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'Asterix: The Land of The Gods' International Trailer Awakens The Roman Army

Last month, we showed you an early look at the upcoming animated comedy Asterix: The Land of The Gods, which brings Asterix and Obelix together in a plot to stop Julius Caesar from destroying the Gauls once and for all. Today, the first international teaser trailer has been released, although you have to be fluent in French to understand the dialogue. Regardless of language barriers, this footage shows one of Julius Caesar's officers trying to lead his naval army into battle, although he isn't having the best of luck. This 3D animated feature from directors Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier will debut in France on November 26, although it isn't clear when it will debut in North America.

Julius Caesar unveils his latest plan to get rid of those indomitable Gauls once and for all. As his army has not been able to crush "the last pocket of resistance", he
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Global Gift Gala 2012 Pictures

We have added a new set of pictures from the event "Global Gift Gala 2012".Eva Longoria attending the Global Gift Gala 2012 presented by Eva Longoria and hosted by Sheeva in France.Photo copyright by Pixplanete / PR Photos. Fm Laeti attending the Global Gift Gala 2012 presented by Eva Longoria and hosted by Sheeva in France.Photo copyright by Pixplanete / PR Photos. Sheeva attending the Global Gift Gala 2012 presented by Eva Longoria and hosted by Sheeva in France.Photo copyright by Pixplanete / PR Photos. Elie Semoun attending the Global Gift Gala 2012 presented by Eva Longoria and hosted by Sheeva in France.Photo copyright by Pixplanete / PR Photos. Sheeva, Leila Bekhti, Eva Longoria, Omar Sy and Fred Testot -
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DVD Review: ‘Park Benches’ Features Dazzling French Ensemble

Chicago – Episodic ensemble pieces in America often follow a contrived pattern typified by Paul Haggis’s “Crash.” Various diverse lives are juxtaposed and intersect while illustrating an overarching theme. What’s so refreshing about Bruno Podalydès’s 2009 French gem, “Park Benches,” is its utter lack of dramatic significance. It’s more interested in exploring the idiosyncrasies of humanity rather than preaching a self-important message.

Podalydès is a writer/director not known to most American moviegoers, but this thoroughly delightful comedy is bound to win the filmmaker many new fans. The vast majority of his screwball humor does not get lost in cultural translation, and produces countless moments that are laugh-out-loud funny. As a microcosm of Parisian society, “Benches” hops whimsically from one colorful scenario to the next, capturing vignettes as endearing as they are bittersweet.

DVD Rating: 4.0/5.0

What’s apparent right off the bat is the picture’s mammoth gallery of French stars.
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Annecy Fest celebrates 50 years June 7-12

Annecy Fest celebrates 50 years June 7-12
Paris -- The Annecy International Animation Film Festival will blow out its 50th birthday candles this year with a different toon thanks to a colorful slate of all-star guests, including Jeffrey Katzenberg, Matt Groening and Ari Folman, plus several international film premieres and professional conferences, organizers confirmed Monday. The fest kicked off Monday.

Folman will head the Feature Film Jury, which will vote on competition titles from across the globe -- this year with a particularly Asian flare. Titles include Wes Anderson's "Fantastic Mr. Fox," Tarik Saleh's "Metropia," Dominique Montery's "Kerity la maison des contes," Liu Jian's "Piercing 1," Mamoru Hosoda's "Summer Wars," Munehisa Sakai's "One Piece Film: Strong World" and Jean-Christophe Roger's "Allez raconte!"

This year's official selection will showcase 213 films in competition including features, short films, TV movies, educational programming, commercials, music videos and student films.

Organizers have gathered more than 50 animated personalities to
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Locarno International Film Festival In Competition

Riviera is a very broad title for Anne Villaceque's narrow look at a mother and daughter trying to get along amid the temptation and corruption that surrounds them on the Cote d'Azur.

Slow and sometimes incoherent, the film is unlikely to draw much attention to its ill thought out tale of what can happen to a pretty blonde who doesn't know how to say no.

Using close-ups to the point of claustrophobia, writer/director Villaceque follows Antoinette (Miou-Miou) as she cleans rooms at a swanky hotel and worries about her seldom seen daughter Stella (Vahina Giocante), who table dances at a nightclub named Milk.

Very little information is offered about the pair although there's no man about the house and when not staring vacantly, Antoinette is not above inviting the pizza delivery guy in for a beer.

Stella is vacuously gullible and believes pretty much what any man tells her including the nightclub boss who says that if she's a very good girl she can make a lot of money and get a boob job.

Impressed by a respectable looking real estate salesman named Romansky (Elie Semoun), whose room she cleans, Mom puts a card from Milk under his door. Romansky is the kind of man who is delighted equally by the automatic curtains in his room and the pornography on the television. He gets himself quickly down to Milk where he immediately spots Stella, and its downhill from there.

What might have been a cautionary tale is let down by inadequate narrative, empty scenes and the director's evident enchantment with Giocante, a love affair not entirely shared by the camera.

Agat Films & CIE -- Nicolas Blanc

No MPAA rating

Running time 94 mins.

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