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The Lovin' Spoonful Kicks Out Guitarist Jerry Yester After Child Porn Arrest

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Founding members of The Lovin' Spoonful didn't wait long to can guitarist Jerry Yester -- he's now officially out of the band after his arrest for child porn possession. Mark Logsdon, publicist for the band, tells TMZ ... drummer Joe Butler and bassist Steve Boone held a meeting shortly after Yester was charged, and decided he had to go. We're told they don't have a replacement yet, so they've canceled concert dates until October 27 while they search.
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The Lovin' Spoonful's Jerry Yester Arrested for Child Pornography

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Jerry Yester -- known for playing on The Lovin' Spoonful's smash hit "Do You Believe in Magic" -- has been arrested for having child pornography ... TMZ has learned. The Boone County Sheriff's Dept. in Arkansas tells us ... Yester was booked Thursday and faces 30 counts of possession of child porn. He was arrested by the Cyber Crimes Unit at the Attorney General's Office. He was released after posting $35k bond. The 74-year-old rock musician was
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The T.A.M.I. Show + The Big T.N.T. Show

For nostalgic excitement there's no better '60s pop compendium than this! An impossibly eclectic mix of talent at the Santa Monica Civic, in a brilliantly produced live show recorded in the wonder of Electronovision! The lineup is incredible: The Rolling Stones, James Brown and Lesley Gore on the same stage? The T.A.M.I. Show; The Big T.N.T. Show Blu-ray Shout Select (Shout! Factory) 1964 / B&W / 1:66 & 1:85 widescreen / 112 + 93 min. / Electronovision / Collector's Edition / Street Date December 2, 2016 / 29.98 Starring T.A.M.I.: The Beach Boys, The Barbarians, Chuck Berry, The Blossoms, James Brown and The Flames, Marvin Gaye, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Lesley Gore, Jan & Dean, Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Supremes, The Rolling Stones Toni Basil, Glen Campbell, Teri Garr, Jack Nitzsche, Leon Russell, Phil Spector, David Winters. T.N.T. David McCallum, Ray Charles, Petula Clark, Bo Diddley, Joan Baez, Phil Spector, The Ronettes,
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First Look at It's Hell Getting Old from Hellevator Man Anthology; First Word on New Feature Mindless

Two forces to be reckoned with have teamed up to bring us our first look at "It's Hell Getting Old," a horror short from director Patrick Rea that will be part of Blanc/Biehn Productions' new elevator-set anthology Hellevator Man.

Kansas City-based Rea's short stars Kip Niven (Jayhawkers, New Year’s Evil), Joicie Appell (Nailbiter), Victor Raider-Wexler (Minority Report), and Nancy Marcy. It was executive produced by Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Michael Biehn, and Lony Ruhmann.

The script, written by Rea, deals with four elderly people trapped in an elevator on their way to their 50th Class Reunion, and one of them may have forgotten to take some important medication. The film was shot in Kansas City, Missouri, and the director of photography was Hanuman Brown-Eagle.

In addition to a few behind-the-scenes photos from "It's Hell Getting Old," we also have the kick-off announcement for Bbp's Mindless, a mind-bending thriller that marks
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Why Inside Llewyn Davis doesn't get inside the Village

The Coen Brothers movie is immersed in the folk scene of the early 60s in Greenwich Village, where boho survivors still recall the glory days – and lament a few of the film's flaws

Fifty years ago, the tenements, bars and coffee houses of Greenwich Village were the centre of a hip, bohemian society of beatniks and folkniks. That society has long dispersed, most of its landmarks erased by the onslaught of chain stores and fast food outlets. But enough of the Village remains intact that, by squinting in the Arctic freeze last week, it was almost possible to picture a 21-year-old Bob Dylan with his girlfriend, Suze Rotolo, braced against the cold in February 1963 for the covershot of the great Freewheelin' Bob Dylan acoustic LP.

It's not unusual to see couples re-enacting that pose on the corner of West 4th and Jones Street, says Mark Sebastian, a neighbourhood activist, musician
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Greenwich Village: what remains of New York's beat generation haunts?

