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  • (2014) TV commercial, "Files," for the Capital One Spark Card business credit card.
  • Pippin (1972). Musical comedy. Book by Roger O. Hirson [Uncredited]. Book by Bob Fosse. Music by Stephen Schwartz. Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Musical Director: Stanley Lebowsky. Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns. Dance arrangements by John Berkman. Choreographed by Bob Fosse. Directed by Bob Fosse. Imperial Theatre (moved to The Minskoff Theatre from 15 Mar 1977- close): 23 Oct 1972- 12 Jun 1977 (1944 performances + 5 previews that began on 18 Oct 1972). Cast: Eric Berry (as "Charles"), Jill Clayburgh (as "Catherine"), Leland Palmer (as "Fastrada"), John Rubinstein (as "Pippin") [Broadway debut], Irene Ryan (as "Berthe") [only Broadway role; died on 26 Apr 1973, initially replaced by Lucie Lancaster], Ben Vereen (as "Leading Player"), Roger A. Bigelow (as "Dance Alternate"), Candy Brown (as "Player"), Christopher Chadman (as "Lewis"), Cheryl Clark (as "Dance Alternate"), Kathryn Doby(as "Player"), Gene Foote (as "Noble"), Roger Hamilton (as "The Head/Field Marshall"), Richard Korthaze (as "Beggar"), John Mineo (as "Musician"), Jennifer Nairn-Smith (as "Player"), Shane Nickerson (as "Theo"), Ann Reinking (as "Player"), Paul Solen (as "Peasant"), Pamela Sousa (as "Player"). Standbys: Northern J. Calloway (as "Leading Player"), Lucie Lancaster (as "Berthe"), Will McMillan (as "Theo"), Walter Willison (as "Pippin"). Understudies: Candy Brown (as "Fastrada"), Gene Foote (as "Leading Player"), Roger Hamilton (as "Charles"), Ann Reinking (as "Catherine"). Replacement actors included: Sandahl Bergman (as "Player") [unknown date], Betty Buckley (as "Catherine") [from 11 Jun 1973- ?], Antonia Ellis (as "Fastrada") [from 5 Jan 1976- ?], Lucie Lancaster (as "Berthe") [from Apr 1973- ?], Dorothy Stickney (as "Berthe") [from 11 Jun 1973- ?]. Produced by Stuart Ostrow. Note: Ms. Ryan was nominated (posthumously) for Tony Award as Best Supporting or Featured Actress (Musical).
  • Children of a Lesser God (1980). Drama. Written by Mark Medoff. Scenic Design by Thomas A. Walsh. Costume Design by Nancy Potts. Lighting Design by Tharon Musser. Assistant to Mr. Musser: Curt Ostermann. Assistant to Ms. Potts: Kenneth M. Yount. Directed by Gordon Davidson. Longacre Theatre: 30 Mar 1980- 16 May 1982 (887 performances + 9 previews that began on 22 Mar 1980). Cast: Phyllis Frelich (as "Sarah Norman"), John Rubinstein (as "James Leeds"), Scotty Bloch (as "Mrs. Norman"), William Frankfather (as "Mr. Franklin"), Julianne Gold (as "Lydia"), Lucy Martin (as "Edna Klein"), Lewis Merkin (as "Orin Dennis"). Replacement actors: David Ackroyd (as "James Leeds"), Jo de Winter (as "Mrs. Norman"), Peter Evans (as "James Leeds"), Robert Steinberg (as "James Leeds"), James N. Stephens (as "James Leeds"). Understudy: Elizabeth Quinn (as "Sarah Norman"). Produced by Emanuel Azenberg, The Shubert Organization (Gerald Schoenfeld: Chairman. Bernard B. Jacobs: President), Dasha Epstein and Ron Dante. Associate Producer: William P. Wingate and Kenneth Brecher. Note: Filmed as Children of a Lesser God (1986).
  • Fools (1981). Comedy. Written by Neil Simon. Incidental music by John Rubinstein. Directed by Mike Nichols. Eugene O'Neill Theatre: 6 Apr 1981- 9 May 1981 (40 performances + 14 previews that began on 25 Apr 1981). Cast: John Rubinstein (as "Leon Tolchinsky"), Harold Gould (as "Doctor Zubritsky"), Gerald Hiken (as "Snetsky"), Joseph Leon (as "Mishkin"), David Lipman (as "Slovitch"), Pamela Reed (as "Sophia Zubritsky"), Richard B. Shull (as "Gregor Yousekevitch"), Florence Stanley (as "Yenchna"), Fred Stuthman (as "Magistrate"), Mary Louise Wilson Lenya Zubritsky"). Produced by Emanuel Azenberg.
