"Green Lantern Corps" Movie Updates

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David S. Goyer ("Man Of Steel") and Justin Rhodes are writing the screenplay for a "Green Lantern Corps" feature, based on the DC Comics'  characters, targeting a 2020 release date:

Warners will back the new feature, focusing on 'Green Lantern' superheroes 'Hal Jordan' and 'John Stewart', to be produced by Goyer, with DC's Geoff Johns and Jon Berg executive producing.

Created in 1959 for DC Comics, by writer John Broome and illustrator Gil Kane...

...the 'Green Lantern Corps' patrol the 'DC Universe' on behalf of the 'Guardians', a race of immortals residing on the planet 'Oa'.

The Corps, in existence for three billion years, survive multiple conflicts both internal and foreign.

Currently operating in pairs, among the 3600 'sectors' of the universe, there are 7202 'Green Lantern' members, two for every sector except sector 2814 which has 4 members.

Each Green Lantern is given a 'power ring' weapon granting
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Countdown to Justice League – Smallville’s Justice

Ricky Church continues his countdown to Justice League with Smallville’s Justice…

While Justice League is the first feature film with DC’s biggest heroes coming together, it is not the first live action interpretation of the team’s formation. There was a 1997 Justice League of America TV movie that failed as a pilot, which is better left forgotten, and Smallville‘s interpretation of the team in the sixth season episode appropriately titled ‘Justice’. This was a pretty big moment for the Justice League and even bigger moment for Smallville; the series had dipped its toes in the wider world of the DC universe before, but this was the first time it embraced the collective future the group had in store.

In the episode, Clark discovers Oliver Queen and some of the other heroes Clark previously met have united to take down Lex Luthor’s superhuman labs. They discovered Lex
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DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’s Obsidian Is Indeed Green Lantern’s Son

One aspect of the upcoming season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow that has everybody talking is that of the introduction of comics’ first superhero team, the Justice Society of America. While the group played a significant role in the unforgettable “Absolute Justice” episode of Smallville, they were already retired. This time, however, we expect to see them in all their crimefighting glory given that LoT is a time travelling show.

Of the various characters set to be included – Stargirl, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Hourman, to name a few – one that I’m looking forward to seeing is Obsidian, mainly because the older version of him will be played by science fiction and horror film legend Lance Henriksen. It’s also worth noting the character is the son of Green Lantern Alan Scott, whom I will discuss more in a moment.

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Lance Henriksen Says LoT Will Acknowledge That Obsidian Is The Son Of Green Lantern Alan Scott

When it was first announced that Obsidian would be featured on DC's Legends of Tomorrow and that he would be played by Lance Henriksen, many comic book fans assumed the character would be fulfilling the Alan Scott role on the show's version of the Jsa. However, recent news that LoT would be featuring both an older and younger version of Obsidian led to yet more speculation and fan theories regarding the plot of the show's sophomore season. Well, a recent interview with Henriksen has shed some new light as the actor confirmed that the show's take on Obsidian is still the son of Alan Scott and homosexual. "It’s all in there. It’s all in there, every bit of it. Yeah, being Green Lantern’s son and all that stuff and him being gay is all in there. It’s treated, honestly, kind of ungently. It’s a real thing…
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A Younger Obsidian Will Appear In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2

According to TV Line, Dan Payne (Strange Empire, Watchmen) will be playing a younger version of Obsidian in season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow.  The site further clarifies that when the Legends of Tomorrow team first meet the character, he'll be played by Payne, while a future version of the character is played by Lance Henriksen (Millennium, Aliens).   This is a pretty interesting development as there are currently no older versions of the 1940s Jsa besides Obsidian.  Is there some big, climactic showdown with the Legion of Doom that leaves the shadow-wielding superhero as the only survivor? About Obsidian Obsidian is a DC Comics superhero who first appeared in  All-Star Squadron #25 (1983).  Created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway, Todd James Rice is the son of original Green Lantern, Alan Scott and Golden Age super-villain Thorn.  With metahumans for parents, it was only natural for Todd to be born with powers of his own.
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'Green Lantern' In "Justice League" Movie

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According to DC Entertainment, DC Comics' 'Green Lantern' and the 'Green Lantern Corps' will appear in the upcoming 'Justice League' films, fighting evil with the aid of 'power-rings':

"We've been to the bottom of the ocean," said DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns. "We've been to ancient Greek mythology, we've been to the past and future with the 'Flash' and to the digital world with 'Cyborg'.