A new Coen brothers film celebrates Greenwich Village in its 60s heyday, but what's left of Dylan and Kerouac's New York? Karen McVeigh takes a cycle tour of the area

Five decades have passed since America's troubadours and beat poets flocked to Greenwich Village, filling its smoky late-night basement bars and coffee houses with folk songs and influencing some of the most recognisable musicians of the era.

A few landmarks of those bygone bohemian days – most recently portrayed in the Coen brothers' film Inside Llewyn Davis, out on 24 January – still exist. The inspiration for the movie's fictional anti-hero, Davis, was Brooklyn-born Dave Van Ronk, a real- life blues and folk singer with no small talent, who worked with performers such as Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan, but remained rooted in the village until he died in 2002, declining to leave it for any length of time and refusing to fly for many years.
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Dying Hard: Matt Revisits Die Hard With A Vengeance

[With A Good Day to Die Hard set to open this Thursday, we'll be taking a look back at the first four Die Hard movies.  These reviews will contain spoilers since the movies have been out for years.  Click on the respective links for my look back at Die Hard and Die Hard 2.] I like to consider Die Hard with a Vengeance the true sequel to Die Hard.  It's bigger, bolder, darker, but still retains the same sense of desperation, humor, and intensity of the first movie.  Unlike Die Hard 2, the purpose of Die Hard with a Vengeance isn't to copy the plot elements of the first film, but to take the spirit of the original and paint it on a broader canvas.  Die Hard with a Vengeance takes what could have been a stolid, safe entry, and instead shakes up the formula to keep John McClane (Bruce Willis) alive and kicking, which is impressive for a guy who should have died many times over. Die Hard with a Vengeance literally opens with a bang as a group of establishing shots in New York City set to The Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer in the City" gets interrupted by an explosion.  We then
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'Mad Men' Season 5 Episode 507 'At the Codfish Ball': Summer in the city

In what continues to be "Mad Men's" season of the women (aka Season 5), three of the show's female favourites -- Megan (Jessica Paré), Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and Sally (Kiernan Shipka, finally returning to the timeline after a noted absence) learn a tough lesson about the world: It's dirty. One is accepting, one resigned and one usettled.

The Accepting

Peggy is a complicated character. Amidst all of her ambitious angst and banter with Rizzo and Ginsberg, it's easy to forget that this is a woman who comes from a deeply religious Catholic family and just a few short years ago gave birth to a child fathered by her co-worker, Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser). Like most good lapsed Catholics, she's got major issues with guilt and self-esteem. So much so that while she was momentarily blinded enough to believe that Abe was on the cusp of a marriage proposal, she quickly
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Levon Helm obituary

Drummer with the Band whose career stretched in many other directions

Levon Helm – a life in pictures

A shorthand way of describing Levon Helm, who has died of cancer aged 71, would be as the drummer with the Band, who were Bob Dylan's backing group as he made the leap from folk to rock, and then forged a hugely influential career of their own in the late 1960s and 70s. This would have made Helm eminent enough, but his career stretched in many other directions, as drummer with the rock'n'roller Ronnie Hawkins, solo artist, prolific film actor and, most recently, host of the all-star Midnight Ramble Sessions. He was an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and a fine and distinctive singer.

He was born Mark Lavon Helm in Elaine, Arkansas, the second of Nell and Diamond Helm's four children. His father was a cotton farmer but also a music lover, and the Grand Ole Opry
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Musicians Celebrate the Rolling Stones at Carnegie Hall

Musicians Celebrate the Rolling Stones at Carnegie Hall
Everett A scene from the 1970 documentary “Gimme Shelter” with Mick Jagger.

The Rolling Stones’s greatest-hits package “Hot Rocks,” released in late 1971, provided the music for an all-star charity event held last night at a sold-out Carnegie Hall. Twenty-one acts ranging in quality and invention covered the 21 songs on “Hot Rocks,” all but two of which were written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

As the event began to unfold, it seemed only good will would carry the evening: Following
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Singing Legend Making Long-Awaited Comeback

Singing Legend Making Long-Awaited Comeback
Los Angeles — Doris Day, America's pert, honey-voiced sweetheart of the 1950s and 1960s, beguiled audiences with her on-screen romances opposite top Hollywood leading men Cary Grant, Rock Hudson and Jack Lemmon.

