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Official 2010 Xena Convention News

The following is from Creation Entertainment about the 15th Anniversary Xena Con!

HTML clipboardWow, the just wrapped up 2009 Creation Entertainment Official Xena Convention just had to be the very best yet! It truly was a non-stop joyous weekend filled with unbelievable performances and wonderful friends. We've been saying in the office for days now how fantastic all the guests were, going far beyond what is the traditional convention on-stage affairs. And Lucy's concerts at The Roxy: Omg awesome! Thank you to all the incredible celebrities and the fans who made the trip. This one was definitely the one for the ages!

We don't know how we're going to top it for 2010 but we have to because it is the 15th Anniversary of Xena (hard to believe)! Here's your invitation to make your plans now to be with us in 2010: the dates are February 5-7 in Los Angeles. Our new
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The 14th Annual Xena Convention... Live!

Blogging the 14th Annual Xena Convention -- to see all Xena Con posts, click here.

In case you're looking around your hometown and wondering where all the lesbians have gone, they're in Los Angeles at the 14th Annual Xena Convention.

Proving that geekiness is always in fashion, hundreds of fans of the groundbreaking female-centric action/adventure/fantasy series starring Lucy Lawless as a warrior with a dark past and Renee O'Connor as her soul mate and sidekick will spend the weekend loving on the show and its stars.

Unlike the last two years, I wasn't able to be in Los Angeles this weekend. My mother is ill and not even Xena matters more to me than my mom. But's KT Jorgensen, who has photographed the convention for the last two years along with me, is phoning and texting in reports, and will be uploading photos all weekend. She'll
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2009 Xena Convention Update

Added Guest for Sunday at the Convention - Joe LoDuca

Joe LoDuca: By the age of 15, LoDuca was opening for rock legends Bob Seger, Ted Nugent and the MC5 in smoky Detroit clubs and sneaking into Jeff Beck concerts. He was hooked. Onward to formal training in jazz and classical music, at the University of Michigan and in New York City. He plugged into the jazz culture. Submerged himself in music from around the world. Performed at jazz festivals in Europe. Was asked to tour with major recording artists, but he preferred composing - - it let him run freely among the disciplines without getting caught.

One day, a director friend said, "you know, you'd be good at scoring films." Within a few years he was awarded a Prime Time Emmy, eight nominations, numerous Ascap awards and was named "Horror Film Composer of the Year." The director was Sam Raimi,
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2009 Xena Convention News & Fan Attendees List

Xena Writers Workshop: Friday 8Am To Noon Here's the rare opportunity for attendees to learn more about the art of screenwriting and the business of television. An in-depth intimate Writers Workshop will be held on Friday morning of the convention (will not conflict with guest appearances). There will be two instructors for the class as follows:

Steven L. Sears -- co-executive producer of Xena, co-creator and executive producer of Sheena.  Steve has written and/or produced over two hundred episodes of television for twenty series, including shows such as Hardcastle & McCormick, The A Team, Walker Texas Ranger, and many others as well as features and pilots.

Paul Robert Coyle -- Xena freelance writer of Ten Little Warlords, A Necessary Evil, The Execution, Sacrifice II, Send In The Clones.  He's also written for many shows including Legend of the Seeker, Dead Zone, Voyager and Deep Space Nine.

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