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‘Star Trek Discovery’: How They Designed the Mirror Universe and the Klingon World

‘Star Trek Discovery’: How They Designed the Mirror Universe and the Klingon World
In “Star Trek Discovery,” which explores the Federation-Klingon war a decade before the original series, there’s a blending of old and new in the great tradition of creator Gene Roddenberry. This extends to the eye-popping world building as well, overseen by Tamara Deverell (“The Strain”), the franchise’s first female production designer.

For Deverell, it was an opportunity to visually re-imagine the CBS All Access series in a relatable way. This was in keeping with the emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

The look is rich, lush, exotic, and very cinematic. But it was a rapid trial by fire for Deverell, who entered in the middle of Season One. She not only had to quickly get up to speed on “Star Trek” canon and work within the vast, concentric USS Discovery, but also design a planet for episode eight (“Si Vis Pacem”) in short order.

Designing Pahvo

“The network wanted
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20 Things That Make No Sense About The Star Trek Reboot Movies

To put it mildly, the<strong><em> Star Trek</em></strong> reboot films are very divisive for fans of the franchise. On one hand, the reboots accomplished exactly what they set out to do: they made <em>Star Trek</em>, a series that stereotypically focuses on basic ideas like exploration and peace, seem like an action series instead. Accordingly, this helped bring in a lot of casual viewers that would never previously have called themselves fans of Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the crew.

On the other hand, it’s tough for this to not feel like a bit of a slap in the face to longtime fans of the franchise. Part of what makes <em>Trek</em> so cool is that its ideas endure: whether you’re watching <em>The Original Series</em>, <em>Next Generation</em>, or <em>Voyager</em>, you get the same basic kind of show which is arranged around the same basic, Utopian principles of franchise creator Gene Roddenberry.
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'Jessica Jones' Director in Talks to Helm 'Star Trek 4'

'Jessica Jones' Director in Talks to Helm 'Star Trek 4'
Star Trek is boldly going where no woman has gone before.

The venerated sci-fi movie franchise based on Gene Roddenberry's 1960s television show has been churning out installments since 1979, but none of them have been directed by a woman … until now.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Paramount is deep in the hunt for a female director, a mandate that comes from the top, including producer J.J. Abrams, to helm Star Trek 4, the new installment of the rebooted film series that stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

S.J. Clarkson, the woman who directed the pilot for Netflix’s acclaimed...
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‘The Expanse’: The Syfy Drama Takes On TV Faith in a New Way, By Actually Using Real Religions

  • Indiewire
‘The Expanse’: The Syfy Drama Takes On TV Faith in a New Way, By Actually Using Real Religions
[Editor’s note: Spoilers follow for “The Expanse” Season 3, Episode 2, “Iff.”]

In Wednesday night’s episode of “The Expanse,” fans were introduced to a major new player for Season 3, and Anna Volovodov sure did make an impact: because in a sea of screaming men and women, she was the only nice person around.

We first see Anna attempting to enter the United Nations on Earth while scooting past a mob of anti-war protestors. When a young man collapses through the barricade and breaks his wrist in front of her, she demonstrates immense calm as she directs a nearby guard to help the guy, not taking no for an answer but handling the situation with firm grace, even after getting hit in the head.

So it’s not that much of a surprise when we find out that she’s not just a nice lady: She’s a Reverend Doctor who leads a small Methodist congregation, who
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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Casts Captain Pike For Season 2, but Spock Needs to Be Next

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Casts Captain Pike For Season 2, but Spock Needs to Be Next
It’s official: Season 2 of “Star Trek: Discovery” will feature the captain of the Enterprise — no, not Kirk, but the one before him. Anson Mount (“Hell on Wheels,” “Marvel’s Inhumans”) is joining the cast of the CBS All Access series as Captain Christopher Pike. It’s more than just casting news — it’s news that has us dying to find out what’s going on with that half-Vulcan who’s also on board the Enterprise at this time.

[Editor’s note: Spoilers for “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 1 follow.]

Pike’s casting is news we’ve been expecting since the Season 1 finale of “Discovery,” which featured the good ship Discovery encountering the Starfleet flagship and teased Pike’s presence. Executive producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts have been clear since the end of the season about having to handle “Discovery’s” temporal placement, as the show exists within a period of “Star Trek” history that now overlaps with established continuity.
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Simon Pegg on ‘Star Trek 4': ‘I Don’t Think’ Quentin Tarantino Will Direct It

Simon Pegg on ‘Star Trek 4': ‘I Don’t Think’ Quentin Tarantino Will Direct It
Don’t get too excited just yet about a Quentin TarantinoStar Trek” sequel.