She adored and misses them all, says the 88-year-old Day. But her deepest yearning is reserved for her late son Terry Melcher, a record producer whose touch and voice are part of Day's first album in nearly two decades.

"Oh, I wish he could be here and be a part of it. I would just love that. But it didn't work out that way," Day said, her voice subdued. It's a voice rarely heard since she withdrew from Hollywood in the early 1980s to the haven she made for herself in the Northern California town of Carmel, where Clint Eastwood was once mayor.

"My Heart," set for a Dec. 2 U.S. release, has induced Day to edge back to public attention.
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Print Is Dead Presents the Zombie Census Contest!

Have you ever wanted to be on the cover of a zombie novel? Now’s your chance! Just in time for Halloween, acclaimed indie publisher Creeping Hemlock Press/Print Is Dead announces the "Zombie Census" contest.

The Zombie Census

The modern American zombie first shuffled onto the scene in 1968 in George A. Romero’s landmark horror classic Night of the Living Dead. Over forty years later, the walking dead are everywhere, and we need you to help us keep tabs on this ever-growing pustulent population.

In celebration of the release of the fourth novel from Creeping Hemlock's Print Is Dead line, Martin Mundt’s Reanimated Americans, the award-winning indie publisher announces the "Zombie Census."

Are you a zombieholic? A cadaverific cadet? An undead aficionado? Have you always wanted to see yourself through milky, uncomprehending eyes? Or are you just going as a zombie for Halloween? If you said “Yes” to any of these questions,
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R.E.M.: Our Future Physicians Or Chauffeurs?

Davis, Calif. -- Members of the now-former rock group R.E.M. will likely land on their feet. But will it necessarily be in the music world? Might construction be a better calling? How about health care?

According to research by Davis, Calif., pop music authors Marti Smiley Childs and Jeff March, disbanded bandmates of the past have ended up in everything from landscaping to auto repair. Who knows, the mechanic who tunes up your car may have once tuned up before thousands of screaming fans at the Hollywood Bowl or Madison Square Garden.

The authors documented career changes in the lives of dozens of musicians from hit bands of the 1960s for their latest book, "Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone?".

Childs and March found many of these musicians moved on to such widely divergent fields as financial services, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, and yes, construction and health care.
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Lady Gaga Joins Bruce Springsteen, Elton John At Sting's Rainforest Benefit

Gaga performed duet of 'Speechless' and 'Your Song' with John at New York show.

By Gil Kaufman

Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen perform in New York on Thursday

Photo: Kevin Kane/ Getty Images

In the past year Lady Gaga has risen from little-known dance act to one of today's major international superstars. But how do you know you've really arrived? It's when you get invited to perform at Sting's annual Rainforest Fund benefit show.

On Thursday night (May 13) Gaga was on-hand for the star-studded show at New York's Carnegie Hall, which also featured performances by Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, host Sting, Mary J. Blige and Blondie's Debbie Harry.

Wearing a frumpy gray old-lady wig, a white mini-hoop skirt and matching leggings that looked like they were made out of Ace bandages, Gaga sat down at the piano for what the New York Daily News described as a "sober
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Summer Shakespeare in the City

With the start of rehearsals for the 2010 season of New York's Shakespeare in the Park just a few weeks away, all of us at the Public Theater's Shakespeare Initiative have started singing this year's version of our favorite Lovin' Spoonful song:Hot town, summer in the city,Al Pacino's neck gettin' dirty and gritty.Pacino will play Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice" in a production directed by Daniel Sullivan that will run at Central Park's Delacorte Theater alongside "The Winter's Tale," directed by Michael Greif. A single company will perform both plays in rotating repertory—the first time the Public has assembled a Shakespeare rep company since Joe Papp's Delacorte productions of the "Henry VI" plays in 1972. (Due to scheduling conflicts, Pacino will appear only in "Merchant.")For most New Yorkers, summer in the city may well mean "People lookin' half dead/Walkin' on the sidewalk/Hotter than a match head,
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A Streetcar Named Desire Opens 11/6 at Roxy Regional Theatre, Clarksville