"Now we still got to go to space. So the 'Green Lanterns' and the 'Green Lantern Corps' are coming to join the 'Justice League' universe."

'Alan Scott', the first 'Green Lantern', was created in 1940 during the initial popularity of superheroes,. fighting criminals in New York City with the aid of his magic ring. 

In 1959, to capitalize on the booming popularity of science fiction, 'Green Lantern' was reinvented as 'Hal Jordan', an officer for an interstellar law enforcement agency,
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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Casts Obsidian And Reveals First Vixen Image

The CW really isn’t fooling around today when it comes to news pertaining to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Despite having an all-star team of superheroes leading the charge each week, that doesn’t mean the producers are afraid to squeeze in a few more guests culled from around the DC Universe. reports that legendary genre actor Lance Henriksen has been cast to play Obsidian, a member of the Justice Society of America. They’re quick to point out that an older actor was cast because this iteration of Obsidian’s heyday was during World War II and the crew of the Waverider will be meeting a present day or future version of him. Whether or not he’s the son of Green Lantern Alan Scott remains to be seen.

In related news, the first image of the new-old Vixen has been revealed via social media (seen
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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Will Feature The Legion Of Doom; Jsa Roster Features Some Big Surprises

Following the Legends of Tomorrow panel at this year's Comic-Con, The CW has announced some major new additions to the second season of the hit series. For starters, we now know who will be joining Hourman as members of the Justice Society of America. Though they've yet to be cast, he'll be fighting alongside Stargirl (the youthful hero who gains super powers after she inherits the powerful Cosmic Staff from Starman), Obsidian (the son of Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott who possesses the capability to become a powerful shadow), and Dr. Mid-Nite (his identity is currently unknown). Between them and the Legends, that's a pretty damn powerful team, but they're going to need to be because squaring off against them will be the Legion of Doom! This version is going to feature some familiar faces to fans of the DC TV Universe as the roster will include Malcolm Merlyn
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Legends Of Tomorrow: exploring season 1’s cliffhanger ending




Legends Of Tomorrow ended its first season with a big ol’ hint of things to come. With spoilers, here’s what it meant...

This article contains spoilers for Legends Of Tomorrow’s season 1 finale, as well as revealing Zoom from The Flash’s secret identity.

Vandal Savage is dead; murdered at three different points in time. (Even some serious ashes-tampering by Malcolm Merlyn surely couldn’t undo that... could it?) But the story of Rip Hunter and The Waverider crew - now sans Kendra and Carter - is far from finished.

Legends Of Tomorrow will return for a second season as part of The CW’s fall 2016-2017 line up. As such, season 1 ended with a standard-issue tease of things to come. Shortly after Dominic Purcell’s Mick mentioned being hungry for chicken and the gang began wandering away, another Waverider crash landed from the sky in a big puff of smoke.
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Green Lantern Isn't Coming to The CW Anytime Soon

Green Lantern Isn't Coming to The CW Anytime Soon
Back in March, it was teased that The CW's new DC Comics TV series Legends of Tomorrow will be introducing a new character from the comics in the Season 1 finale. Just a few weeks later, it was revealed that Suits star Patrick J. Adams has come aboard to play this mysterious character, who was later rumored to be both Booster Gold and Green Lantern. As it turns out, both of those reports were wrong, with the season finale, which aired last night, revealing the actor as DC hero Hourman. Just hours before the finale aired, though, executive producer Marc Guggenheim made it clear that there are no future plans for Green Lantern to appear in the DC TV universe.