Throwing cold water on previous reports the Oscar-winning director would lead the charge on “Star Trek 4,” series star and writer Simon Pegg has expressed his doubts. In public.

“I don’t think Quentin is going to direct it,” Pegg told ThePlaylist in a recent interview, adding, “Because he’s got his California movie [“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”] to do and then I think only doing one more film after that. And I doubt, I don’t think he could get around to directing a ‘Star Trek’ in two-three years.”

There are currently three “Star Trek 4” scripts, TheWrap previously reported, speaking to a person familiar with the project — a fact let slip by Spock actor Zachary Quinto in a recent interview with E.T. Canada.

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Beyond Tarantino’s script, another one is being developed by Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne — who wrote the first draft for “Star Trek: Beyond” — and another yet by Doug Jung and the aforementioned Pegg, who wrote “Beyond’s” final draft.

“I feel like we are in a state of anticipation,” Quinto told E.T. “All of us are really excited about the idea of working with Quentin on a Trek film, but I know Simon Pegg and Doug Jung … are writing a script and there are another set of writers writing a script. So I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

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Incidentally, it’s not the first time a “Star Trek” sequel has arisen out of multiple scripts. 1982’s “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” was an amalgam of multiple screenplays. When Nicholas Meyer came aboard to direct, he picked through what he liked out of all of them — including original TV series creator Gene Roddenberry’s — and stitched them together.

“Star Trek 4” is tentatively scheduled for a 2019 release. Paramount has yet to announce a production start date.

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Today in Movie Culture: Funny 'Pacific Rim' Recap, Fact Checking 'Superman III' and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:   Recap of the Day: Before going to see Pacific Rim: Uprising, recall what happened in the first Pacific Rim with help from this silly recap:   Reworked Movie of the Day: Nerdist imagines Pacific Rim: Uprising as a 1975 release in this reworked trailer for the new sequel:   Reworked Trailer of the Day: Aldo Jones is back with another surreal Weird Trailer version of an Avengers: Infinity War trailer, this time messing with its Super Bowl spot:   Vintage Image of the Day: William Shatner, who turns 87 today, with co-stars Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley, director Robert Wise and creator Gene Roddenberry on the set of...
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Review: Star Trek: Discovery – Season One

I will start this review off by saying I am a huge Star Trek fan, all of them, and I was looking forward to this new season. We have had three movies which covered the early years of Kirk and Spock, and created a new timeline for new adventures to take place in. I liked the casting in these films, but I was not a huge fan of the first two films, however I really enjoyed the last film Star Trek: Beyond (2009). What I feel is important in a Star Trek property is the feel, Gene Roddenberry created a very unique feel with the original Star Trek, an optimism which permeated through all the series, even the darker ones like Deep Space Nine (1993). This feeling was something which worried me about the new series, with the creators saying they had deliberately not gone down the traditional route, but moved to
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Leonard Nimoy Was Promised Spock Could Have an Operation If He Hated the Ears

It turns out that when Star Trek got off the ground in 1966, Leonard Nimoy was not a fan of Spock's iconic ears.

In fact, he was so unhappy at first that he was promised that after a number of episodes, the character could undergo an operation to remove the points.

In a 1976 audio interview unearthed by Heat Vision on Tuesday — which marks three years since the actor's passing — Nimoy explained that the first set of Spock ears were a mess and a sticking point between himself and show creator Gene Roddenberry.

"In the early stages of developing the makeup, before we...
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Canon Of Film: ‘Dark City’ (Directors Cut)

In this edition of Canon Of Film, we look at the director’s cut of Alex Proyas’ underated gothic noir, ‘Dark City‘. For the story behind the genesis of the Canon, you can click here.

Dark City: Director’S Cut (1998)

Director: Alex Proyas

Screenwriter: Alex Proyas and Lem Dobbs and David S. Goyer

At some point, it went from cool to cliche to say that you were a fan of ‘Dark City‘. I think it’s well-respected and well-known enough now, but at one point in time, even people who thought they really knew sci-fi and all the famous archetypal elements and the films that created them like Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis‘ or Kubrick’s, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘ or Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner‘, a lot of those fans didn’t catch on to Alex Proyas’s ‘Dark City‘ ’til way later. It was practically ignored by the general
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Horror Highlights: Comet TV January Schedule, The Lodgers, New Creepy Co. Apparel, Still/Born, FrightFest Glasgow Film Festival, Black Creek, Before We Vanish

Ah, Andrew Fleming's The Craft, such fond memories! If you would like to revisit this movie or anything else playing on Comet TV this month, read on for more details! Also in today's Highlights: release dates revealed for The Lodgers, Still/Born, Black Creek, and Before We Vanish, Creepy Co.'s new apparel, and a look at the Frightfest Glasgow Film Festival 2018 lineup.

