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Film: Movie Review: Zenith

The low-budget science-fiction thriller Zenith—credited as “a film by anonymous,” but written, directed, and produced by Vladan Nikolic—is both a movie and an experiment in world-building. Set in a not-too-distant future where human beings have been genetically modified to be happy, Zenith stars Peter Scanavino as an epileptic whose spells of misery let him access the secret knowledge that his numbed fellow citizens have lost. Through his connections in an underground ring of pain-dealing drug lords, Scanavino begins to collect videotapes made decades ago by his father (Jason Robards III), a former Catholic priest whose life changed when ...
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Pain game

Welcome to the year 2044, as envi sioned by the sci- fi thriller "Ze nith." The popu lace has been genetically altered to be happy all the time -- but that creates what one character calls "permanent numbness." To feel alive, people seek pain through the side effects of out-of-date prescription drugs. Only then are they truly happy. Directed by Siberian-born New Yorker Vladan Nikolic, "Zenith" stars Peter Scanavino as a drug dealer, Jason Robards III as his deceased dad and
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