  • (1983) Stage Play: The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial. Drama (revival). Written by Herman Wouk. Directed by Arthur Sherman. Circle in the Square Theatre: 15 Apr 1983- 6 Nov 1983 (216 performances + 20 previews that began on 15 Apr 1983). Cast: William Atherton (as "Lt. Cmdr. John Challee"), John Rubinstein (as "Lt. Barney Greenwald"), Jace Alexander (as "SM3 Junius Urban"), Clinton Allmon (as "Member of the Court/Officer of the Caine at hotel"), Richard Arbolino (as "Orderly"), Warren Ball (as "Member of the Court"), Chad Burton (as "Member of the Court/Officer of the Caine at hotel"), J. Kenneth Campbell (as "Lt. Thomas Keefer"), Sam Coppola (as "Member of the Court/Officer of the Caine at hotel"), Daniel Davin (as "Member of the Court"), Oliver Dixon (as "Member of the Court"), Jonathan Hogan (as "Lt. (j.g.) Willis Seward Keith"), Geoffrey Horne (as "Dr. Bird"), Stephen Joyce (as "Capt. Blakely"), Michael Moriarty (as "Lt. Cmdr. Philip Francis Queeg"), Tom Paliferro (as "Stenographer"), Jay O. Sanders (as "Lt. Stephen Maryk"), Leon B. Stevens (as "Dr. Forrest Lundeen"), Brad Sullivan (as "Capt. Randolph Southard"). Replacement actors: Joe Namath (as "Lt. Stephen Maryk") [Broadway debut], D.B. Sweeney [Broadway debut]. Produced by Circle in the Square (Theodore Mann: Artistic Director. Paul Libin: Managing Director) and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Note: This was the first Broadway revival since the original 1954 production.
  • (1984) Stage Play: Hurlyburly. Written by David Rabe. Scenic Design by Tony Walton. Costume Design by Ann Roth. Lighting Design by Jennifer Tipton. Sound Design by Otts Munderloh. Make-Up Consultant: J. Roy Helland. Hair Consultant: J. Roy Helland. Directed by Mike Nichols. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 7 Aug 1984- 2 Jun 1985 (343 performances). Cast: William Hurt (as "Eddie"), Judith Ivey (as "Bonnie"), Harvey Keitel (as "Phil"), Cynthia Nixon [note: Performed in "The Real Thing" and "Hurlyburly" simultaneously] (as "Donna"), Ron Silver (as "Mickey"), Jerry Stiller (as "Artie"), Sigourney Weaver. NOTE: Replacement actors: Danny Aiello (as "Phil") [from 20 Mar 1985-?], Susan Anton (as "Darlene") [from 2 Jan 1985- ?], Christine Baranski (as "Bonnie") [from 2 Jan 1985- ?], Alison Bartlett (as "Donna") [from 10 Dec 1984- ?], Candice Bergen (as "Darlene") [from 23 Oct 1984- ?], John Christopher Jones {Sunday matinées only} (as "Eddie"/Alternate) [from 18 Nov 1984- ?], (as "Eddie") [from 5 Feb 1985- ?], Frank Langella (as "Eddie" [from 12 Mar 1985- ?], Harris Laskawy (as "Phil") [from 2 Jan 1985- ?], Natalia Nogulich, John Rubinstein (as "Eddie") [from 2 Jan 1985- ?], Kevin Spacey (as "Artie"), Lauren Tom (as "Donna") [from 10 Dec 1984- ?], Christopher Walken (as "Mickey"). Produced by Icarus Productions and Frederick M. Zollo. Produced in association with Ivan Bloch and ERB Productions. Associate Producer: William P. Suter.
  • Love Letters (1989). Written by A.R. Gurney. Directed by John Tillinger. Edison Theatre: 31 Oct 1989- 21 Jan 1989 (96 performances). Cast: Colleen Dewhurst (as "Melissa Gardner [from 31 Oct 1989- 5 Nov 1989], Jason Robards (as "Andrew Makepiece"). Replacement actors: Polly Bergen (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 2 Jan 1990- 7 Jan 1990], Stockard Channing (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 7 Nov 1989- 12 Nov 1989], John Clark (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 26 Dec 1989- 31 Dec 1989], Jane Curtin (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 28 Nov 1989- 3 Dec 1989], David Dukes (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 12 Dec 1989- 17 Dec 1989], Robert Foxworth (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 21 Nov 1989- 26 Nov 1989], Edward Herrmann (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 28 Nov 1989- 3 Dec 1989], Timothy Hutton (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 19 Dec 1989- 24 Dec 1989], Swoosie Kurtz (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 14 Nov 1989- 19 Nov 1989], Nancy Marchand (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 5 Dec 1989- 10 Dec 1989], Elizabeth McGovern (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 19 Dec 1989- 24 Dec 1989], Elizabeth Montgomery (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 21 Nov 1989- 26 Nov 1989], Kate Nelligan (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 9 Jan 1990- 4 Jan 1990 and from 12 Dec 1990- 17 Dec 1990], Lynn Redgrave (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 26 Dec 1989- 31 Dec 1989], Cliff Robertson (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 16 Jan 1990- 21 Jan 1990], John Rubinstein (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 7 Nov 1989- 12 Nov 1989], Elaine Stritch (as "Melissa Gardner") [from 16 Jan 1990- 21 Jan 1990], Richard Thomas (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 14 Nov 1989- 19 Nov 1989], Robert Vaughn (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 2 Jan 1990- 7 Jan 1990], Fritz Weaver (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 5 Dec 1989- 10 Dec 1989], Treat Williams (as "Andrew Makepiece Ladd III") [from 9 Jan 1990- 14 Jan 1990]. Produced by Roger L. Stevens, Thomas Viertel, Steven Baruch and Richard Frankel.