Comet TV January Schedule Revealed: “Airing On Comet in January

You Don’T Need A Subscription To Watch These Great Movies…

They’Re Airing For Free On Comet!

The Craft (1996)

Teen movies might want you to believe that high school was all about keggers and beautiful cheerleaders, but we prefer The Craft’s version of events. Featuring a quartet of angsty teens who turn to witchcraft in the face of personal high school horrors, The Craft casts a spell that leaves you wishing you had an
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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Review: Brutal and Busy ‘Despite Yourself’ Sets Up A Dark Turn For The Rest of the Season

  • Indiewire
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Review: Brutal and Busy ‘Despite Yourself’ Sets Up A Dark Turn For The Rest of the Season
[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 1 Episode 10, “Despite Yourself.”]

Mission Brief

It takes us a bit of time to establish where exactly the Discovery finds itself at the beginning of “Despite Yourself,” but once the crew recovers a data core from some nearby debris, there’s an answer: Get excited, hardcore “Trek” fans, because we’re in the Mirror Universe!

First discovered in the “Tos” episode “Mirror, Mirror,” the Mirror Universe has always been a terrifying reversal on Gene Roddenberry’s utopian ideals, a parallel universe where “Terrans” are xenophobic, violent, and duplicitous enemies of all other races. (It’s also usually a fun opportunity for the cast to wear leather and play the complete opposites of their usual characters.)

We’re a few centuries before the infamous black catsuit of Intendent Kira Nerys, but it’s still fun to discover that Cadet Tilly, in this new reality, is actually Captain Tilly of the Iss Discovery,
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Star Wars: a brief history of fan anger and frustration

Ryan Lambie Jan 8, 2018

Petitions over The Last Jedi? Ewok rage? Anger and frustration's long been a part of Star Wars fandom...

"We seem to be made to suffer," moaned C-3Po in A New Hope. "It's our lot in life."

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The Star Wars fans who took to the web to register their grievances over The Last Jedi may identify somewhat with C-3Po's sentiments: anger and frustration have been woven into the fabric of Star Wars fandom, it seems, almost from the very beginning.

We'll begin with a brief anecdote, if you don't mind: back in the early 1980s, maybe a couple of years after Return Of The Jedi came out, I found myself in a brief playground argument with a few Star Wars fans. They
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‘The Orville’ Season 1: What’s Improved, What Hasn’t, and What May Be The Show’s Fatal Flaw

  • Indiewire
‘The Orville’ Season 1: What’s Improved, What Hasn’t, and What May Be The Show’s Fatal Flaw
It’s been somewhat impossible to detangle any critical consideration of Fox’s “The Orville” from “Star Trek,” the franchise to which it’s hard to deny a connection. But even when evaluating “The Orville” on its own merits at the start of Season 1, the first three episodes screened by critics were hard-going, as Seth MacFarlane’s “space adventure” featured a wildly fluctuating tone, major pacing issues, and entire scenes that served only to deliver exposition.

It was enough to inspire a harsh review when the show premiered. But while the problems with those early episodes were numerous, some of them could be attributed to the sort of stumbles that occur at the beginning of any new series.

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After seeing the full first season, there’s no denying that there
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Horror Highlights: I Kill Giants, Comet TV December Viewing Guide, Twin Peaks Fan Film, The Temple Of Lilith

  • DailyDead
The renowned graphic novel from Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura comes to life in the feature film I Kill Giants, which has been acquired for Us distribution by Rlje Films. In today's Horror Highlights we also have a look at Comet TV's December viewing guide, the Indiegogo campaign for a Twin Peaks fan project, and we also enter the woods to watch the eerie short film The Temple of Lilith.

Rlje Films Acquires Us Distribution Rights to I Kill Giants: Press Release: "Los Angeles, Dec. 5, 2017 – Rlje Films, a brand of Rlj Entertainment (Nasdaq: Rlje), Umedia and Xyz Films announced today that Rlje has acquired the U.S. rights to the highly anticipated I Kill Giants, which premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival to critical praise. Based on the acclaimed Man of Action graphic novel by Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura with a screenplay by Joe Kelly, the film was directed by Anders Walter,
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Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’: Why We’re Divided on Reports That He Could Tackle a Blockbuster

  • Indiewire
Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’: Why We’re Divided on Reports That He Could Tackle a Blockbuster
One of the most unexpected projects was reported this week, as news broke that Quentin Tarantino had conceived of an idea for a “Star Trek” movie that impressed Hollywood heavyweight J.J. Abrams. Tarantino is allegedly sharing the idea with a group of writers and may direct the project. Considering the filmmaker’s long-standing independence from the studio system and especially franchises, IndieWire’s staff debated the prospects of this sudden mid-career twist.