Shortly after the Booster Gold rumor surfaced in March, another report claimed Patrick J. Adams is playing Alan Scott, the Earth-2 version of Green Lantern, but those reports were never confirmed.
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One Famous Green Lantern May Appear In Green Lantern Corps

Now that DC’s two biggest heroes have duked it out on the silver screen, Warner Bros. will soon bring us solo adventures for some of the more obscure characters in the DC lore. One such movie that has us incredibly excited is Green Lantern Corps, which will (hopefully) right the wrongs of the 2011 Ryan Reynolds effort. We’ve known for quite some time that multiple Lanterns would make appearances in the film, but now it seems that DC’s going as far back as the Golden Age for inspiration. A new report from Cbr has just hit the web, and it seems to indicate that DC has every intention of bringing Alan Scott to the Dceu during the events of Green Lantern Corps. Anyone with a knowledge of DC comic book lore will instantly recognize Scott as the Golden Age Green Lantern -- which DC ...
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DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Executive Producer Discusses Season 2

After having definitively dealt with Vandal Savage on last night’s season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it looks like The CW’s elite team of superheroes will be faced with even greater threats come this fall. Our biggest teaser for what’s to come came in the form of Rex Tyler/Hourman’s arrival as he made a dramatic entrance and warned the team not to embark on their next mission, for it will certainly prove fatal.

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to tease what we have to look forward to in Season 2, and the first thing he had to address was Hourman’s namedropping of the Justice Society of America.

“With his final words in the finale, he planted a pretty deep flag about where we’re headed in season two, which is not just introducing Hourman but introducing his
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The Flash season 2 episode 22 review: Invincible




Black Siren comes to Central City in a dreadful episode of The Flash season 2. Our Us chums step in to cover review duties...

This review contains spoilers.

2.22 Invincible

Alarm bells started ringing within seconds of "Invincible" kicking off. For one thing, the "metapocalypse" (which is an inexcusable word) didn't look all that intimidating. It looked less like Central City was under siege than it did a block or so in Vancouver. It was all downhill from there.

"Invincible" was so poorly written as to be completely baffling. What in the world was the point of "healing" Barry in "The Runaway Dinosaur" only to take everything away from him again an episode later? I was certain that Barry's bizarre, almost zen-like overconfidence was a mask for something deeper. When other characters started commenting on it, I figured it had to be a "Barry knows something we don't" situation.
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Patrick J. Adams’ Legends Of Tomorrow Role Revealed?

Last night it was announced that Suits actor Patrick J. Adams had been cast as a mysterious DC character who’s set to make his debut in the season finale of The CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow, and now, thanks to a new rumor from Bleeding Cool, we might just know who it is.

All we had to go on prior to this was a hint that the mysterious hero would be a “fun character the fans will love,” and should this turn out to be true, that’s certainly accurate: word is Adams will be playing none other than original ’40s era Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

Scott was reinvented for DC’s New 52 as a much younger man, who also happened to be gay. This would be a great opportunity for The CW to introduce another Lgbt character, but it remains to be seen if they go with that
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Is This 'Justice League' Member Coming to 'Legends of Tomorrow'?

Is This 'Justice League' Member Coming to 'Legends of Tomorrow'?
We know that Legends of Tomorrow is planning to introduce a huge DC Comics character in the final moments of its Season 1 finale. We also know this character will be played by Patrick J. Adams. What we don't know is who he'll be playing. It was rumored that he'd show up in costume as Booster Gold. That might not be true. As a new rumor claims, he's actually playing someone a tiny bit more popular.

Well, the suit is more popular anyway. Bleeding Cool has it on good authority that Patrick J. Adams is set to appear as Green Lantern on the hit CW series Legends of Tomorrow. But he's not playing Hal Jordon. And, obviously, he is not set to take on the role of John Stewart. Both of those characters are reportedly being saved for the big screen reboot Green Lantern Corps., which arrives in 2020. No, Patrick J. Adams
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"Suits" Star Is Green Lantern On "Legends"?

