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Interviews (4)

Widescreen (DE) December 6 2006, Iss. 01/2007, pg. 69, by: Thomas Raab, "Es war eine außergewöhnliche Erfahrung voller Demut"
Widescreen (DE) April 5 2006, Iss. 05/2006, pg. 55, by: Matt Mueller/ Thomas Raab, "Diese ständigen Bananen-Witze!"
FHM (US) January 2004, Iss. 40, pg. 47, by: Adam Winer, "Q&A: "I'm Gollum!""
Marketplace (US) January 28 2003, by: Kim Masters, "Gollum & The Oscars"

Articles (9)

USA Today (US) February 26 2018, Vol. 36, Iss. 114, pg. 6B, by: Bryan Alexander, "Andy Serkis' brilliant, bittersweet year: Three major roles came with some heartbreak"
New York Post (US) July 20 2017, Vol. 216, Iss. 247, pg. 27, by: Stephanie Merry, "More Human Than Human: Give 'Planet of the Apes' lead the acting credit he deserves"
Aujourd'hui en France (FR) December 11 2012, pg. pg. 30, by: Grasset, Alain, "Andy Serkis avance toujours masqué"
Cleveland Plain Dealer (US) December 9 2012, pg. E1+E9, by: Clint O'Connor, "Capturing Gollum satisfying faor actor"
Entertainment Weekly (US) November 9 2012, Iss. 1232, pg. 56-57, by: Josh Rottenberg, "Gollum Gets A Makeover"
The Washington Post (US) August 6 2011, Vol. 134, Iss. 244, pg. C1+C3, by: Jen Chaney, "Aping Reality: Andy Serkis imbues emotion into the chimp Caesar, Gollum and other motion-capture rolls"
The Sunday Times Magazine (GB) December 14 2008, pg. 36 - 39, by: Scott Athorne (interview) Michael Clement (portrait), "All Features Great and Small"
The Times (GB) November 22 2008, by: Nigel Hawkes, "David Tennant and Andy Serkis in Einstein and Eddington"
Empire (GB) August 1998, Iss. 110, pg. 28, by: Christopher Hemblade

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