  • (1996) Stage Play: Getting Away With Murder. Comedy/thriller. Written by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth. Directed by Jack O'Brien. Broadhurst Theatre: 17 Mar 1996- 31 Mar 1996 (17 performances + 29 previews that began on 20 Feb 1996). Cast: Christine Ebersole (as "Dossie Lustig"), Terrence Mann (as "Gregory Reed"), John Rubinstein (as "Martin Chisholm"), Kandis Chappell (as "Pamela Prideaux"), Al Espinosa (as "Roberto"), Frankie Faison (as "Dan Gerard'), Mia Farrow (as "Voice of Doctor Bering's Wife") [Recorded voice only/Uncredited], Herb Foster (as "Dr. Conrad Bering"), George Furth (as "Voice of Other Doctor") [Recorded voice only/Uncredited], Michelle Hurd (as "Charmaine"), Jodi Long (as "Nam-Jun Vuong"), Josh Mostel (as "Vassili Laimorgos"), William Ragsdale (as "Young Man"). Produced by Roger Berlind.
  • (1998) Stage Play: Ragtime. Musical/drama. Book by Terrence McNally. Music by Stephen Flaherty. Based on the novel by E.L. Doctorow. Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens. Music orchestrated by William David Brohn. Musical Director: David Loud. Dance music arranged by David Krane. Vocal arrangements by Stephen Flaherty. Associate Choreographer: Willie Rosario. Livent Resident Director: Anne Allan. Associate Resident Director: Tara Young and Stafford Arima. Musical Staging by Graciela Daniele. Directed by Frank Galati. Ford Center for the Performing Arts: 18 Jan 1998- 16 Jan 2000 (834 performances + 27 previews that began on 26 Dec 1997). Cast: Peter Friedman (as "Tateh"), Mark Jacoby (as "Father"), Marin Mazzie (as "Mother"), Audra McDonald (as "Sarah"), Brian Stokes Mitchell (as "Coalhouse Walker Jr."), Jim Corti (as "Harry Houdini"), Tommy Hollis (as "Booker T. Washington"), Judy Kaye (as "Emma Goldman"), Lynnette Perry (as "Evelyn Nesbit"), Steven Sutcliffe (as "Mother's Younger Brother"), Shaun Amyot (as "Ensemble"), Darlene Bel Grayson (as "Ensemble"), Kevin Bogue (as "Stanford White/Ensemble"), Sondra M. Bonitto (as "Ensemble"), Rod Campbell (as "Admiral Peary/Reporter/Ensemble"), Jamie Chandler-Torns (as "Ensemble"), Larry Daggett (as "Henry Ford/Policeman/Town Hall Bureaucrat"), Ralph Deaton (as "Ensemble"), Rodrick Dixon (as "Ensemble"), Bernard Dotson (as "Ensemble"), Donna Dunmire (as "Ensemble"), Adam Dyer (as "Ensemble"), Duane Martin Foster (as "Matthew Henson/Black Lawyer/Gang Member/Ensemble"), Patty Goble (as "Ensemble"), Colton Green (as "Harry K. Thaw/Policeman/Ensemble"), Elisa Heinsohn (as "Ensemble"), Anne Kanengeiser (as "Kathleen/2nd Bureaucrat/Welfare Official/Ensemble"), Jeffrey Kuhn (as "Reporter/Fireman/Clerk/Ensemble"), Keith LaMelle Thomas (as "Pas de Deux/Ensemble"), Joe Langworth (as "Ensemble"), Joe Locarro (as "Conductor/Ensemble"), Conrad McLaren (as "Grandfather/Foreman"), Lea Michele (as "The Little Girl"), David Mucci (as "Willie Conklin"), Anne L. Nathan (as "Brigit/Baron's Assistant/Ensemble"), Panchali Null (as "Ensemble"), Mike O'Carroll (as "J.P. Morgan/Judge"), Mimi Quillin (as "Ensemble"), Michael Redd (as "Little Coalhouse/Alternate"), Monica L. Richards (as "Pas de Deux/Ensemble"), Shane Rogers (as "Little Coalhouse/Alternate"), Orgena Rose (as "Ensemble"), Gordon Stanley (as "Trolley Conductor/Reporter/Charles S. Whitman/Ensemble"), Alex Strange (as "The Little Boy"), Angela Teek (as "Ensemble"), Vanessa Townsell-Crisp (as "Sarah's Friend"), Allyson Tucker (as "Ensemble"), Leon Williams (as "Ensemble"), Bruce Winant (as "Doctor/Dirty Old Man/White Lawyer/Ensemble"). Replacement cast: Johmaalya Adelekan (as "Ensemble"), James D. Beeks (as "Ensemble"), Leslie Bell (as "Ensemble"), Dara Paige Bloomfied (as "The Little Girl/Alternate"), Amy Bodnar (as "Ensemble"), Donna Bullock (as "Mother"), Scott Carollo (as "Mother's Younger Brother"), Darlesia Cearcy (as "Sarah"), Albert Christmas (as "Ensemble"), Christopher Cordell (as "The Little Boy"), Pierce Cravens (as "The Little Boy/Alternate"), Joseph Dellger (as "Father"), Erick Devine (as "Foreman/J.P. Morgan"), John Dossett (as "Father"), Bernard Dotson (as "Pas de Deux"), Roberta Duchak (as "Ensemble"), Mary Sharon Dziedzic (as "Ensemble"), Tina Fabrique (as "Sarah's Friend"), Sean Grant (as "Ensemble"), Jeff Hairston (as "Ensemble"), Anthony Blair Hall (as "The Little Boy"), Paul Harman (as "Child Buyer/Doctor/Ensemble"), Davon Harris (as "Little Coalhouse/Alternate"), Isaiah S. Henderson (as "Little Coalhouse/Alternate"), Rosena M. Hill (as "Ensemble"), Adam Hunter (as "Ensemble"), Michael Hyatt (as "Sarah's Friend"), Kimberly JaJuan (as "Ensemble"), LaChanze (as "Sarah"), Janine LaManna (as "Evelyn Nesbit"), Deidre Lang (as "Ensemble/Pas de Deux"), Elizabeth Lundberg (as "The Little Girl"), David Masenheimer (as "Henry Ford"), Rusty Mowery (as "Ensemble"), Kimberly Dawn Neumann (as "Ensemble"), Zoie Quinde (as "Ensemble"), Michele Ragusa (as "Evelyn Nesbit"), John Rubinstein (as "Tateh"), Michael Rupert (as "Tateh"), James Stovall (as "Coalhouse Walker Jr."), Landel Thorman (as "Little Coalhouse/Alternate"), Tom Toner (as "Grandfather/Reporter"), Josh Tower (as "Ensemble"), Ron Trenouth (as "Child Buyer/Doctor/Ensemble"), Ann Van Cleave (as "2nd Bureaucrat/Ensemble/Kathleen/Welfare Official"), Joseph Webster (as "Ensemble"), Alton Fitzgerald White (as "Coalhouse Walker Jr."), Mindy Franzese Wild (as "Ensemble"), Laurie Williamson (as "Ensemble"), Eric Jordan Young (as "Ensemble/Pas de Deux"), Bernie Yvon (as "Harry Houdini"). Produced by Livent (U.S.) Inc.
  • Originated the role of Tateh in the Vancouver production of the stage musical Ragtime, and replaced Peter Friedman on Broadway.
  • (2001) He acted in Neil Simon's play, "Plaza Suite," in a Classic Contemporary American Plays Production at the Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Bonnie Franklin, David Spielberg, Teri Garr, Steve Landesberg, Jordan Belfi, and Misty Cotton in the cast; directed by Marilyn Shapiro.
  • (2001 - 2002) He acted in Neil Simon's play, "Plaza Suite," in a Bonnie Franklin's Classic Contemporary American Play production at the Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Bonnie Franklin, David Spielberg, Teri Garr, Steve Landesberg, Jordan Belfi, and Misty Cotton in the cast. Marilyn Shapiro was director.
  • (2015) Stage musical: "Pippin" - playing Charles, the title character's father, with the national touring company.
  • (1979 - 1980) He acted in Mark Medoff's play, "Children of a Lesser God," on Broadway in New York City with Phyllis Frelich in the cast. Gordon Davidson was director.
  • (October 14 to December 9, 1979) He acted in Mark Medoff's play, "Children of a Lesser God," in a world premiere at the Mark Taper Forum Theatre in Los Angeles, California with John Rubinstein in the cast. Gordon Davidson was director. Thomas A. Ruzika was lighting designer.

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