Recently came word that The CW would introduce a beloved DC Comics character during the first season finale of its "DC's Legends of Tomorrow". Many fans are speculating as to whom it might be.

Then came word yesterday via EW that "Suits" star Patrick J. Adams would be taking on the role, whatever it might be, a part described as a "fun character the fans will love". The character also has a mysterious agenda which serves as the launching off point for the second season.

Adams' character is reportedly set to appear in the season one finale and season two premiere with an option to become a recurring character. Now, Bleeding Cool claims to have found out whom he'll be playing - the original 1940s Green Lantern himself Alan Scott.

Scott, who was reintroduced in the New 52 continuity as a young gay man, is amongst several possibilities that have been
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Spoiler: Patrick J. Adams' Mysterious Legends Of Tomorrow DC Character Revealed?

Ever since it was announced that the CW would be introducing a beloved DC Comics character during the season 1 finale of Legends of Tomorrow, fans have been speculating about who that could be. The most popular theories seemed to be Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and Hal Jordon/Green lantern - and it turns out the latter may have been nearest the mark. According to Bleeding Cool, it's going to be none other than original '40s Green Lantern Alan Scott that Suits actor Patrick J. Adams will be playing. Scott was reintroduced to DC's New 52 continuity as a younger gay man, though it remains to be seen which version the show goes with - or indeed if this even turns out to be on the level. What do you guys think? The season finale of Legends of Tomorrow is set to air on May 19.
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DC’s Geoff Johns Confirms Green Lantern For The Justice League Universe

Unsurprisingly, the DC Extended Universe is dominating the internet today, after the DC Films Special aired on The CW last night. Hosted by filmmaker and renowned comic book fan Kevin Smith, the show featured DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns discussing plans for movies up to the year 2020, while introducing featurettes about the various projects. Though each segment amplified excitement for the coming releases, it was the final, exclusive announcement that confirmed the hopes of many fans – that Green Lantern and, more importantly, the Green Lantern Corps will be included in the Justice League Universe.

“We’ve been to the bottom of the oceans, we’ve been to ancient Greek mythology, we’ve been to the past and the future with The Flash, and to the digital world with Cyborg. We’ve still got to go to space. So the Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps will be coming
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Marc Alan Fishman: Oh Captain, My Liberal, Commie, Black Captain

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Marc leans back on his heels as the audience hoops and hollers. His co-band leaders John Linnell and John Flansburgh wrap up their intro song, a peppy reprise of “Ana Ng.” The auditorium simmers down a tad as the music fades.

So… uhh… have you heard the news lately? Have you seen this? Seems that Fox News was amazed that Captain America wasn’t as pro-conservative as they’d thought. Have you heard about this? Yeah! It seems they missed the whole Civil War too!

The band hits a quick rim-shot and sting of “Doctor Worm.”

Ehh, don’t blame me if you didn’t laugh. My writers stink. And to totally honest, when I read this story I didn’t laugh either. Not only because it wasn’t surprising that Fox News blew something out of proportion without vetting their sources, but because I’ve never found that channel to be funny at all.
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Want to be a professional superhero? Here’s your chance

DC ComicsGreen Lantern series has been popular ever since its conception in 1940. Alan Scott, Hal Jordon and others have all used their magical rings to fight evil in Coast City. Now, the fight against crime has moved from the streets to online – to be precise. Here, fans of the comic series can play the new Green Lantern slot game that’s taking the world by storm.

Bearing all the trademarks of the DC Comics company, the game flawlessly replicates the characters from the original comics, so fans can see their favourite fictional superheroes come to life with help from some impressive computer generated imagery and immaculate graphics.

But the visuals are just the start – it’s when players click spin for the first time they’ll get to see the real magic. The game’s paytable is extremely generous – much like the characters the comics
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