Opening weekend of the Roxy Regional Theatre's production will feature two very special evenings: opening night is "Pay What You Can" night, where each audience member decides their own ticket price. Saturday's performance features a themed dinner at Lovin' Spoonful Café at 6:30 p.m., and then a performance at the Roxy. The Louisiana-inspired menu features andouille sausage gumbo, mixed green salad with orange-honey dressing, Creole corn bread and pineapple-apple bread pudding with bourbon sauce.
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Blu-Ray, DVD Round Up, June 16, 2009: ‘Crossing Over,’ ‘Woodstock,’ ‘The Cell 2’

Chicago – It’s time to dig a little deeper at and pull out a standard and HD edition of the Round-Up, our regular column that gives you the synopsis, features, and technical details on several titles that we either couldn’t get around to full-length reviewing or we didn’t think deserved the time.

Crossing Over” and “Woodstock: 40th Anniversary Edition” were released on June 9th, 2009.

The Cell 2” and “Nature’s Most Amazing Events” were released on June 16th, 2009.

The Cell 2” (Blu-Ray)

Photo credit: WB Synopsis: “Imagine a serial killer who flatlines his victims and then brings them back to life over and over again, until they beg to die. Beautiful psychic investigator Maya Casteneda (Tessie Santiago) was his last victim and swore vengeance on her tormentor before she escaped. Now The Cusp is back, and the FBI taps Maya to help capture the elusive monster.
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[DVD Review] Woodstock: Director's Cut - Ultimate Collector's Edition

Michael Wadleigh’s Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music, a comprehensive, Oscar-winning documentary of the biggest musical event the world has ever seen, makes its way onto Blu-ray glory with the Director’s Cut (1994) in a truly impressive presentation Warner Brothers has chosen to call The Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Lasting just 15 minutes shy of 4 hours, Woodstock features performances by musicians who left a lasting impression on the world scattered in between clips of the festival, its audience and its organizers.

The significance of Woodstock is hard to overplay; in an age of public turmoil, when rifts existed between countless subsets of American culture, Woodstock set everything aside for three days political expression through music. Some artists delivered mini-sermons before playing their set while others let their instruments do all the talking. There are those who insist Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” used guitar distortion to
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Win a Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music DVD from IESB!

  • IESB
Enter IESB's contest to win some really cool prizes like Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music on DVD, a $50 iTunes gift card and a chance to win a Fender Guitar!

DVD is in stores June 9th 

See Woodstock as Never Before!

This Ultimate CollectorÂ.s Edition includes Newly Discovered Performances in their entirety and More than 3 hours of New Bonus Content. Plus, the 4-Hour Newly Re-mastered DirectorÂ.s Cut.

Featuring performances from AmericaÂ.s greatest artists:

Joan Baez | Paul Butterfield Blues Band | Canned Heat | Creedence Clearwater Revival | Joe Cocker & The Grease Band | Country Joe McDonald | Country Joe & The    Fish | Crosby, Stills & Nash | Grateful Dead | Arlo Guthrie | Richie Havens | Jimi Hendrix | Jefferson Airplane | Janis Joplin |  Mountain | Santanta | John SebastianSha Na Na | Sly & The Read more
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Exclusive Video: New Woodstock Clip Spreads the Love

We have a brand new exclusive clip from Woodstock 40th Anniversary Director's Cut two-disc special edition DVD, which hits the shelves on June 9. Click below for our exclusive clip that shows a glimpse of The Who's incredible performance at the legendary event.

See Woodstock as Never Before! This Ultimate Collector's Edition includes Newly Discovered Performances in their entirety and More than 3 hours of New Bonus Content. Plus, the 4-Hour Newly Re-mastered Director's Cut.

Featuring performances from America's greatest artists:

Joan Baez | Paul Butterfield Blues Band | Canned Heat | Creedence Clearwater Revival | Joe Cocker & The Grease Band | Country Joe McDonald | Country Joe & The Fish | Crosby, Stills & Nash | Grateful Dead | Arlo Guthrie | Richie Havens | Jimi Hendrix | Jefferson Airplane | Janis Joplin | Mountain | Santanta | John Sebastian | Sha Na Na | Sly & The Family Stone | Ten Years After | The Who | Johnny Winter

1969 was a year unlike any other. Man first set foot on the moon. The New
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