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Review Round-Up: ‘D.I.Y.’ & ‘Life Itself’


No, this isn’t an informative article about building shelves and benches but rather the first major short film from Josh and Mitch and Jam Flicks, better known for their adverts. Cantering around one man, Andrew (Anton Saunders), who’s left broken after discovering his wife has had an affair. Unable to confront her about it, he tracks down the man she’s sleeping with and goes to his place of work – a D.I.Y store.

This is easily the best short film I’ve reviewed so far. There’s almost nothing to it; no real action, or strong dialogue. In fact then entire script is basically the guy serving Andrew and being bemused with his spaced out behaviour. It all pretty much rests on Saunders’s acting and portrayal of a man torn between doing nothing and brutally assaulting the man sleeping with his wife. Fortunately, he does a stellar job.
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"Luther" Film A Prequel, Alice Gets Spin-Off

Since the finish of BBC's extra bleak crime drama "Luther" in July, many have been wondering more about what comes next for the franchise.

Creator Neil Cross has previously stated on numerous occasions that there have been plans for a movie, but wouldn't say if it is going to be a prequel or a sequel.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Cross finally confirmed that it will be a prequel. The script is done and he hopes to get the film made next year.

Cross says: "It will follow his [Luther's] career in the earlier days, when he is still married to Zoe, and the final scene in the film is the first of the initial TV series." That scene being the death of a serial paedophile Henry Madsen (Anton Saunders) whom Luther failed to save from a fall off a catwalk in a chemical factory.

Cross says that part of
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A Band Goes on a Tour in Hell with Rock & Roll F'n' Lovely

Having managed a band a decade or so ago, I can tell you one thing for sure... the road can be a strange friggin' place. Lord knows I've seen more than my fair share of weird things, but they were nothing compared to what's on display in Rock & Roll F'n' Lovely.

Josh Bagnall directs the flick, which stars Joel Fry, Anton Saunders, Lee Whitlock, Michael Starke, Mick Whitnall, John Jenkins, Eddie Jenkins, and Pete Doherty. Super curious? You can watch the movie right now via iTunes.


A dark and fantastical touring tale with a little rock and roll on the side, this touring crew drama focuses on a mythical festival tour that becomes a rock and roll legend. With stunning cinematography and shocking behind-closed-doors scenes, this is not a film for the faint-hearted. A unique take on the festival scene, the film captures the essence of the festival spirit
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