Eric Kohn: No major American filmmaker has flaunted his autonomy from the Hollywood system more than Quentin Tarantino, whose characters speak and whose movies move in ways that are forever connected to his name. So the idea of Tarantino — who flirted with studio projects early in his success before paving his own path — could have anything to do with a “Star Trek” movie is a bit baffling. Although I love the idea of a Qt/Jj combo, the suggestion that Tarantino’s energetic,
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Star Trek Continues Comes to a Classy Conclusion

  • Cinelinx
The best fan-made web-series has come to an end. To Boldly Go: Part 2 was released this week and it not only concludes the show in style, it also brings the 5-year mission of the Starship enterprise to a solid, entertaining end.

It was a bittersweet moment watching the final episode of Star Trek Continues. On one had, it was great to see this excellent series get wrapped up so well, but it was also sad to realize that there won’t be any further episodes. The purpose of the show was bridge the gap between the end of the classic 1966-69 TV series (“Turnabout Intruder” was the final original series episode) and big screen cinematic adventures, which it does very well. It was a great ride, while it lasted.

Vic Mignogna, the executive producer/writer, who portrays Captain Kirk on the show, explains what he wanted to accomplish with this last episode.
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Horror Highlights: MST3K Turkey Day Marathon, Comet TV’s November Programming, The Ninth Passenger, Blood Bound, Occupation, My Neighbors Are Dead Podcast, Live-evil

Gather the family around the table, count your blessings, eat lots of food, and then maybe check out the MST3K marathon! Also: a look at Comet TV's November programming, Afm screening details for The Ninth Passenger, Blood Bound, and Occupation, My Neighbors are Dead podcast details, and three clips from Live-Evil.

MST3K Turkey Day Marathon Announced: Press Release: "It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey—cinematic turkey, that is! This Thanksgiving, grab a heaping helping of Mexican three-layer dip and pureed giblets and join your fellow MSTies for the beloved traditional Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon. Hosted by show creator Joel Hodgson and MST3K stars Felicia Day and Jonah Ray, this year’s marathon features six classic episodes of MST3K never before included in a Shout! Factory Turkey Day Marathon.

Starting at 12 pm Et / 9 am Pt on Thursday, November 23rd, the holiday marathon will showcase six classic MST3K episodes,
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‘Future Man’ Review: Seth Rogen’s Zealously Bawdy Hulu Series Riffs on Sci-Fi Classics for New-ish Adventures

‘Future Man’ Review: Seth Rogen’s Zealously Bawdy Hulu Series Riffs on Sci-Fi Classics for New-ish Adventures
In referential narratives, there’s a point where a nod to popular culture becomes so obvious the writers feel the need to specifically acknowledge it. “Community” consistently did this well, crafting individual episodes around known films or TV shows, like “A Fistful of Paintballs” or “Documentary Filmmaking: Redux,” and naming their episodes after the homages (if not directly announcing them in the narrative). But those were one-off spoofs of form as much as function, featuring stylistic touches that served as a tip of the hat to the filmmakers. They were quickly forgotten as the long-term story moved on to another target the next episode.

The Orville” is perhaps a more accurate comparison for “Future Man,” given both shows are taking a premise made famous decades prior and repurposing it for their own benefit. Seth MacFarlane’s Fox series has failed spectacularly in bluntly copying “Star Trek,” missing both the motivation,
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8 ways The Twilight Zone influenced modern TV and film

Louisa Mellor Nov 25, 2017

The Twilight Zone casts a long shadow over today’s film and TV. We salute the legacy left by Rod Serling’s seminal series…

“Damn near immortal” is how Stephen King described The Twilight Zone in his 1981 study of creepy fiction Danse Macabre, and who could argue with that. Like any decent horror monster, Rod Serling’s 1960s anthology series keeps coming back from the grave. Only last week it was announced that CBS is planning to resurrect its award-winning show once again. The new series will be the latest of several revivals over the decades, including an upcoming stage production set to enjoy its world premiere at London’s Almeida Theatre this December.

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The Twilight Zone doesn’t just keep returning in its own right,
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