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Interviews (2)

Cult Movies (US) 1995, Iss. 14, by: Stephen Flacassier, "Gordon Scott Speaks!"
Starlog (US) February 1993, Iss. 187, pg. 27-31, by: Bill Warren, "Tarzan the Magnificent"

Articles (3)

St. Petersburg Times (US) May 13 2007, pg. 1E+3E, by: Mike Wilson, "Life with Tarzan: First, it was just a phone call. The next thing you know, he's swinging by for a long, long visit."
The Washington Post (US) March 4 2007, Vol. 130, Iss. 150, pg. B7, by: Adam Bernstein, "Gordon Scott [Dies]; Him Tarzan In '50s, Only Better-Spoken"
Lui (FR) August 1970, Iss. 79, pg. 39, by: Annick Warin and Dina Maigret, "Le cinéma-pluriel du singulier : Tarzan"

Pictorials (1)

Le Nouveau Cinémonde (FR) November 15 1966, Iss. 1667, pg. 16, "Ron Ely le nouveau Tarzan succède à ..."

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