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  • (1949) Stage: Appeared (as "Berkeley"; Broadway debut) in "King Richard III" on Broadway. Historical drama (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Scenic Design / Costume design by Richard Whorf. Directed by Richard Barr. Booth Theatre: 8 Feb 1949-26 Feb 1949 (23 performances). Cast: Philip Bourneuf (as "Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham"), Grace Coppin, Frances Reid, Polly Rowles, Walter F. Appler, Warren Burmeister, Robert Carricart, David Clive, Joseph Foley, Alan Frost, Robert H. Harris, Ed Hoffman, Will Kuluva, Connie Lessard, Charles Nahabedian, William Nichols, Nehemiah Persoff (as "Sir James Tyrrel"), Orrin Redfield, Michael Sivy, Ray Walston (as "Sir Richard Ratcliffe"), Douglass Watson. Produced by Herman Levin. Note: This version first presented by the Boston Repertory Association at the Copley Theatre.
  • (1950) Stage: Appeared in (as "Messala") in "Julius Caesar" on Broadway. Tragedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Ralph Alswang. Directed by Dan Levin. Arena Theatre: 20 Jul 1950-15 Jul 1950 (31 performances). Cast: Rafael Arguelles (as "Citizen"), Larry Berry (as "Citizen"), Horace Braham (as "Julius Caesar"), Sarah Burton (as "Calpurnia"), Michael Davis (as "Citizen"), Tony Dowling (as "Decius Brutus"), Alan Dreeben (as "Artemidorus"), Marshall Flaum (as "Citizen"; Broadway debut), John Garrison (as "Citizen"), John Glendinning (as "Trebonius"), Ralph Habberstad (as "Citizen"), Jerry Harvey (as "Citizen"), Joseph Holland (as "Marcus Brutus"), Stephen Joyce (as "Citizen"), Roy Kauffmann (as "Citizen"), Berry Kroeger (as "Casca"), Emily Lawrence (as "Portia"), Allan Lewis (as "Citizen"), James McLaughlin (as "Citizen"), Moses Moses (as "Citizen"), William Newey (as "Citizen"), Martin Newman (as "Lucius"), Michael Occhipinti (as "Citizen"), Nishan Parlakian (as "Citizen"), Basil Rathbone (as "Cassius"), Herbert Ratner (as "Cinna"), Kurt Richards (as "Octavius Caesar"), Winston Ross (as "Metellus Cimber"), Alfred Ryder (as "Marc Antony"), Michael Thorne (as "Citizen"), Charles Vocalis (as "Servant To Antony"), Richard Wilder (as "Pindarus"). Produced by David Heilweil and Derrick Lynn-Thomas.
  • (1950) Stage: Appeared (as "Russian Offcer") in "Arms and the Man" on Broadway. Comedy (revival). Written by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Richard Barr. Arena Theatre: 19 Oct 1950-21 Jan 1951 (108 performances). Cast: Josephine Brown (as "Catherine Petkoff"), Anne Jackson (as "Louka"), Will Kuluva (as "Maj. Paul Petkoff"), Francis Lederer (as "Capt. Bluntschli"), Fred Stewart (as "Nicola"), Sam Wanamaker (as "Maj. Sergius Saranoff"). Produced by David Heilweil and Derrick Lynn-Thomas.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "Mechel") in "Once Upon A Tailor" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Baruch Lumet. Incidental music by Sol Kaplan. Book adapted by Henry Sherman. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Costume Design / Lighting Design by Paul Morrison. Directed by Joseph Anthony. Cort Theatre: 23 May 1955-28 May 1955 (8 performances). Cast: Anita Cooper (as "Sheindel"), Rebecca Darke (as "Elka"), Peter Fernandez (as "Bertzi"), Anne Hegira (as "Sorelle"), Oskar Karlweis (as "Frenzl"; final Broadway role), Adelaide Klein (as "Chana Bayle"), Jimmy Oster (as "Leibel". Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard) and George Boroff.