Doctor Who complete reviews: The Awakening

Tradition's a funny old thing, isn't it? For no good reason some people cling to the same old routines year in year out, like some moth-eaten comfort blanket. How else can you exlain the horror that is New Year's Eve - Aka The Most Pointless Event In The Yearly Calendar. The same old boring routine: Paying extortionate amounts for a pub or restaurant ticket and thus being unable to move from a fixed position because of the crowds. Or staying in at home and getting annoyed when someone wants to watch Roland Rat soundalike Jools Holland and his annual festive self-indulgent flatulence. And then Auld Lang Syne, what the hell's all that about? All this big hoo-haa for...!

A clock changing.

If you want to trace the roots of this idea, then look no further than the 1971 Pertwee classic, The Daemons. Both stories feature a church that houses a malevolent being hell-bent on causing destruction.
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