire (Music Box Films) Follow up to the hit The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo finds Lisabeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) and Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist) joining forces once again as Blomkvist is about to break a story on Sweden’s sex trade, which leads unexpectedly to a dark secret from Elizabeth’s past. Starts off well, then quickly nose-dives into sensationalism and downright silliness, with a pair of villains who are straight out of a Roger Moore-era James Bond film. A real letdown for those of us who felt Dragon Tattoo had finally breathed life into the cinema’s long-stagnant genre of the thriller. Bonuses: English language track; Trailer. Widescreen. Dolby 5.1 surround.

The Killer Inside Me (IFC Films) Michael Winterbottom’s adaptation of Jim Thompson’s classic, and notorious, novel about the psychotic mind of a small town sheriff (Casey Affleck,
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The Casting Couch: Keanu Reeves, Zoe Saldana, Christopher Walken, Dustin Hoffman, Adrien Brody

We got as always a filled up big couch of casting news from around tinsel town and some of these are names we haven’t heard in awhile such as Christopher Walken and Dustin Hoffman but even Keanu Reeves is a name you do not hear much anymore. Check out the news on all their latest projects below on today’s Casting Couch.

Keanu Reeves has signed on as the male lead for Morgan Creek’s latest project, Passengers, to be directed by Italian auteur Gabriele Muccino. Dubbed as “Adam & Eve in Space.” The film also will have a couple of comedic roles and set designs will be created by some of the wizards who worked on Avatar. Set in the future, Passengers centers on Jim Preston (Reeves), a mechanic on a 120-year journey to a distant colonized planet in another galaxy, who becomes the first traveler to experience pod hibernation failure.
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Dustin Hoffman ready for Nightwork

  Variety reports that Dustin Hoffman will star in Ealing Studios' adaptation of Nightwork, a 1975 novel by Irwin Shaw. How To Train Your Dragon scribe William Davies will pen the script, which follows a young ex-pilot who finds himself on the run after stealing a large amount of money from a dead man. Ealing Studios are in Cannes selling the Simon Pegg-Andy Serkis black comedy Burke & Hare, and Peter Cattaneo's What The Puck, which is billed as an ice hockey comedy rather than a lewd homage to A Midsomer Night's Dream. Other...

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Dustin Hoffman to Star in Nightwork

Dustin Hoffman joins the cast of Nightwork Ealing Studios has announced several production deals. The studio is developing an adaptation of Irwin Shaw's novel Nightwork with Dustin Hoffman attached to star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, How to Train Your Dragon co-writer William Davies has signed on to pen the script based on Shaw's tale of a hotel security guard who discovers a dead woman with $100,000 lying around her room.

Ealing also has brought in Richard Warlow to pen a $30 million art world thriller named All That Glitters, which it hopes to have before cameras in 2011.

Thompson said the studio's plan for production is two-pronged: Bigger budget international commercial projects and smaller but glossy British tales with cross-border potential.

Peter Cattaneo is on board to direct What the Puck, based on the true story of Geoff Deane, who discovers his son's dyspraxia is helped by playing ice hockey. His
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Dustin Hoffman Enjoys Nightwork

Dustin Hoffman Enjoys Nightwork
Dustin Hoffman's signed up to join Ealing Studios' film version of Nightwork, which is good news for all those who love total legends appearing in thriller adaptations. The 1974 book by Irwin Shaw has one of those promising premises that should work well on screen.Here's the basic plot: a former pilot called Douglas Grimes, grounded after his eyesight deteriorates, is living in a dodgy hotel in New York when he finds a dead naked guy on the 6th floor. Catch is that the dead naked guy (whether he's also an ugly naked guy remains to be seen) has $100,000* in his possession, which Doug takes for himself. With the money's owners in hot pursuit, however, a slick con-artist called Miles Fabian (and if we were betting types here, we might guess that that's Hoffman's role, what with Ealing describing the hero as a young man) hanging around and a
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Casting Bits: Marvin Gaye Biopic, Splatter Sisters, Nightwork, The Numbers Station

Casting Bits: Marvin Gaye Biopic, Splatter Sisters, Nightwork, The Numbers Station
A bunch of new casting bits hit over the weekend, and can be found after the jump including an update on who Cameron Crowe is in talks with a new star to play Marvin Gaye, Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood sign on for "a sexploitation-serial-killer-slasher-road-movie circa 1989", Dustin Hoffman to star in a new adaptation of an Irwin Shaw novel and much more. Terrance Howard is in talks to play soul singer Marvin Gaye in Cameron Crowe's biopic about the soul singer for Sony Pictures. Will Smith turned down the role. [deadline] Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood are attached to star in the David Gordon Green-produced Adam Bhala Lough-directed Splatter Sisters. Written by Lough, the film is described as "a sexploitation-serial-killer-slasher-road-movie circa 1989" and is the first in a planned franchise. [Variety] Dustin Hoffman has signed on to star in a $30-40 million adaptation of Irwin Shaw’s novel Nightwork.
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Cannes: Dustin To Star In Ealing Thriller

Exclusive: Hoffman is attached to star in a $30M-40M adaptation of Irwin Shaw’s novel Nightwork, which he brought to the UK studio. William Davies, one of the writers on How To Train Your Dragon, is penning the screenplay. Nightwork is a Catch Me If You Can caper about a man who stumbles across a fortune hidden in a hotel corpse. From then on, he and his conman partner flee across Europe, trying to stay one step ahead of the men whose money it is. Ealing Studios has also secured the rights to remake Doctor In the House. The name won’t mean [...]
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Jason Reitman Likes Sports: Future Projects Include Films about Football and Hockey, but Labor Day Will Be His Next Movie

It would be a very weird way to play to a crowd, but speaking with Espn’s Bill Simmons on Simmons’ podcast [via ThePlaylist], Jason Reitman said that his future projects include a film about football and another film about hockey. However, his next project will be Labor Day, which confirms what he told Suicide Girls back in December. He’s currently writing the script, based on Joyce Maynard’s new novel (as he told USA Today in September). Here’s the Amazon synopsis:

With the end of summer closing in and a steamy Labor Day weekend looming in the town of Holton Mills, New Hampshire, thirteen-year-old Henry-lonely, friendless, not too good at sports-spends most of his time watching television, reading, and daydreaming about the soft skin and budding bodies of his female classmates. For company Henry has his long-divorced mother, Adele-a onetime dancer whose summer project was to teach him how to foxtrot; his hamster,
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