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "Mathematician") in "Tiger at the Gates" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Jean Giraudoux. Translated by Christopher Fry. Incidental music by Lennox Berkeley. Directed by Harold Clurman. Plymouth Theatre (moved to The Helen Hayes Theatre from 21 Nov 1955-close): 3 Oct 1955-7 Apr 1956 (217 performances). Cast: Michael Redgrave (as "Hector"), Jack Bittner (as "Olpides, Sailor on Paris' Ship" / "Second Old Man"), Judith Braun (as "Laundress"), Jacqueline Brookes (as "Lady in Waiting"), Howard Caine (as "First Old Man" / "Abneos, A Senator"; final Broadway role), Morris Carnovsky (as "Priam, King of Troy, Father to Hector"), Ellen Christopher (as "Polyxene, Young sister to Hector"), Leo Ciceri (as "Paris, Brother to Hector"), Diane Cilento (as "Helen"), Louis Criss (as "Sailor"), Walter Fitzgerald (as "Ulysses"), Wyndham Goldie (as "Busiris, A Lawyer"), Ernest Graves (as "Messenger"), Barbara Jefford (as "Andromache, Wife to Hector"), Peter Kerr (as "Troilus, Young brother to Hector"), Catherine Lacey (as "Hecuba, Mother to Hector"), John Laurie (as "Demekos, A Poet, Leader of the Senate'), Leueen MacGrath (as "Cassandra, Sister to Hector"), Tom McDermott (as "Senator"), Felix Munso (as "Ajax, A Greek Captain"), Nehemiah Persoff (as "A Topman, Officer on Paris' Ship"), Replacement cast during Helen Hayes Theatre run: Jack Bittner (as "A Topman, Officer on Paris' Ship"), Louis Criss (as "Messenger"), Ernest Graves (as "Ajax, A Greek Captain"), Michael Hogan (as "Priam, King of Troy, Father to Hector"), Jeanne Jerrems (as "Laundress"), John McLiam (as "Olpides" / "Sailor on Paris' Ship"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company. Produced in association with Henry M. Margolis.
  • (1958) Stage Appeared (as "Wechsler, Third Man") in "The Visit" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt. Book adapted by Maurice Valency. Production Design by Teo Otto. Directed by Peter Brook. Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (moved to The Morosco Theatre from 20 Aug 1958-close): 5 May 1958-29 Nov 1958 (189 performances). Cast: Lynn Fontanne (as "Claire Zachanassian"; final Broadway role_, Alfred Lunt (as "Anton Schill"), Marla Adams (as "Ottilie Schill, Schill's daughter"; only Broadway role), Frieda Altman (as "Frau Burgomaster, Mayor's Wife"), Jonathan Anderson (as "First Conductor"), David Clarke (as "Helmesberger, Second Man"), Robert Donley (as "Townsman"), Harrison Dowd (as "Vogel, Fourth Man"), Myles Eason (as "Pedro Cabral"; Broadway debut), Stanley Erickson (as "Mike, a bodyguard"; Broadway debut), Howard Fischer (as "Dr. Nusslin"), Vincent Gardenia (as "First Blind Man"; Broadway debut), William Hansen (as "Pastor"), Alfred Hoffman (as "Second Blind Man"), Lesley Hunt (as "First Grandchild"; Broadway debut), John Kane (as "Truck Driver"), Gertrude Kinnell (as "Frau Block"), Joseph Lebermann (as "Station Master"), James MacAaron (as "Athlete"), Lois McKim (as "Second Grandchild"), Kent Montroy (as "Townsman"), Edward Moor (as "Reporter"), Daphne Newton (as "Frau Schill"), Clarence Nordstrom (as "The Painter"), Eric Porter (as "Burgomaster, Mayor"), John Randolph (as "Police Chief Schultz"), Keneth Thornett (as "Hofbauer, First Man"), William Thourlby (as "Max, a bodyguard"), Ken Walken (as "Karl Schill, Schill's son"), Peter Woodthorpe (as "Professor Muller"), John Wyse (as "Bobby"). Replacement actors: Frieda Altman (as "Frau Schill"), Michael Chase (as "Townsman"), Sarah Cunningham (as "Frau Burgomaster, Mayor's Wife"), Robert Donley (as "Wechsler, Third Man"), Frank Hamilton (as "First Conductor"). Produced by The Producers Theatre.
  • (1961) Unsold pilot: Co-starred in a pilot for an adventure series called "Beach Front" about a man hired to frighten away Miami's crooks and scoundrels.

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