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The Blu-Ray Review: From Russia With Love (1963)

Colin reviews the second James Bond film in the series.

For reasons that seem absolutely mystifying to me now, I used to dislike 1963's From Russia With Love, the second James Bond film. I always liked its predecessor, 1962's Dr. No, and I absolutely adored the follow-up, 1964's Goldfinger.

For reasons unknown, I just couldn't get into Russia. I vaguely recall an impression that it was dull and slow moving, but now that I've seen it again, I think I must have watched it on Opposite Day, for the truth of the matter is quite different from my old perception.

In fact, I now feel that Russia is clearly one of the best Bond films. It surpasses Dr. No and definitely rivals Goldfinger and 1965's Thunderball. Man, what was I thinking when I disliked this movie? I guess I'm not infallible after all!

In any case, I find Russia to
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